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Frank agrees...

Some people lay shit on Frank White, after all he has had a few…erm…‘retirements’ and made more comebacks than Lazarus, but we like him. He has his own inimitable style and is clearly the most intelligent member of Stormfront Downunder and not just because he sometimes says nice things about us…

Good ON yer Frank old son and keep up the good work!

Frank White wrote:

“Sadly, one of the greatest lies told by numerous Australian "anti-fascist" activists is that the Aussie ANZACs fought against the Nazis for ideological reasons and for a Multiculturalist Australian State.

One such Australian 'antifa' group that will remain nameless (FDB, that’s YOU girls! Ed) believes that they are honouring the ANZAC spirit by fighting the "ideology of racism" and ‘Nazism’ the ANZACS battled!

Well they could not be more mistaken...

The ANZACS by are certainly amongst the bravest troops God placed on this world. I respect ANZACS of all races, creeds and nationalities, but the truth is not what the "anti-fascists" would have us believe. Yes, the ANZACS fought the Nazis--but certainly not for ideological reasons. Consider the following:

1) Prime Minister Menzies declared war on Nazi Germany because the United Kingdom did so. In fact, when Britain declared war Menzies himself stated that Australia was at war as well…

It is my melancholy duty to inform you officially that in consequence of a persistence by Germany and her invasion of Poland, Great Britain has declared war upon her and that, as a result, Australia is also at war

No harder task can fall to the lot of a democratic leader than to make such an announcement.

Great Britain and France with the cooperation of the British Dominions have struggled to avoid this tragedy. They have, as I firmly believe, been patient. They have kept the door of negotiation open. They have given no cause for aggression.

But in the result their efforts have failed and we are therefore, as a great family of nations, involved in a struggle which we must at all costs win and which we believe in our hearts we will win."

Menzies did not declare war out of some ideological opposition to Nazism but as a direct result of Australia’s homeland of the United Kingdom doing so themselves! In fact he conceded that Australia and the rest of the Commonwealth tried to resolve the problems with ‘fascist’ and Nazi Germany through negotiation when the Nazi platforms were quite well known to these powers!

Think about it seriously, Australia did not seem to object to Nazi expansion at least to the point that they cared enough to fight to stop it! Australia did not go to war against Germany when the Nazis annexed Austria and the Sudetenland in 1938, nor did Australia declare war when they invaded the Czech Republic in early 1939. In fact they were willing to continue negotiations until the invasion of Poland after all of the above events took place! They only declared war when their motherland declared war.

Australia was a British Nation, a territory and dominion of the empire. The Statute of Westminster that ended the constitutional links between Australia and the United Kingdom was not adopted and ratified by Australia until 1942. The Statute was invalid unless adopted and ratified by the parliaments of the nations involved, which included Australia's. This means simply that the Statute of Westminster did not come into effect for Australia until 1942, though it was "backdated" to the day Australia declared war in 1939. But at the time war was declared, Australia was effectively and legally a part of the United Kingdom.

So in reality Australia did not declare war on Germany out of some ideological dispute with the racial policies of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, but out of a desire to serve the nation of Britain, which effectively included Australia.

In 1939 Australians were British and subjects of Britain. The Australian's going to war had much to do with loyalty to the homeland and I have yet to see a shred of evidence that they went to war out of any objection to German National Socialist policy.

2) Australia was a White nationalist state when the Aussie ANZACS went to fight for the British/Australian homeland. In 1939 the Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 and the unofficial 'White Australia policy' were in full swing.

At the beginning of World War Two John Curtin, who would become Prime Minister in 1941, stated:

"This country shall remain forever the home of the descendants of those people who came here in peace in order to establish in the South Seas an outpost of the British race"

As a matter of fact, when the Japanese tried to include a racial equality clause in the League of Nations charter at the 1919 Paris Conference, Australian Prime Minister Billy Hughes opposed it and when the Japanese measure failed, he spoke the following words to Australia's parliament:

The White Australia is yours. You may do with it what you please, but at any rate, the soldiers have achieved the victory, and my colleagues and I have brought that great principle back to you from the conference, as safe as it was on the day when it was first adopted."

Even Australia's first Prime Minister Edmund Barton made this telling statement:

"The doctrine of the equality of man was never intended to apply to the equality of the Englishman and the Chinaman."

So John Curtin described Australia as an outpost of the British race! Edmund Barton said equality did not exist between races, and Billy Hughes proclaimed a "WHITE Australia" as having been what the ANZACs of the First World War had fought for! These do not strike me as multiculturalism friendly sentiments...

In fact, to further illustrate my point, in 1949 immigration minister Arthur Calwell pushed for deportation of all non-White refugees from Australia. One must also remember that while the Anzacs fought in WWII, the changes in the unofficial White Australia policy did not come until after the war...

-It was not until after the war, in 1947, that non-Europeans were allowed to settle in Australia for business reasons.

-It was not until 1950 that students from Asian nations were permitted to study at Australian universities.

-It was not until 1957 that non-Whites with 15 years of residency were eligible for Australian citizenship.

-It was not until 1959 that Australians were permitted to sponsor non-European spouses for citizenship.

-It was not until 1964 that conditions of entry for people of mixed race-descent were relaxed.

The simple fact is that when WWII took place, the Aussie ANZACS were not fighting for diversity and multiracialism. These ‘values’ were alien to the values and the official policies of their nation. The Aussie ANZACS fought for a White nationalist state that was a province, a dominion of the United Kingdom.

The same antifa group makes an issue out of a small number of minorities serving with the Aussie ANZACS! This is an extremely weak argument as blacks served with the Confederacy in the U.S. civil war, the National Party-era South African forces and the Rhodesian Defence Forces under the Ian Smith government! How many would say those nations, entities were champions of multiracialism?

Even though I am not in favour of the label white supremacist even in the above cases I would like to use a quote from Jean Raspail's The Camp of the Saints that illustrates the point I am trying to make:

"Every white supremacist cause - no matter where or when - has had blacks on its side"

Merely having a small collection of minorities in a white nationalist Australian state defence force does not negate the nationalistic nature of the state or any state like it as illustrated above!

It is intellectually dishonest of "anti-fascists" to take the position they have taken. Australia was a White nationalist state in 1939 and it was for that state that the ANZACs fought. They did not fight for ideology, but for the defence of a British homeland whose people were perfectly happy to be a White society.”

Hey, FDB, you remember Frankie don’t ya? He was that Canadian bloke you libelled, slandered and defamed all on the ‘evidence’ of some drug addled faggot Anarchists. You know, the bloke you tried to get physically assaulted or even murdered in his own home.
Oh, come on, you MUST remember Frankie!
Jeezus you blokes have a short memory…

Just another “gentle reminder” of our own to ‘Bana’ boy…

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:Darp Hau
Joined: 25 Apr 2005
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Location: Eastwood, Sydney, Australia.
Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 12:58 am
Post subject: Just who is 'IN' FDB?

“Just a gentle reminder dear readers that being 'IN' FDB comes as a result of the senior and founding members voting you in. If anyone is out there running their own antifa activities, good on them. The only people who can do stuff in the name of FDB are myself, Anarchia, Balaclava, Weez, Bana, Cam, Don, Blair Peach, Raz, Aketus, Rooster, Harry, @ndy." AKA Andy Fleming, Slackbastard.

