Saturday, March 24, 2007

What’s in a name?

What’s that noise?

It sounds suspiciously like Stokesy’s ban stick tapping impatiently on the side of his Zimmer frame. Over at the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum aka ‘Hypocrisy Inc’ there are murmurings of dissent over the question of who’s a real Commie and who isn’t.

Really though it’s all semantics because we all know they’re a bunch of filthy Red Scum so what they call themselves is utterly irrelevant.

Commies, Anarchists, Socialists, Greens, Progressive Democrats…

Different names, all the same colour.

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Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2007 10:37 pm

Cardijn wrote:
I wouldn't assume Rhiannon's views have changed that much from Stalinism. She is still a communist as far as I can tell.

Student Leftist in Nettle's case means Communist - I will try and dig up some Tharunkas from the period I was at UNSW and Nettle was there too.

“Adrian, have you got a signed communist party membership card for Rhiannon or Nettle? If you haven't, you don't really have a case.

Moreover, if either of those two objected to being labelled as a member of that party and never had formally joined, would they not have a reasonable defamation claim?

On top of it all, aside from the 'communist' brand name having been used notably in the former Soviet Union and China, which didn't exactly adhere to the letter of Marxist theory and are/were abysmally authoritarian,”

What’s an authoritarian if it isn’t someone like Brian Stokes who threatens vexatious litigation at every opportunity as their primary political tactic?

“what exactly is wrong with communism?”

Well…erm… how about the DEATH TOLL just for starters?

Even conservative researchers put the Global estimate at between 85 and 100 MILLION with among the most heavily affected countries including Russia - 25 Million, China - 65 Million, Cambodia - 2 Million and millions more in the Ukraine, the Baltic States, Central and Southern America and Africa etc.

This makes Nationalism’s, particularly Germany’s National Socialist regime, victims pale into utter insignificance by comparison.

For anyone in the year 2007, with free and easy access to countless scholarly works on the subject free to borrow from any lending library, to ask this question means they are either severely mentally retarded, psychotically delusional or criminally insane.

“Treat me like a 6 year old who didn't live through the Cold War and explain why you find the whole theory of communism to be so evil that you react with the ad-hominem and vitriol normally reserved for paedophiles.”

Hmmm! Sounds exactly like the way White Nationalists are treated by FDB and its fellow travelers.

political tar baby
Joined: 16 May 2005
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Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 2:59 am

Cardijn wrote:
I explained in my message the other day what is wrong with communism. Primarily it is dishonest and materialist at its core.

“Perhaps in practise- but not in theory.

If it is the practitioners who are faulty and not the theory, why not call your targets what they are, which is poor practitioners of a theory, or followers of another poor practitioner eg. Maoist, Stalinist? Be ready to support such assertions, too.”

Well, as far as we at Whitelaw Towers are concerned Communism definitely passes muster as a failed ideology. How many times must a “theory” fail, how many nations and cultures must be destroyed and precisely how many millions of people must suffer and die before these useful idiots like Brian Stokes finally reject this evil and misanthropic cult?

Cardijn wrote:
You don't have to have been a member of one of the many communist parties to have been a communist and you know it.

“So, were (sic) exactly do you draw your lines as to whom you think is a communist? In example, am I a communist per your definitions? Are you reasonable to call me a communist absent my signed membership in a 'communist' party?”

Is it reasonable to not only call but persecute certain White Nationalists as ‘Nazis’ or ‘Fascists’ when they are not even members of any political party let alone either of those two? Or is using sloppy generalisations and generic terminology to smear one’s political adversaries perfectly acceptable and exempt from accusations defamation?

Cardijn wrote:
I concede that they had good reason to be afraid of persecution, but I am also of the view that persecuting them was legitimate, especially as time and time again they showed themselves to be captives to various foreign powers.

Persecution is persistent mistreatment of an individual/group by another group. The most common forms are religious persecution, ethnic persecution, and political persecution, though there is naturally some overlap between these terms."

“So, it's OK in your book to 'persistently mistreat' someone on the basis of political beliefs you don't agree with?”

Well it seems to be working mighty fine for YOU and the rest of FDB doesn’t it Stokesy? Have you no consciousness whatsoever of your own breathtaking hypocrisy?

A final note;

This last bit is a very important insight into Weezil’s and FDB’s toxic mindset. In the case of the Communist agents operating in the USA referred to by Cardijn these were indeed dangerous elements working to overthrow the government.

Weezil’s inane comments regarding ‘persecution’ go to the heart of FDB’s and other loony Left groups’ attitude to National Security.

They don’t WANT any!

They don’t WANT any government, including our own, to protect their national sovereignty against Communist and/or Islamist spies and terrorists.

Just whose agenda are these FDB scum serving? They simply MUST be working for someone in a position of power. Otherwise how is it that they can preach this treasonous shit, day after day, and yet still be free to walk among us breathing our air with impunity?

How IS it that it is THEY who are constantly threatening legal action while they get away with slandering, libeling and generally defaming and vilifying others?

Weezil, Darp and all the rest of the shower of Red filth calling itself FDB need to be locked up ASAP and the key thrown away.