Sunday, March 11, 2007

The new look

Recently Whitelaw Towers’ staff accidentally caught ten minutes or so of the Australian so-called ‘Iron man’ competition and were struck by the lack of …well…erm…Manliness of the male competitors. In fact several of the females or ‘Iron Women’ had more imposing physiques, including broader shoulders and beefier upper arms than most of the males. Mind you, they had no tits either but at that level of competition they probably don’t even menstruate. We have no doubt all of the participants are very fit and athletic, all very impressive purely from the perspective of outright performance, but they just don’t look like ‘Iron Men’.

Add to this the silly little costumes the males wore, including, apart from the obligatory microscopic Speedos, tiny skintight ‘tops’ that looked like they were stolen from a fourteen year old girl’s wardrobe and those silly little caps. It’s no wonder the ragtops guffaw loudly and decry Aussie Men as ‘pussies’ when one witnesses this quite Gay beach-side spectacle with all its stupid strutting about by baby faced, hairless poseurs.

It’s pretty hard, in our humble opinion, to look ‘tough and rugged’ and ‘Manly’ while wearing what is basically a pair of undersize ladies panties. We’re wondering when these ‘males’ will also sport a belly button ring. After all, their cutesy little tops don’t even cover their navels.

Even just the sight of these wankers with their Speedos yanked up their bum crack is bad enough to make one shudder, let alone the addition of girly tank tops. Also, remember the days when a thong was something you wore on your foot and sometimes used to take off to swat flies? When it was definitely not even a legitimate article of swimwear for Women, let alone Men! The same went for earrings, they were only for poofters or pirates and perhaps the occasional biker.

Virtually gone now is the traditional blue singlet Aussie Man, the Chesty Bond type, honest, knockabout, down to earth, forthright, no nonsense bloke who would sooner die than be caught posing or pretending. A bloke that wasn’t afraid of hard work and was proud of calloused hands rather than a botoxed face. The sort of bloke that was a good mate and when he said he’d be ‘right behind you’ you didn’t have to worry he was going to touch you on your bum like those faggot American Football players.

He’d just watch your back to make sure nobody took a cheap shot at you. You know, like the sort of characters Jack Thompson and Russell Crowe used to play before they turned into hand wringing Mother Theresa impersonators. Sadly, most of the young White Aussie males today have more than just a whiff of the ‘suss’ about them. Hopefully it is not too ingrained and can be re-educated out of them.

The media doesn’t even refer to them as ‘Men’ any more they are merely ‘males’ which is nothing more than a cold and scientific gender specification. What we have now is the ‘SNAG’ or Sensitive New Age Guy and the ‘Metrosexual’. It’s all Botox, silicone implants, depilatory creams and nipple rings. These tragic clowns are nothing more than slavish automatons to the Jew contrived homoerotic fashion of bisexuality. Like mudguards they are all shiny on top with only shit underneath. The Kike rag trade moguls are pissing themselves with laughter at the Goyim’s gullibility and stupidity.

And it’s not just their Spandex clothing that’s smooth and shiny, their bodies too are all waxed and polished to a brilliant sheen. With their doubtlessly plucked and shaven scrotums shoe horned into minute ‘sluggos’ or ‘budgie smugglers’ they preen and pose like the Feminised Metrosexual peacocks they are. Their bodies are as denuded of hair as their minds are of sexual identity, original thought, cultural awareness and Racial pride.

One can imagine many of them as children also paraded before the mirror in their mother’s or sister’s underwear. Many are quite simply poorly repressed sexual perverts who are merely taking advantage of today’s deviant ‘fashions’ to live out their fantasies. These are the types who are just too self conscious to actually join the Mardis Gras Parade openly but you can bet your studded jockstrap they’re there in spirit.

The first mob to pioneer this sexually ambiguous look bordering on transvestism were the self proclaimed ‘Legends in Lycra’, the ‘critical mass’ push-bike brigade, with their shaved arms and legs clad in continental advertising logos. Their wriggling buttocks pushed high in the air and shoved in the faces of every poor bastard driver who had to overtake them basically serving as synthetically coated billboards.