This was posted on the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum last year. Readers should take careful note that at no time since has ‘Bana’ contradicted the claim he is one of the ‘inner circle’, the council of elders or whatever of FDB. He is one of the thirteen (don’t you just love the Biblical connotations there folks?) who can “do stuff in the name of FDB”.

Of the thirteen nominated as the leadership of FDB there are no less than five (Anarchia, Raz, Aketus, Cam Smith and Andy Fleming openly declared Anarchists. Darp and some of the others are quite obviously, by their actions, Anarchists also, but it is these five who quite openly and proudly spruik the hateful and destructive Anarchist ideology and obviously believe in it very deeply.

As we indicated previously we find this extremely strange company (bombers and terrorists) for ‘Bana’ to be keeping when one considers his (claimed) military service. Ex Australian Army servicemen really shouldn’t be running Anarchist organisations, members of whom are involved in sociopathic behaviour such as war memorial desecrations. Yes girls, we know about the Patea attack, and several others too, committed by associates of FDB in New Zealand, more on this later as certain details are verified.

We wonder what his old Army buddies and unit commanders, as well as the RSL, are going to make of this when they are all provided with the full FDB dossier including profiles on the leadership and copies of all his online posts. Hmmm…we can imagine some interesting and awkward questions will be raised at the next Regimental dinner…

Darp posted the above panicked response to Whitelaw Towers staff having ‘stung’ a couple of his younger, wilder and more openly extreme Anarchist agents in Queensland, namely ‘Rollo’ and ‘kaaos_af’ who were also members of the almost hysterically extreme ‘Revolutionary Left’ and believe us folks, they actually make FDB seem moderate by comparison.

Our exposure of slack security through our infiltration into the FDB/RevLeft crossover group of Rollo/kaaos/Raz not only prompted Darp’s ring piece to slam open and shut in fright like a barn door in a hurricane but also closed down RevLeft for a couple of weeks when Matthew Brehe aka ‘Chimx’ pulled the site temporarily for ‘housecleaning’. ‘kaaos_af’ has since fled to Melbourne and, along with Cam Smith and other extremist Red filth, is forming an Australian cell of ‘RAAN’ (Red & Anarchist Action Network) a notorious International Terrorist group.

Ironic, isn’t it, that the very creature who conspired last year with Greg Roberts of the Australian Newspaper to have a White Nationalist charged with “bomb making” and “terrorist” offences is himself a fucking ANARCHIST!

The very strong links to ‘Raz’ were exposed, as were his invitations to Rollo and kaaos_af to join the inner circle at FDB and it is a pity we didn’t have a little more time to clean up the entire rat’s nest. Oh well, perhaps next time.

This was certainly not the first time, and possibly not the last, FDB have been forced into hasty damage control and displayed their pathetic gutlessness by cutting loose and disowning previously ‘useful’ elements who have violated FDB security protocol. One day they’re fawning all over them backslapping and encouraging them, as full ‘FDB crew’ members, to ever more extreme acts against decent White Nationalists, the next it’s a case of “Rollo who?” or “We knew all along kaaos_af was a bad egg” etc, etc…

These delusional fucktards actually believe their own lies.


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Weezil the Phoney Ctd

According to time honoured biker tradition and Motorcycle Club protocol not even all so-called ‘Outlaw’ clubs automatically have the right to wear the 1% ‘One Percenter’ diamond patch. This is the sign and symbol of the Outlaw elite. All Outlaw Clubs who want to wear this patch must be willing to either back it up independently, a very tough ask, or acquire affiliation and supporter club status with one of the Big Four.

In other words become a supporter club or affiliate club. This system is very similar to the old Clan system where many different families would associate with and support a particularly strong and powerful family. The Hells Angels for example refer to their vast support network as “The Big Red Machine”.

The Big Four are the four largest ‘One Percenter’ Outlaw Bike Clubs in the World and hence the most feared and dangerous clubs. They are the Hells Angels (Est 1948) the Bandidos (Est 1966) the Outlaws (Est 1935) and the Pagans (Est 1959). All the rest, however hard core and tough they might be, and indeed they are, are essentially second tier clubs.

Currently the Bandidos are the fastest growing Outlaw Bike Club in America. They are also on a big recruitment drive in Australia as are their rival club, the biggest club in Australia, the Rebels.

If any bike club even wants to wear the ‘M.C.’ on their back patch colours they are going to have to negotiate an agreement with the local clubs and prove their worthiness. To wear the 1% ‘One Percenter’ diamond, indicating they are the elite of the elite, they will need to have approval and/or affiliation with one of the Big Four. If they do not they run the very serious risk of being stomped, having their patches grabbed, being shut down and either being absorbed into the big club they have pissed off or exiled from the scene.

These events have resulted in the past in the seizure of property including bikes and actual deaths. These blokes simply don’t fuck around. It is all about protocol and etiquette. Maintaining integrity and respect for their club and colours is everything to them. They have zero tolerance for poseurs and pretenders. Taking all this into account, we very seriously doubt there is a word of truth in Weezil’s claims that he was once a 1% ‘One Percenter’.

Dream on you idiot!

And furthermore 'Bana'...

Oh, by the way ‘Bana’, we haven’t mentioned it before because, unlike you, we’re not in the habit of bragging or speaking for other people, but perhaps now might be an appropriate time to mention it. There is a certain member of the Whitelaw Towers staff who happens to have a nephew currently serving in the Australian SAS Regiment, so you should be careful with your big noting about your military ‘achievements’ and ‘elite’ status because the real blokes don’t take too kindly to phonies passing themselves off as soldiers.

Apart from being a serious criminal offence, impersonating a member of the armed forces or misrepresenting your service record is considered extremely poor form and if you had even half a functioning brain you’d be cautious about bringing yourself under scrutiny.

There are only two ways you could have held the rank of ‘Trooper’ in the Australian Army. One is being in the SASR, the other is in the RAAC. Now you are clearly not Special Forces material, despite your claims to ‘elite’ status, so you must have been a Black Cap, a Tanker, today’s equivalent to Cavalry. This fits because we could not imagine anyone with your piss poor attitude being in any hard core, foot slogging Infantry Unit.

Besides, in today’s Australian Army there are only two units which could seriously be considered truly ‘elite’ in the real sense of the word, and those are the SASR (Special Forces) and 3RAR (Para/Light Infantry). Today’s armoured units are certainly descended from elite Cavalry units but their modern mechanised role differs greatly from their traditional Attack and Guards duties back when they rode horses. They are more appropriately regarded as mobile and self supporting artillery.

Now this is where it gets interesting because the Unit with the most battle honours, the “most highly decorated unit” is the 1/15th Royal New South Wales Lancers but they are a Reserve Unit. The only Regular Army Armoured Corps Regiments, so far as we can establish, are the 1st Armoured Regiment (Armoured), the 2nd Cavalry Regiment (Recon), the 3/4th Cavalry Regiment (Light Armoured) and the 2/14th Light Horse Regiment (Recon).

