Friday, March 09, 2007

Toowoomba in the firing line again!

Much time and effort has been spent on Toowoomba in the last 5 years by people such as Mark Copland to force the good people of the Darling Downs to accept their form of the New World Order.

But it would seem that just when you think Left Wing hacks like Copland have taken a brow beating and the Anti White editor of the Chronicle Jason Purdie is a distant memory you get this piece of work. Susan Searle, yes folks we have a live one here. Susan, who usually writes in the Chronicle about things like how to compost your roses, has decided to use here the training she received from the Greg Roberts school of Social Engineering.

Timing is everything you know. All set to coincide with a visit from Rabbi Uri Themal who just happens to be in town for the 40th anniversary of the University of Southern Queensland we have this headline on March 5th. Klan Spreads message of hate.

Now many here would remember the headlines in The Chronicle mid 2005 about Race Hate material being distributed. The same Compost expert Susan Searle also wrote this story. Yep she is at it again, and people of Toowoomba are onto her.

Let’s have a look at what Susan has been up to besides watching endless hours of ‘Mississippi Burning’.

It would seem that a woman who wishes to remain anonymous has found a flyer on her windscreen from the KKK asking for people to join their cause. Of course the flyer did not mention anything about refugees or attacking other races just a simple recruitment flyer. Much the same as the WPCA flyer in 2005 that warned White Women they are in danger of being bred out existence. But as Susan knows don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. Our Susan is a professional you know?

So let's see who else is in on this, this time we have some new recruits. This woman who found this flyer who wishes to remain anonymous handed copies on to, get ready for it, Ian Macfarlane Federal Member for Groom (Toowoomba & surrounds), Member for Toowoomba North and State Attorney General Kerry Shine and last but not least Mayor Di Thorley.

Interesting, what do these people have to gain from this? Well old Ian just so happens to be heading for an election. Seeing how he near lost his bid for election to this seat by One Nation Candidate Averill Bain he may have heard a rumor that Australia First was gunning for his seat at the next election. Nothing better than a good old KKK story to smear another Nationalist party.

Yes friends old Ian who just yesterday replaced the burnt Australian flag from Toowoomba Hospice claimed that this flag was burnt in response to the KKK recruitment drive. You must be kidding.

Next we have Kerry Shine QLD Attorney General. Yep the same man who is pushing for the jailing of a QLD Police Officer Senior Sergeant Chris Hurley. Yep the same man whose party supports Anarchist groups such as the ‘Rural Australians for Refugees’ and spends millions each year in telling us Multiculturalism is good. Not with standing a headline today in the Toowoomba Chronicle. A 20-year-old Sudanese man from Toowoomba has been remanded in custody till June 12 after being charged with Rape of a local White Women, indecent assault, assaulting Police, contravening a Police requirement and failing to provide a breath specimen.

Maybe Mr. Shine is upset because the KKK could not possibly accept any one from the QLD Labor Party. QLD premier Peter Beatty on March 5th announced in Parliament that the KKK in Toowoomba does not accept hate mongers. It would seem the KKK also would not accept Pedophiles or Homosexuals. Well, that about wipes out all the Labor party.

Last but not least we have Di Thorley. The Mayor of Toowoomba, Sudanese champion and Peter Beattie lap dog. Ok so she wants to bring in another 60 families from Sierra Leon. I guess it doesn’t matter that every city in Australia that has accepted refugees from the Horn of Africa is suffering unprecedented crime waves from the new locals. It matters not that in Perth Gangs like the African Kings are car jacking and raping their way into the Australian Society. Di Thorley knows the truth; in fact she and Dr Mark Copland have worked together on this project. Tragic really.

Enough of this how about some conspiracy? It would seem that USQ student Daryl Sparks had contacted prominent White Activists in the week before the KKK story breaks. Old Daryl is doing a doco on the ES Nigger Brown Stand. Oh the controversy. After talking to the reps from Toowoomba Rugby League and getting their views unbeknown to them old Daryl goes looking for the old Neo Nazi KKK comment. This kid could be the love child of Greg Roberts and Susan Searle?

Finding out quickly that QLD activists are well aware of his shenanigans he was quickly shown the door. So what does Daryl do? He contacts the one and only nut case who is willing to float his own boat, David Palmer Der F├╝hrer Grand Ning Nong of the IKA and FDB bum pal. Hey, Daryl is even flying down to interview him. What a catch for the intrepid student.

Now Daryl who attends USQ and is most probably a student of the one and only Aboriginal activist come USQ lecturer Steven Hagan. Mr. Hagan famous for suing his way to the top and being a convicted criminal has his black hand all over this. It would seem that after losing his case against Toowoomba Rugby League over the naming of the Nigger Brown Stand he has had to pay the legal cost of said group. This is rumored to be $50,000. Wow what will he do? You guessed it go bankrupt.

Although it has not been reported widely the Stand is coming down at the end of the year. It seems that Peter Beattie has promised a brand new one to replace the ageing stand. Mr. Hagan knows this but he wants his pound of white flesh.

While we are looking at Mr. Hagan lets see what he has to say about the KKK in Toowoomba? It seems that he is an expert. Over the years he has sued a University in QLD for publishing his address so other Indigenous peoples may contact him. But shock horror Hagan claimed that KKK branches in Crows Nest, High Fields and Dalby sent him hate male saying “Don’t snigger nigger the Klan is getting Bigger”. Fearing a cross burning he sued the Uni for an undisclosed amount to relocate his family to protect them. White Law staff knows this was a scam on Hagan’s part. Using his Jewish lawyer that he bragged about on ABC Speaking Out in 2005 he won this case and another one against McDonalds for the Long Black Coffee.

Mr. Hagan’s own Racism knows no bounds. Last year he accused the RSL of being made up of nothing but Racists after his cousin burnt the Australian flag on Australia Day 2006.

In another story from Susan Searle of the Toowoomba Chronicle on the 6th of March Steven Hagan racially stereotypes White Africans who now live in Toowoomba and calls the entire white population of Toowoomba Hill Billies. Yes the only racist slurs over this past week have come from the Toowoomba Chronicle and Steven Hagan. And the people of Toowoomba know it.

As we have seen before the people of Toowoomba have resisted the propaganda of the Chronicle. Once again the letters to the Editor are empty of responses to the KKK story. On the other hand plenty of comment is flowing in about the disgust people feel towards Hagan and his Racist slurs.

So do the KKK really exist? Who knows? The hysteria created by this from Susan Searle looks to Whitelaw Staff like a great big honey pot to attract disillusioned white kids. It also comes at a time when it is very convenient for many on the other side of politics.

If they do exist have they broken any laws? The answer is NO. Is it illegal for a group made up of Staunch Christians to recruit like-minded people? No. Groups on the Left such as FDB and Rev Left who peddle drugs to minors and involve themselves in Terrorist activities recruit and prey on our youth. So why the big deal about a group of White People who believe in the Power of Prayer? I think readers here know the answer.

Stop the presses! Word just in from Susan Searle! Former Wizard warns against Klan.

Yep, Susan you have done it again. It would seem the one and only Johnny Lee Clary is on the way to Toowoomba. Maybe if the Klan does exist they will go along to the dinner planned for April and listen to what Johnny has to say.

Expect more crap from the Chronicle in April.

How exciting.