Sunday, March 25, 2007

“What exactly is wrong with Communism?”

Is this perhaps the weezil aka Brian Stokes quote of the year?

Why mention it again? Well, quite frankly, we at Whitelaw Towers are still shaking our heads with disbelief. Over the years we’ve become used to hearing all sorts of utter claptrap from Darp & Weezil & Co but that one simply took the biscuit.

Curious, is it not, that such a dedicated so-called ‘Anti-Racist’ should be an apologist for the most murderous and Genocidal political ideology in Human history? Why do we say Genocidal? Well, in the case of Russia, there was very clearly a Racial factor at work in the application of Communism.

Look to the Katyn and Vinnitsa incidents as just two of the more notorious where the Jewish Bolshevik Commissars deliberately targeted the best, most intelligent, educated and skilled White European people for their hatred.

Again we are simply amazed at Stokesy’ apparent ignorance of his own hypocrisy but then this skill of ‘doublethink’ appears to be a prerequisite for membership of any Leftist group and in particular FDB.

Here’s just a couple of thoughts for the Red Scum at FDB to mull over:

Starting in 1929 the Kremlin’s top ranking Bolshevik Jew, Lazar Moiseivich Kaganovich aka as The Butcher of Ukraine, was given the task by Stalin of organising the collectivisation of Ukranian farms. The freehold Ukranian farmers known as Kulaks naturally resisted so the NKVD, with the help of regular Red Army troops, went around confiscating crops and livestock claiming the food was needed for the workers of the cities.

During the period up to 1936 another high ranking Jew, Genrikh Yagoda had commanded the NKVD, staffing it almost exclusively with other Jews who had a natural hatred for the proud and nationalist White Ukranians whom they set about persecuting. Between 1933 to 1934 SEVEN MILLION Ukranians died from starvation and exposure in an artificially engineered so-called ‘famine’.
Between 1937 and 1938 tens of thousands of Ukranians from the Vinnitsa region alone, this time including many intellectuals as well as farmers, were rounded up and shot in a deliberate culling of the best, the fittest and the finest. This process was repeated over and again across the Soviet Union and its captive staes by other Jews like Moritz Cohen aka Bela Kuhn in Hungary as another example yet maggots like weezil still won’t admit to a word of it. No, they just sneer and make silly jokes about White Nationalists being paranoid and sneer “Jooooos!” like children.
We suppose they’ll claim again there is no link whatsoever between Jews and Communism despite the inconvenient fact that ALL it’s top leaders have been Jews from Marx, Engels, Trotsky, Luxembourg etc onwards.
Then there was the brutal slaughter in 1940 of 25,700 Polish prisoners of war, again by the NKVD on Stalin’s orders, including the 4000 Polish Army officers who were shot and buried in what was known as the Katyn Forest Massacre. To rub salt into the wounds the Red Scum blamed the Germans and several prominent Nazis were convicted on this and other dodgy evidence at the Nuremberg Trials. It wasn’t until Gorbachev admitted in 1989 that the Reds had done it that the so called Western Democracies knew the truth. This is the filthy, lying excrement that is Communism.
Well we believe Ukranians and the Poles, like many others who have suffered under the yoke of Communism, have every reason in the World to be ‘Anti-Semitic’. And we believe Communism is the most murderous political cult to ever blight the planet.
White Nationalism Never Sleeps and it Never Forgets