Out of these units it is the 2/14th Light Horse Regiment that has the highest number of Battle Honours. So Bana is this the Regiment you claim to have trooped the colours for?


The curious case of ‘Trooper’ Bana…

Okay ‘Bana’ let’s assume just for one moment, for the sake of this argument, that you did indeed serve in the Australian Army. How do you reconcile that commitment to defence of this nation and your current membership of an Anarchist group committed to open borders and the surrendering of national sovereignty to the criminal cabal of the United Nations? Did you, or do you still, perhaps hanker after a Blue beret yourself?

You see, where we have difficulty is on this point of precisely who you intend to represent and whose interests you serve. As a member of the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang you are lending support to sworn enemies of Australia, its people and its present culture. You are supporting unfettered illegal immigration (read: Invasion) of Australia.

No Australian soldier could ever seriously claim his job is/was to “defend Democracy”, “protect the innocent”, “help the refugees” or any such Hollywood superhero claptrap. Australian military personnel are employees of the Australian Government who in turn are merely elected managers there to administer the will of the people, the Taxpaying CITIZENS of Australia, and we see no evidence of the people wanting soldiers who are politicised and thinking outside the circle when it comes to executing the policies of the elected Government.

Do we have to spell it out really, really s.l.o.w.l.y. for you Bana?

Darp is a Homosexual. You are, if you are not one yourself, associating with known faggots. Darp himself was, and probably still is, a frequent visitor to Oxford Street and an enthusiastic advocate of the Queer lifestyle. He has even worked in their fag bars as a ‘host’, stripped to the waist and oiled up like some Homo ‘toy boy’.

Now, the Australian Army, like virtually all military entities in the world, recognise the sad inevitability of Homosexuals infiltrating the ranks, the Army reflecting as it does the generally sick state of modern society. But they also recognise the corrosive effect on morale and reliability, particularly in combat units, which this presents and attempt to minimise the harm by ‘encouraging’ them to leave. In today’s P.C. nightmare where the military would be castigated and even prosecuted for being ‘prejudiced’ this task usually falls, unofficially of course, to the common soldiers who have to do their own policing and ‘convince’ the faggot he is unwanted.

Darp is a self-confessed vandal. For example he goes into excruciatingly fine detail on how to vandalise hotel rooms as well as how to exact revenge upon his enemies with a skill and “area of expertise” he describes as “Suburban Terrorism”.

Darp is a child abuser. Now Bana, as a clear Internationalist United Nations supporter, you would obviously support the various covenants guaranteeing the “rights of the child” and protecting them from physical as well as emotional and sexual abuse. Why then do you also support a group that has as its head and co-founder a sick creature who has bashed children at the beach and described it as “a new sport”?

Darp is a drug abuser. He has confessed to using hard drugs such as Cocaine and Ecstasy as well as so-called ‘soft’ drugs like Marijuana. What is the military’s view on this Bana?

As a soldier, again assuming you were one, you would have been sworn to protect and serve the existing people and culture of Australia and not be working to prepare and pave the way for radical social change and the invasion of Third World genetic trash including Islamist extremists. You were a ‘soldier’ Bana, not a political officer or commissar, and certainly not a fucking amateur social worker!

For fuck’s sake! You joined the noble profession of arms, not the Salvation Army. Your job was to stop and kill the enemies of Australia Bana, not to wring your pink little hands, ‘counsel’ them and give them a boost up over our imaginary border fence. What happened when your drill sergeant asked to see your “war face” Bana? Did you do your best impersonation of Mother Theresa?

The Australian Taxpaying Citizen demands, and indeed deserves, nothing less than the most ruthlessly efficient killing machines our hard earned money, training and technology can provide to protect this fine nation. We are not paying for social workers, counselors, philosophers, and amateur psychologists. If we want international policemen and latrine diggers we will employ and train policemen and plumbers IF we feel like wasting our hard earned money on charity for Third World wasters. We want soldiers who will do whatever the fuck they are told to do and, if during the course of doing whatever the fuck they’re told to do, they are injured or killed then they and their families should be suitably rewarded and honoured for their great efforts and sacrifices.
Nothing more, nothing less.

If you were not aware of and perfectly happy with this arrangement then we can only assume the reason you still went ahead and signed up was to sow dissent among the ranks as a fifth columnist and undermine the effectiveness of our military. In other words you were a spy and a mole and we all know what the only suitable punishment is for those crimes, don’t we ‘Bana’?

Tell us ‘Bana’, when you get together with your old comrades do you mention these inconvenient facts? Do you tell your old buddies (if there was anyone in your unit that actually liked you) that you associate with and support the criminal actions of vicious Anarchist thugs? The Military is about maintaining order, not destroying it!

Do you tell them about the antics of the founders of the group you are now with? Do you tell them you surround yourself with queers, drug abusers, petty criminals and COMMOS?

We really do wonder how these revelations would be received at an Anzac Day memorial after march drink.

“Oh yeah fellas, did I mention I’m now really good pals with an American ex Vietnam War protester and committed (and he should be) Communist who is leeching off the Australian Taxpayer? A creature who says brilliant things like “What exactly is wrong with Communism?” Do you tell them about his bum chum and Co-Founder who is a Cocaine snorting Gay Bar loiterer, self-proclaimed “terrorist” and genital shaver who exposes said genitals to be photographed at social functions? Do you tell them there are Anarchists and Communists, the very same people who desecrate War Memorials and sneer at veterans, who are “core” members of this group?

Do you tell them about how much you admire the Communist ideology and their achievements in killing the best and brightest of White Europeans Bana? Have you ever told a Vietnam vet, even an actual Vietnamese Vietnam Vet, how much you admire the Communists? You claim you do not support Communism yet your actions prove you are a fucking LIAR!

Oh, and since you are so ‘Patriotic’ WTF are you doing living in Canada?

Bana, you are a fucking joke and a disgrace. We don’t know how you can look at yourself in the mirror without cringing. Perhaps you do.

Stay where you are.

Don’t come back.


This just in...

If the latest industrial strength toxic swill leaking from FDB doesn't convince all doubters that Mathew Henderson is totally out of ammo and that his ex-pat Canadian dwelling bum chum 'Bana' is a retarded pathological liar then we don't know what will. Read it for yourself if you can stomach it.
Darp's got nothing!
From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gagsters' Forum:
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Posted: Fri Apr 27, 2007 8:48 am Post subject:

Darp Hau wrote:
Oh no BANA, you're PWNED!

Check out the calibre of these comebacks.

Perren's comeback:


“And I tried hard not to use too many polysyllabic words.”
Note to the uninitiated: "polysyllabic" is one of those words, like "xenophobia" that Leftist Scum slip in at every opportunity to show how clever they are...apparently...hmmm...

Questions that still go unanswered girls; How did The Sphinx teleport to the Gallipoli Peninsula, who did ol’ Weezy ride with and, oh yes, what the fuck is pwnded?

Also from the FDB toxic generator plant…

Darp Hau
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Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 12:28 pm
Post subject: Jim Perren's usual ANZAC day shit

Hey, thanks for the free publicity Darpy boy. We just love it when you link to our site. It just means more people get to view the truth about what you and your criminal bum chums are doing to white ant this once great nation.