The disgusting degenerate sexual pervert Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW is a tragically typical example of this type. This creepy loiterer of gay bars and gymnasiums is the archetypal, anally fixated body worshipper. It’s not difficult to picture him sniffing his fellow faggots’ bicycle seats, slipping their soiled jockstraps into his pocket or licking their sweat from the weights benches. He is one sick and twisted puppy.

In his case the psychological factor is exacerbated by the fact he’s a Non-White with pretensions to passing for White in decent society. But he is a Mamzer Jew, a Racial mongrel made up from junk genes, who will forever be an outsider. Really he could not have turned out any other way than he has, a vindictive sociopath driven mad by the toxicity of his own genetic stew.

Just study the form of these types. A quick scan of the Internet reveals a depressingly recurrent theme, a trifecta of factors, of Jewishness, Leftism and Sexual Perversion, primarily Homosexuality. Darp has all these in spades, plus drugs. He follows a time honoured tradition set by the likes of notorious pederast ‘poet’ Allen Ginsberg, Mick Jones of The clash, Malcolm McClaren of the Sex Pistols, Eric Boucher aka ‘Jello Biafra’ of the Dead Kennedys etc. Every one of them Homosexual Jews and totally committed Anarchists or Communists.

In a normal and well adjusted White Western society White Women naturally find Arabs (as well as Negroids) with their low intelligence, camel like noses, appalling body odour and generally arrogant, primitive behaviour utterly repellent.

But in a new Multiculturally ‘adjusted’ Australian society, with the average White ‘male’ reduced to a simpering milksop, White Women, following the universal genetic imperative to seek strength, physical protection and ‘manliness’ in a partner, these Women are attracted to the brutish Arabic silverbacks. These ‘unreconstructed’ swaggering goons might have brow ridges like a Neanderthal troglodyte, drag their knuckles and stink like a wet goat but at least they have a set of gonads swinging between their legs, unlike the new ‘sensitive and empathic’ White males who are ‘in tune with their feminine side’.

The average unsuspecting White Aussie Female, inculcated with the Zionist anointed Multicultural school curriculum, doesn’t look far enough ahead to see how she’ll be treated (and perhaps ultimately traded) like a beast of burden by Habib or Mushtaq. Nor can she envisage the absolute Hell on Earth she is in for if she is truly dumb enough to actually marry this date munching retard. Her children will have an I.Q. of about Seventy, one eyebrow and be shaving by nine years old, and that’s just the girls!

Still, with Hollywood movie stars currently in the business of collecting ‘pet monkeys’ these days, perhaps this really is what young Women actually want. Or what they think they want after living on a mind numbing, soul destroying ‘intellectual’ diet of New Idea and Women’s Weekly. After all, it’s a fashion accessory and a political statement all in one. But at least even Michael Jackson had the decency to buy a real monkey and not just adopt a Third World Sub-Human.

On a closely related issue, all kids play up, no doubt about it, but there’s nothing quite like the misery and despair one may observe in the face of a White mother trying to cope with a wild mulatto child. It truly is something special. Our shopping malls and public precincts are virtual laboratories where the abject failure of Multiculturalism and Miscegenation is demonstrated scientifically on a daily basis. In fact, this writer has even overheard non whites, particularly Australian Aborigines, joking about how ‘their kids’ are always the source of particular trouble and stress for their parents and society. They actually think it’s funny.

The fact is that in the case of a White mother struggling to control a mulatto child, fathered by some Third World yard ape, the parent and offspring are aliens to each other at a genetic level. They might as well be from different planets. It is a profound disaster for the family and society as a whole that has to cope with the collateral damage of irresponsible Whites interbreeding with primitives and creating the violent criminals of tomorrow.

And the moral of this story?

It’s time for White Aussie males to “Man up!” It’s time to “Grow a set!” It’s time to “Stand up and be counted!” Because White Australia will not be liberated from the yoke of Multiculturalism by a bunch of insipid, squeamish sissies too precious and prissy to face up to hard reality.

If anyone out there reading this calls themselves an Australian White Nationalist but finds the subject matter discussed in this post ,and the observations made, simply too much to stomach then do us all a favour and euthanise yourself immediately because you are not made of the right material and will be useless to our cause in the struggle ahead. It is better that you voluntarily cull yourself from the Movement now rather than hang around as unwanted ballast in our saddlebags.