Saturday, March 17, 2007

Weezil… hrrmph! … weasel words indeed…

To paraphrase something Darp recently said about one of our own Whitelaw Towers posts this is surely the best (indeed it is the funniest) stuff that Mathew Henderson-Ha aka ‘Darp’ and Brian Stokes aka ‘Weezil’ have ever written.

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

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Posted: Fri Mar 16, 2007 8:13 pm

Crikey published comments from a couple of FDBers objecting to Kerr's hackjob:

FightDemBack's Brian Stokes writes: Christian Kerr got it completely wrong on his criticism of FightDemBack! (Tuesday, item 15)) – but far be it from Kerr to admit it. In reply to FDB founder Mat "Darp" Henderson's letter of objection to Kerr and Crikey, in which Henderson made egregious error of admitting to being a student without simultaneously letting Kerr know that he's a rather mature aged student, Kerr sends this little bit of uninformed personal abuse:

As I suspected. Student Trots who are either too young or or too dumb to know where the road to the gulag starts giving free publicity to scumbags. You poor, thick kids.

Not million miles off the mark in our judgment. We see nothing essentially wrong with this assessment. Of course, with more research this fella will realize they are not just harmless kids but rather vindictive evil Red scum.

“Wrong yet again, Christian. The more I read of Kerr, the more I think that Australia First's Herr Doktor Jim Saleam's fingerprints are on at least one of Kerr's coffee cups. It's Saleam who screams stuff at us like "TROTSKYITES!!" (and it's really funny when he does, too). It's Saleam who spreads defamatory libels about FDB being "criminal" or "violent". It's Saleam who can't tell the difference between FDB and the youth group "Resistance". Now we find Kerr parroting ALL of (racist website) Stormfront's, Saleam's and Australia First's talking points about FDB. Just who is in Kerr's bookmarks and dinner "A" list? Incidentally, while Mat "Darp" Henderson IS a student, he's not 18. We ain't kids... I've just turned 45, which makes me two years older than Kerr himself. In fact, the average age of the FDB core membership is a little closer to 35.”

Jeezus! At that rate they only have about five years to go before their average age will match their average I.Q.

“We are not spring chickens as a rule –"

Although you’re a bunch of cocks.

“and a lot tougher to fry up than Kerr may think.”

Yeah, we know.

It would be devilishly difficult to get Weez’s Zimmer frame or wheelchair into the pan.

And Matty boy’s massively swollen head would be a handful too.

“What I find particularly amusing is that Kerr finds it convenient to personally abuse Mat, who identified himself as a student, from which Kerr took the notion that Mat must be a bit wet behind the ears (he's not...), but the chickensh-t won't take me on.”

We just LOVE it when Stokesy tries to pretend he’s all tuff ‘n’ stuff!

But Fuddsy’s talk is very, very cheap, as we all know.

Hey dude! Where’s OUR writ? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

“I'm still waiting for Kerr to reply personally to my complaint.”

Hey, can you do us all a favour and hold your breath while you’re waiting?

“Kerr is just far too precious to be told he's just flat wrong by someone who is clearly neither a student (of any age), a "Trot", dumb, or in any way a "kid". No matter how dead-to-rights you nail Kerr, he'll never admit he blew it – and mother, did he ever stuff it up this time. Christian Kerr's got no one to blame but Christian Kerr for failing to do any research on FDB whatsoever before spewing off about us – and not just once. We're still waiting on an apology from Kerr for his patently false and defamatory insinuations that FDB is in any way "violent" in our anti-racist activism.”

Hey Bwian? Did it ever occur to you that perhaps he HAS done some research? Maybe he’s read some of the voluminous material available on various Internet sites that reveals what really lies under the one micron thick layer of chrome plating that covers FDB’s multitude of sins.

Iain Lygo (occasional researcher for FDB) writes: After reading Kerr's article about FightDemBack, it is seriously time for the powers-that -be at Crikey to consider his future. Kerr's complete lack of research resulted in a jackbooted article full of "if"s, "but"s and "may"s. If Kerr has any evidence of violent activity by any member of FDB, then publish it without the weasel words to protect him from a defamation suit. Otherwise an apology is in order

It’s always litigation isn’t it? Always threatening ‘defamation’ to both intimidate and shut up the opposition AND a hope to supplement their Social Welfare payments. Read: Your hard earned Tax Dollars.

To which Kerr counters with this well-researched, incisive, insightful comment:

Christian Kerr writes: It was nice to hear from Cam Smith and the other two members of FightDemBack swearing that they’re gentler than Gandhi on a go-slow – particularly when you know the lyrics of the song they took their name from, Linton Kwesi Johnson’s Fight Dem Back:

We gonna smash their brains in
'Cause they ain't got nufink in 'em…

Racists, pretty obviously, aren’t the only thick b-stards around.

Well, that's US told.

Indeed it IS, Brian, indeed it IS.

“In his kkklever and snappy response,”

WE thought it was.

“Kerr doesn’t bother to offer any proof that FDB have ever been violent;”

He should come and talk to us. We will provide him with enough material to keep him going for months.

“all he does is repeat the same libellous stupidity he’s been already been righteously and reasonably gigged for- and again does the ’thick’ ad-hominem tapdance.”

Ad Hominem as you call it is precisely standard ‘core’ FDB modus operandi, you arseholes SPECIALISE in it, and you just can’t cope with the fact that even blind Freddy can see what FDB is really all about. Going into paroxysms of denial only makes you look pathetic as well as stupid.

“Face it, Kerr got suckered by neo-nazi propaganda.”

As opposed to FDB’s Neo- Anarcho-Communist propaganda of course.

“Is MediaWatch still handing out that Jim Ball prize for being taken in by internet hoaxes?

FDB just can’t forgive 2GB for being essentially Anti-Muslim can they? I must say though that my favourite Jim Ball line was when, in utter disgust, he referred to Darp and Weezil’s hero Al Grassby, upon hearing that a statue was to be dedicated to him, as: That oily little spiv, that greaseball, that Calabrian Mafioso who delivered the curse of Multiculturalism upon Australia.


“When responsible journos get caught out publishing unresearched, unsubstantiable bullshit, the honourable thing to do is apologise and hope the public will forgive and forget. No apology- no forgiveness, Mr Kerr.”

At least two White Nationalists known to the operators of this site are still waiting for THEIR apology from a certain “responsible journo” for HIS “unresearched, unsubstantiable bullshit”.

“Indeed, like Lygo, I want to see Kerr cut the transparent and pusillanimous linguistic avoidance of prima facie defamation- and really have a proper go.

Kerr leaves the issue- and himself- under a pile of bullshit, his credibility completely destroyed.”

As opposed, of course, to YOUR unassailable gold plated credibility…

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hey, something just occurred to us. You don’t think the Crikey author might have been better received by FDB if his name was Muslim Koran rather than Christian Kerr, do you?