“Sigh ...

It's the same shit every year...

"Blah blah ...we fought on the wrong side, we should have fought with the Nazis, therefore we racist fucks should be allowed to claim Anzac (sic) Day... blah ...blah ...I was a volunteer in RSL clubs ...blah blah ...never joined the ADF as I was too much of a drug-addled bikie who could never actually cut it in uniform...”

Drug addled? Oh, you mean like snorting lines of Cocaine off the dashboard of some drag queen’s car? Or dropping Ecstasy tabs? Or sniffing amyl nitrate in some fag bar with some septic shitdick arse buddies? That’s what they call the Oxford street ‘rush hour’ don’t they Darp? Ha! Ha! Ha!

“blah ..blah ...BUT my adopted father served in 'Nam therefore that by extension makes me a worthy benefactor of the Anzac tradition cos as we all know, every person who pulled on a slouch hat secretly wished that they we were tag-team buddies with the Nazis ..blah ...blah."

This sort of gutter level personal slagging where someone’s family members are dragged into the show is obviously carefully calculated to elicit some form of irrational and violent response. Don’t be so impatient girls. You’ll get your chance to say these things to our faces. It’s going to be fascinating to see how you all stack up…

political tar baby
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Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 3:08 am
Darp Hau wrote:
[...] only skill with a firearm is shooting defenceless animals.

“The shaved head makes those defenceless animals a lot easier to sight in... at least at a useful enough lead distance in case he misses and has to waddle for it.”

Well Weezy, you tragic old faggot, a “waddle” would be an infinitely more effective and elegant means of ambulatory locomotion than your own comical cripple routine. And who’s this mystery man with the “shaved head”?

It is becoming increasingly clear somebody has been looking at some candid ‘happy snaps’ and been making some errors in identification.

“A bit of a tub” is our personal favourite, that's quite funny.

Someone is in for a surprise.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Colombine Cover Up.

From October issue 2005 STORM

Dangerous Whiggers.
Little known fact, suppressed by main stream US media, was revealed in interview with Colombine High School chaplain (Mike Matthews pp10-15 Creation Vol 25 No3 June August 2003 “Tragic Truth- Pastor of Colombine and Ground Zero speaks Out”

Kleibold, main shooter during the Colombine massacre, wore at the time of his killing spree a T-shirt with “Natural Selection” on the front. Having planned this as a suicide mission, Kleibold had chosen this as his final message to the world. Yet the US media, for all their blanket coverage of Colombine from the Gun Control angle have deliberately censored out this crucial fact. Imagine if his T-Shirt had said Kill Jews. Instead the media portrayed Kleibold as the stereotypical troubled teen, lone gun nut.

Usual media clichés used when profiling any white as a Rightist, Neo Nazi, semi retard. But Kleibold was none of these. He was an ULTRA LEFTIST. Another fact ignored by the media was Kleibold ran his own Web Site. Why ignore this salient information? The public would easily discern his true LEFTIST motives cutting through the simplistic media portrayal.

Kleibold ran an ANTI RACISM web site. He was a WHIGGER a white who wishes to be black. Whiggers are a phenomena produced by late 20th century miss education. These are people who’ve cracked under the constant barrage of anti white smears and lies pouring forth from all media, films, TV and books. They’ve turned racial hatred inwards, hating themselves and eventually all other whites. Whiggerism is a form of induced insanity. Kleibold suffered from this delusional psychosis. Kleibold was not a loner. In fact he lead a gang at Colombine High, the so-called Trench Coat Mafia. Several of these video taped with him undertaking weapons training. One accompanied him on his final mission against the white world. Why’d the media ignore this gang link?

Another deliberate omission from the media was a failure to exam his 21 victims. Along with his T-Shirt and web site an analysis of his victims should reveal his intent, motive and purpose. This has never been done in the post Colombine media Blitz. Why? Because nearly all of his victims were WHITE. Much has been said in the Christian press of Kleibolds two victims who were beautiful, blonde white Christian girls- Cheerleaders. These have been dubbed “martyrs” form their faith. More than this they were martyrs for their RACE. Kleinbold HATED PERFECT WHITES, so he murdered white members of the football team and their cheerleader squad girl friends. He wanted to ethnically cleanse the school of ARYANS. This is why most of the dead at Colombine were found in the library. Would he go there if he wanted to blacks and Hispanics?

Of course not. But location, the fourth key to understanding the cruelly rational thinking of this WHIGGER assassin, was ignored by the system appointed censors in the media. Colombine is yet another example of hiding in plain sight how an incident may take place in public and produce a torrent of media coverage yet be so distorted by reporters as to be robbed of all meaning.

Hate Crime?


Where Cho was Taught to Hate
By David Duke

Can you kill a White man…Can a nigger killCan you shoot straight andFire for good measureCan you splatter their brains in the streetCan you kill them Nigger– From the poetry of Nikki Giovanni, one of Cho’s teachers at Virginia Tech

The media have been talking incessantly about the motivations of mass murderer Seung Hui Cho at Virginia Tech. But, few in media have dared to speak about what drove this Korean student to the intense hatred that led to the gory deaths of 32 students and faculty. Did race play a part in the worst mass killing in American history?

There is no question that at least part of the motivation of the Korean immigrant came from his alienation of living in a society where he felt he did not fit in. Multiculturalism produced by massive immigration creates incredible amounts of alienation in any society that suffers from it. Alienation increases in both the immigrants and in the indigenous populations as well.
Endemic ethnic conflict is true in Rwanda with its different ethnic tribes periodically committing genocide against each other, or in Palestine with the introduction of great numbers of supremacist Jews into an Arab society, or in the streets of New York or London–or for that matter, in the dormitories, classrooms and hallways of Virginia Tech.

The more multicultural and multiracial a society becomes, every group becomes a minority and loses its sense of belonging. Immigrants themselves generally come from a society where they are part of a fundamental cultural, religious and ethnic majority to nations where they become a minority of race and culture and are usually near the bottom of the social and economic structure.

Ironically, a significant portion of immigrants themselves are escaping from ethnic or religious turmoil in their own nations of origin. For instance, the federal government has just increased immigration quotas for Iraqis to come to the United States. Iraqis are themselves coming to America because of ethnic and religious conflict. One must look not much further than the Kurdish-Arab and the Sunni-Shia conflicts, conflicts that have produced the impetus of immigration from Iraq in the first place. America somehow seeks to alleviate the nefarious effects of ethnic conflicts around the world by sowing the seeds of it here.

Iraq is hardly the only nation where ethnic and religious conflict arises. It is the biggest source of conflict and hatred all over the world. You can see it in the recent ethnically driven riots in Paris and London. And the USA has had more than its share of race riots, anger, racial hatred, and racial violence over the years.

One may plaintively ask, as Rodney King did, “Why can’t we all just get along?” But the fact of life is that in general we simply don’t get along. Because we don’t recognize and honor the differences among peoples, we are doomed to conflict and hate.
Recognition of the reality of deep ethnic differences affords us the opportunity to avoid the horrendous and inevitable societal problems produced by uncontrolled immigration and multiculturalism. We must begin to understand that every nation has a right to preserve its unique ethnic identity, culture, religious expression, art, and tradition. Nations where the people share a common heritage, culture, and tradition find love and brotherhood far more attainable.
Also, the failure to recognize human differences and sovereignty leads to Universalist religions and ideologies such as globalism and interventionism that lessen human diversity and freedom. For such models suggest that the different human races have no unique qualities but are just pieces of plastic to be molded in quest of some political, economic or religious vision. It is the basis for every totalitarian repression and a major justification of war.

Although the multiculturalists preach incessantly about the enrichment and love that will emerge from a multiracial society, in reality ethnic conflict has been a greater source of violence, civil and international war, and hatred than any other single cause on earth. Multiracialism and multiculturalism, despite the media poster depictions of light and dark hands interlocked in friendship and love, generates incredible amounts of alienation, frustration, hatred and yes, violence. Nations composed of people that are similar to each other in culture, religion, shared history, and even in personality and genetic traits, tend to be more stable, more adjusted and comfortable, and less alienated in a nation that better fits their unique character.

Increasing numbers of alienated people are like explosives waiting for someone to light their fuse. Seung Cho’s fuse was lit by minority attitudes that legitimize hatred, even violence against America and ultimately the White people who built it. At Virginia Tech and every other university in the United States there is an incessant mantra complaining of “White privilege” and “White racism.” Check out the blogs and the statements of major organizations on almost any American campus. Any individual fault, shortcoming, or even crime is laid at the doorstep of White people.

As the fine writer Steve Sailor wrote in recounting the words of an anonymous commentator: “I wonder how many times Cho heard the phrase ‘white privilege’ while he was in college?”
In fact, Cho’s presence at Virginia Tech is proof that there is no longer any “White privilege” in America. Cho was an English major at VT and one only has to read his papers to quickly realize that his talents in the English language were appallingly poor. Does anyone not believe that better-qualified European American students would have more competently filled his chair in the English classes he took? In fact, Virginia Tech and all major universities in the United States have programs that blatantly discriminate against European Americans in admissions, graduate programs, and in the hiring of teachers and professors.

Every White college graduate in English knows of the discrimination existing in graduate programs, and once the White student achieves a PhD he faces an uphill battle in finding a professorship. The great majority of universities are seeking to improve their minority teacher ratio. This quest for increased minority faculty will often count for more than the better grades and evaluations of White students and the fact that many of them come from higher-rated academic institutions.

The discrimination against European Americans can even be found in the news coverage of the tragic murders at Virginia Tech. At the present time I am lecturing in Europe, but I can tune in on the American media by way of CNN International. When I heard about the killings I tuned in and watched an hour wrap up of the coverage that evening. Although the overwhelming majority of the slain students and faculty (22 out of 32) were European Americans, a majority of the broadcast centered on an Israeli and an African American victim. The overwhelming majority of the coverage centered a Jewish victim of the shooting, a Holocaust survivor who was touted as a hero for trying to block the door with other students to keep Cho out of his room. CNN showed extensive interviews with his family in Israel. The other victim covered extensively was the lone male African American victim and again heartfelt interviews with his family and friends were aired. On the broadcast no other victim’s family gave any interviews.
Librescu and Clark were mentioned in over 4,000 stories in national and international media listed on Google News. In comparison, Michael Pohl, a European American former member of the VT football and Lacrosse teams, who even after he was mortally wounded courageously fought to block the attacker, received only 540 mentions in a Google News search.

One of Cho’s teachers in the English department at VT is the “celebrated” Nikki Giovanni. The following are words from the poetry of this Black racist, radical feminist, Marxist “poet” at Virginia Tech. Not only is her poetry at the intellectual level of a twelve year old, it is imbued with vicious racial hatred against White people and makes a call for Black people to shed their role of “nigger” and become “real Black men” by… murdering White people. Here is an excerpt from “The True Import of Present Dialog, Black vs. Negro.”
Can you kill a White man…Can a nigger killCan you shoot straight andFire for good measureCan you splatter their brains in the streetCan you kill them Nigger

Here is the entire poem in its original error-filled English and its full-blown hatred:

Can you killCan you kill
Can a nigger kill
Can a nigger kill a honkie
Can a nigger kill the Man
Can you kill niggerHuh?
nigger can youkill
Do you know how to draw blood
Can you poisonCan you stab-a-JewCan you kill huh?
niggerCan you kill
Can you run a protestant down with your‘68 El Dorado(that’s all they’re good for anyway)
Can you kill
Can you piss on a blond head
Can you cut it off
Can you kill
A nigger can die
We ain’t got to prove we can die
We got to prove we can kill
They sent us to killJapan and Africa
We policed europe (sic)
Can you killCan you kill a white man
Can you kill the niggerin you
Can you make your nigger minddie
Can you kill your nigger mind
And free your black hands tostrangle
Can you kill
Can a nigger kill
Can you shoot straight andFire for good measure
Can you splatter their brains in the street
Can you kill them
Can you lure them to bed to kill them
We kill in Viet Namfor them
We kill for UN & NATO & SEATO & US
And everywhere for all alphabet (sic)
butBLACKCan we learn to kill WHITE for BLACK
Learn to kill niggers
Learn to be Black men

After reading this racist call to hate and murder by Cho’s esteemed teacher, Nikki Giovanni, can you guess who was given the honor of delivering the closing remarks at the memorial service on campus for the slain 32 students and faculty? It was, of course, the same person who has advocated “…shoot straight… and splatter their brains in the street.”

I can illustrate the double standard very easily by the media treatment of Professor Giovanni and me. Not only have I never advocated violence or hate against anyone, I have never advocated discrimination against truly better-qualified Black people in jobs or promotions or scholarships or college admissions or any other positions that they have earned by merit.
Yet, because I consistently advocate equal rights for all I am branded as a racist and hater, and the media consistently call my site, , a “hate site.” (Even though I am a former member of the House of Representatives in Louisiana and my site offers well-reasoned, non-violent and thoughtful political and social commentary, it is filtered and blocked by many institutions).

Nikki Giovanni, on the other hand, is effusively praised by the media and even given the honored closing remarks in the campus memorial service although she literally has openly and brutally advocated exactly what Cho actually did.
The national media have not breathed a word about where Cho learned to hate, from the very same teacher and from the very same institution that now buries 32 of its own.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

More pathetic drivel from FDB re: Anzac Day

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Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 3:08 pm
Love this bit;
We regret that some other White Nationalists have expressed themselves so crudely and insensitively on this subject but one has to wonder if all of these people are even real or if some of them might be Leftist stooges.

“Sorry Jim old mate, it wasn't Leftist stooges leaving those posts on Stormfart. Leftists actually have a grasp of the English language. WNs and NAZIs obviously don't.”

Well, judging by your semi-literate drivel and mangling of the English language we’d be careful slinging off at others if we were you ‘Bana’.

How dare phoney filth like ‘Bana’ try to hijack Anzac Day to advance their own sick agenda of Miscegenation White Genocide.

“Jimmy, do you actually know the meaning of "Miscegenation"?? I doubt it very much, as anyone with a primary school level of English comprehension would have noticed my ANZAC Day missive made no comments in regard to either inter-racial marriages, nor inter-racial sexual relationships.”

Erm…Bana? Follow the bouncing ball son, it’s easy. Race Mixing is foremost in the FDB manifesto. Did you not study the prospectus closely enough when you signed up you pathetic poseur?

“Me a phony???”

Yep! Reckon so…

“Mate, I spent 6 years in the army with the rank of Trooper in Australia's oldest and most decorated unit. My family has fought in both World Wars, my stepfather was a nasho, and my brother has served 16 years as an officer in the RAN and is still serving. i (sic) have also had the honour of carrying the flag for my regiment and honour of meeting 3 Governor Generals of Australia (1 ex-Army & 1 ex-Navy) and two NSW governors (1 ex-Navy). I also have a letter of thanks from both a fourth Governor General and Sir Lawrence Street (Captain in the RAN during WW2 and retired Chief Justice).”

All this desperate “My dad is bigger than your dad!” wankery simply proves, if indeed a single word of it is true (and we seriously doubt it) is how truly dire the situation is now with the deep infiltration of our military by traitorous Red Scum. What hope has this nation got with fuckwits like you “defending” us?

With One World, Open Borders advocates and Islamophiles like the FDB swill embedded in our defence forces none of us real decent White Australians can sleep soundly at night.

“I can guarantee I have met more Veterans, servicemen, and ex-servicemen than you've had wanks.”

Hmmm! Well we’ll leave comment on masturbation to the experts. Over to you Darp. Camomile lotion anyone?

“So before you claim to know what it (sic) serving for Australia is really about, go sign up and complete a 3 year initial enlistment. And as you claim to be a real man, why don't you sign up for an elite unit like NORFORCE.”


Oh, we’re sorry. Are you STILL flappin’ yer gums?

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Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 8:34 am
Cripes, BANA, does everyone in every friggin' Commonwealth military wing have your surname?

“Weez, there are a few officers with my surname that are well known in the Army, but as far as I know, they are not related.

But Jim, The real meaning of ANZAC Day is not to glorify war (anyone that does that is sick in the head, IMHO),”

Did we do that? (Looks around quizzically at the rest of the staff at Whitelaw Towers)

“but to honour those men and women that died for their countries) as well as to recognise those brave people who managed to survive and to show your support.”

Err…yep…got that…

“ANZAC Day is not about warping it's intent for individual's own perverse ideologies. Whether pro or anti war, nor your racist views. Nor is it about which war was right and which was wrong.”

Psst! Hey Bana? Better have a word or two in the shell-like lug holes of your queer mates Darp and Weez and Co…

“It is also about remembering not only the fallen ANZACs, but those who fell from other countries as well.”

Nope! It most certainly is NOT! Can you give references to who ever, from our military, claimed this and when it was sanctioned as official RSL or Australian Government policy?

“Remember, if the Turks and the Vietnamese had the same attitude as you did, there would be no memorial services to Arı Burnu (ANZAC Cove) or Long Tan.”

When did Whitelaw Towers ever even mention whether we approved or disapproved of the Turkish memorial?

As you obviously do not know the true meaning of ANZAC Day, here it is;
Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives...
you are now lying in the soil of a friendly country.
Therefore rest in peace.
There is no difference between the Johnnies and the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side here in this country of ours...
You the mothers who sent their sons from far away countries wipe away your tears.
Your sons are now lying in our bosom and are in peace.
Having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well.

“I think Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Pasha hit the nail on the head.”

Don’t get too misty eyed over old Mustafa. Remember he cruelly oppressed and murdered millions of his own people in his secularisation of Turkey. Gee! And we thought you hand wringing FDB faggots really cared about those poor, innocent rag tops…

“I bet you'd understand this better if you got off your arse and listened to (sic) being recited in Turk, English and Maori in the dark while you froze your nuts off at the edge of the Aegean and the sun was rising behind you over the Sphinx whist standing next to a veteran from the AATTV.”

Erm…Bana? Isn’t The Sphinx in Egypt? Are you certain of where you were during this dream, delusion, seizure or whatever you were suffering?

“How can you glorify war and claim the ANZACs fought for WN ideology when you are standing amongst the grave of Lone Pine. An area the size of a football field in which 9,500 men (both ANZAC and Turk) died over a period of just 3 days. No sane person could glorify that horror.

it seems only those that haven't donned a uniform ever seriously glorify war.”


“And how can you claim that Muslims are barbaric and inhumane,”

Because they ARE.

“when an unnamed Turk risked his life to enter no-man's land to pick up a wounded ANZAC and carry him to the ANZAC front lines.”

If that even ever happened then that would merely be one of the exceptions that proves the rule that Muslims are essentially scum. Somehow we can’t visualise Sheik Hilali and his sort performing such ‘heroics’…

“No that, in my opinion is worthy of the highest military honours for bravery. Would you risk your life to save an enemy combatant? Nah, didn't think so.”

“You're not enough of a man.”

Oh, you mean a “real man” like Mathew Henderson-Hau? Well, we saw the low calibre of his courage last year when not only did he not turn up at the Sydney Forum or Saleam’s place as promised (ad nauseam) to “shut down da fash” but he even set up an ambush which his gutless Anarchist thugs failed to carry out due to pissing their pants in fright at the last minute because they realised they’d be tackling some people who would fight back! Ha! Ha! Ha!

“Jim, once again I refer you to Ataturk's Message of Reconciliation I quoted above.”

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Anzac Day

In regard to the apparent inconsistencies, noted by the Leftist swill at FDB, in some emotive statements made by White Nationalists around Anzac Day, particularly the more lurid ones emanating from Internet Forums such as Stormfront, we would like to make our own position clear.

On first viewing, at least to the poorly educated, many of these comments might appear contradictory or even disrespectful to our own war dead but the truth is not that simple. Some of the comments are certainly insensitive and poorly considered in regard to a sacred and solemn day in our calendar, but essentially, when one has a broader understanding of the subject, they are not meant as insults.

This writer has personally met many war veterans, returned servicemen, including members of his own family, who have themselves expressed dismay that they “fought the wrong war” or “killed the wrong people” and similar sentiments. Some even say they feel “cheated” or that it was “all such a terrible waste” and “for what?”

As we have stated before, with surprise and disbelief, we simply cannot imagine who all these ‘Diggers’ and ‘Veterans’ might be that claim they fought for Multiculturalism, Homosexuality, Feminism, Casual Abortion, Same Sex Marriages, Queer Adoption, Open Borders and limitless Welfare for so-called “Refugees” while many of our own still suffer great hardship and even poverty. We have certainly never met any of these, not a single one, ever.

None of these so-called ‘progressive’ abominations designed to destroy the very fabric of our society could have occurred if not for the sacrifices made by our warriors to establish a safe and stable environment for these traitors to commit their treachery. These gutless parasites thrived, and continue to do so, at the expense of the brave.

Where are all these soldiers who fought for the establishment of Islamism in Australia, the decriminalisation of illicit drug use, the softening of laws regarding paedophilia, the lowering of the age of sexual consent, the handing over of national sovereignty to the United Nations, the erosion of parental rights, the signing of endless International covenants that strip away any pretence of maintaining the traditional family unit, the revolving door, slap on the wrist, legal system that virtually ignores the crimes of house breaking, vandalism, graffiti and drug abuse yet severely punishes Patriotism and Racial Pride as heinous crimes?

Where are all these liberal ‘progressive’ Democrat, Greens and Socialist Alliance voting combat hardened military veterans?

Where the fuck are they?

We certainly don’t know any!

It is only common sense that these proud warriors of the World Wars fought to protect their families, their loved ones, their people, their nation and their way of life which was most definitely overwhelmingly White European and Christian in nature.

Though now, with the benefit of historical hindsight, we can see they were duped by traitorous politicians and the puppet masters who pulled their strings, they certainly believed they fought to maintain and perpetuate their culture and to keep things the way they were and NOT to change it. They fought in good faith and were betrayed.

It is the grossest insult to the memories of the fallen to attempt to reinterpret their intent and retrospectively impose Marxist P.C. ideology and the Cult of Multi-Racialism on their brave actions, just as it has become fashionable of late to bestow the Eureka rebellion with Marxist significance. Only the Red Filth could slither that low into the slime.

On the subject of ‘Multiculturalism’ for a moment, it is particularly galling to have our intelligence insulted by claims that ‘Multiculturalism’ began with the Fabian Socialist and criminally incompetent Whitlam regime in the early Seventies when the fact is Australia was ‘Multicultural’ from the very start. It was established and built by the broad and diverse richness of White European cultures including, initially, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh (now that is Multicultural already) then Germans, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch etc etc etc…

The grim truth about the so-called “Multicultural” policy of the Seventies Labor regime is that it was a lie from its very inception, even in its very name. What it was, and is, in effect is Multi-RACIALISM, nothing more or less, with the vicious and genocidal intent to dilute White European Racial integrity and to usurp the predominance and power of the founding peoples.

Whitelaw Towers, unlike the traitorous Red Scum of the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang, perceives no contradiction whatsoever in recognising both the bravery of our noble Anglo-Celtic warriors and the contributions made by the German National Socialists, Italian Fascists and even the Russian Nationalists (particularly in recent years) who all did their very best to rid Western Civilisation of the twin scourges of Communism and International Zionism.

Observing and analysing the history of the past century or so simply highlights the futility and tragedy of our losses in cleverly contrived fratricidal wars designed to cull the best and bravest of our people and advance the insidious agenda of the Chosenites. The immense waste of good White folk sacrificed upon the altar of Jewish Supremacism is an obscenity that ultimately should not, and must not, go unrecognised and unpunished.

If some of our own people are still incapable, politically speaking, of walking and chewing gum at the same time then that is their problem and not ours. If they are so dull, simple-minded and deeply inculcated with Hollywood and Tel Avision propaganda that they cannot comprehend the grains of truth among the chaff of lies then that is sad but should not restrict the enlightened from expressing their views.

We regret that some other White Nationalists have expressed themselves so crudely and insensitively on this subject but one has to wonder if all of these people are even real or if some of them might be Leftist stooges. After all, experience has taught us the Red Scum is tireless and bereft of scruples in their futile efforts to discredit our people.

How dare phoney filth like ‘Bana’ try to hijack Anzac Day to advance their own sick agenda of Miscegenation White Genocide.
There's a special place in the lowest pits of Hell for scum like him/she/it.

Stokesy the Magnificent!

Brian Weezil Stokes’ resumé becomes more extensive and impressive (if you’re easily fooled that is) by the day.

Is there no limit to his talents and achievements? We already knew he was an ex- ‘journalist’, ex-Vietnam protester, ex-American, Greens Party apparatchik, amateur photographer, amateur sleuth, serial litigant, bush lawyer, Blogger and career social welfare recipient but two more revelations in the space of a week have left us stunned and in awe of the sheer spectrum of his experience.

First there was the claim about his having once been a “One Percenter” Outlaw Biker, a Sgt at Arms no less, but then this…

“You know, I've written a couple of bad books in my time, but rarely do I get shortlisted (sic) for literary awards (except in one or two tiny little universities' literary magazines).”

So now he is an author of several books too!

What a guy!

Perhaps that’s how it is when one doesn’t have a real job and is leeching off the Taxpayer. One has lots of time on one’s hands to pursue multiple ‘career’ paths and become a ‘high achiever’….


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

FDB and Anzac Day

Lets rip into it once again.


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Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 6:14 pm Post subject: Stormfront cracks wood and their creduilty over ANZAC Day

Once again ANZAC Day is coming around and once again the neo nazis over at Stormfront are jumping up and down like Ferrets doing a "weasel war dance" encouraging each other to support the diggers and stand behind "Aussie" values and alleging immigrants are trying to hijack ANZAC Day.

“Once again ANZAC Day is coming around”

That is correct Bana, but no thanks to people like you or the other members of the Anti-Australian group Fight Dem Back. Yes Bana you silly little boy do you really believe that Anzac Day would still exist if it wasn’t for Patriots and service personnel who kept the tradition going through the dark old days of the 70’s and 80’s.

Considering the drastic drop in numbers at Anzac Day services after the Vietnam War it was in fact people like those you attack on Storm Front who carried the torch for our Veterans while you and most of the FDB members sat around watching the Muppets.

Yes Bana it was patriots who volunteered their time for Veteran Groups and helped the old Diggers from WW1 commemorate this very patriotic day. When a Dawn Service crowd was only 20 people and 16 of them were Veterans where were the Patriots of FDB? When the Master of Ceremonies would speak of the Anzac Day message being lost because Left Wing Anti-Australian groups like FDB had poisoned the water for future generations with their anti war - anti Australian message.

And what was the Anzac Day message of the time? Well Bana it would seem our vets wanted to be recognised for their sacrifices. It was, and still is, encouraged by Anzac Day Committees around Australia. A message that has not fallen on deaf ears of the White Patriots around Australia. In fact Bana I would guarantee more people on our side of the fence have been on more Anzac Day Committees than you would ever know.

Meanwhile members of FDB claim that any patriot is now considered a Nazi, what does that make you Bana? Is it not the case that you and the Disfunctional Marxists at FDB support Terrorism, Communism and the destruction of the White Christian identity our Diggers fought for? My God Bana are you even White? Sure as Hell does not sound like it.

Bana wrote

“encouraging each other to support the diggers and stand behind "Aussie" values.”

It would look as if the message was received, no thanks to people like you Bana.

Bana again,

“Once again, these faceless gutless misanthropes and troglodytes have pissed me off. “

I love this one, “faceless gutless.” This is from someone who is known only as Bana? In fact it is the members of FDB who truly personify Faceless and Gutless. Bana being one of them should know. Come on Bana tell us who you served with, what rank, what is your real name? And throw a pic in for us along the way. I’m sure the Army Intel would love to know. Mate, what have you to lose? Prove how the ADF supports you and the crazy concepts of FDB.

The problem with people like Bana is that they wish us to believe they represent the majority of Australians, in Bana’s case he wishes us to think that he represents the majority of Australian Soldiers. The best way to support his claims would be to come clean and tell us who he really is. But he is just like many of the Left Wing cowards at FDB. A disgrace to our nation. Stay in Canada.

Seeing as he will not prove to us who he really is we can only surmise what he is. Of course he may be impersonating an Australian Soldier? We all know that FDB members are liars. But then again he may have been a soldier. But I truly do not think digging latrines in Third World countries makes you an Anzac Bana? Now Whitelaw staff does not wish to be ungrateful to current and past serving members of the ADF, Hell we know an awful lot of them. But we truly believe that people like Bana are full of it, just like the pits they may have dug.

One thing that stands out is the fact that Bana's experience with Australian Veterans is very limited.

Bana said

“Have you ever seen an ANZAC Day march? I had the privilege of serving with a great many non Anglo-Saxon soldiers during my time in the ADF. This included Asians and Egyptians. I also served with a Vietnam veteran who was Hungarian and whose father fought for Hungary in WWII (ie the AXIS). Added to that there are always contingents of Turks, Chinese, Italians and Vietnamese that march every year.”

A Vietnam Vet, eh? Not too many Vietnam Veterans serving overseas nowadays or currently serving in the ADF. Many had retired from the ADF in the mid 80’s. This man would have to be an officer and his Hungarian name would be a dead give away. I wonder if the staff at Whitelaw Towers knows any Vietnam Vets? Thanks for that Bana, it shouldn’t be too hard to track you down with that little tip. Intelligence just wasn’t your calling, was it?

While we are at it Bana, what does old Outlaw Biker, Sgt at Arms Brian Stokes, founder of FDB think about Vietnam Vets? Is he still working out how he can demonstrate against the Vietnam War? Will you stand with him and throw human excrement at the marching Vets on Anzac Day? Or will you spray paint anti war slogans on Memorials that remember the diggers who fought against Communism in Vietnam, Korea, Borneo and Malaysia?

Come on Bana, you cant have your cake and eat it too.


“Added to that there are always contingents of Turks, Chinese, Italians and Vietnamese that march every year.”

Are they? Well I bet not an awful lot. I recall a Long Tan March in Brisbane that nearly turned into a street battle because Vietnamese were allowed to march. Sorry Bana it wasn’t those evil Patriots at Storm Front but the Veterans themselves who got very upset. And still do. I will never forget the silence of the crowd in Brisbane when a group of Vietnamese marched down King George Square that day.

Bana and members of FDB prove once again that they do not care about veterans and show total disrespect for them. They insist on including Turks, Vietnamese and Chinese on Anzac Day Parades. It’s all about pushing your agenda Bana, it has nothing to do with the true meaning of Anzac. Oh the pride you must feel to see the enemy marching within the ranks of our heroes. How would the brave heroes of Kapyong feel when they turn up to march and find they are standing with Chinese? I’m sure you would be proud Bana.
You make us sick.

Maybe Bana would be better served if he joined the IDF instead of the ADF. Mate you could march with the Arabs, Hell I bet Vet groups in the IDF pride themselves on marching with the enemy?

Bana again,

“Why do you think I made the pilgrimage to ANZAC Cove? Because the Turks don't allow extremists in any shape color or form. And no extremists equals no neo nazis”

Yes we know Old Johnny Turk was a good old boy? They would never allow Nazis at a Dawn Service at Anzac Cove? Instead they allowed German officers to control artillery that dropped on the Anzacs in 1915? Lets not forget the Turks who currently are the masterminds behind the largest sex slavery operation in the world, they truly are people of high moral standards? No extremists? I guess not many Jihadists are present then? Someone tell the Australian Government to drop travel warnings in Turkey, Bana has got it covered he assures us no Suicide Bombers are in Turkey on April 25th.

Bana at Anzac Cove? What a load of BS. If so I would hope you stayed clear of the final resting spot of many a White Nationalists Ancestor’s you traitor.

And again you just can’t beat Bana on history?

Bana said

“Diggers did not fight to keep Australia white, nor British. And they did not fight for a neo-nazi cause.”

Lets see, they did not fight to keep Australia White. You are joking I hope? Again you show to all that you have no idea what the majority of vets think. FDB will now run around looking for evidence to prove this BS from Bana. Any one who has read anything on Australia’s Military past especially anything written before the PC mob got involved know that we fought to keep this country free from Asian invasion. We also fought for Britain and the Commonwealth because of our strong ties to our Mother Country. After all Australia was a British White Settlement you duds.

Gee, how many Aussie Anzacs went into battle praying to Mohammed you dill? Was the battle cry at the Western Front Allah Achba? Yep how many diggers fought in North Africa so the Blacks and Arabs could come here and destroy our White Christian country. Not to many I guess? Most Aussies treated the gippos (Arabs) with distain.

Banna wrote

“Thanks for ruining my day. While I'm polishing my beret badge, during the dawn service, and while playing two up with my fellow soldiers, all I'll be thinking about is who among us is a racist prick. I'll know one thing for sure, it won't be anyone wearing medals on the left side of their chest.”

I am glad your day has been ruined Bana, it's not like you deserve to be there. I shall have a little smile on my face thinking about that in the morning when I get up about 3.00am and pin my Grand fathers medals on the right hand side of my child’s chest.

The spirit of Anzac is alive and well despite fakes like Bana. My children will remember the sacrifices our family has made for our country and our people. They will remember that their family has served at Gallipolli, France, Tobruk, New Guinea, Malaysia, Vietnam and Iraq. Their family has earned the right for them to march proudly.
You Bana are nothing.

Bana dribble again

I'll know one thing for sure, it won't be anyone wearing medals on the left side of their chest.”

You sure about that one? You know ignoring it will not make it go away.

Bana and his little crew of Left Wing misfits will stop at nothing to push their Anti Australian message. Not even a day such as Anzac Day is safe from these cowards. So Bana, put up or shut up.

I hear they need bomb disposal experts in Lebanon Bana, why not go and clean up the mess the IDF left behind? Take the other FDB traitors with you. Maybe you can spread your message of Multiculturalism in Israel and Lebanon? I’m sure they will understand. They may even reward you with a medal.

Anyway Bana its good to see that the FDB’s 44.95 a month has finally paid off and you guys purchased your Marxist time and space portal. Sure as Hell makes traveling easier from Canada to Australia for Anzac Day.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Spot the Outlaw

Can YOU pick the odd one out?

Weezy the bad arse Outlaw

Okay, so we had kinda promised ourselves we’d try and avoid poking shit at FDB just for the sake of it and leave our comments to things more worthy but this is simply waaay too funny so we couldn’t help but indulge ourselves.

Weezil as Outlaw Biker is simply too much to stomach. The “One Percenter” tag would obviously refer to his I.Q. It certainly can’t be anything else. We mean to say, what sort of Outlaw Club would have him as a member? The Commiecheros? The Lefty Jokers? Stalin’s Slaves? How many ‘One Percenters’ threaten to file off writs to anyone who looks at them sideways?

We’ve never met any outlaws that resort to litigation when a Jehova’s Witness knocks on their door. The usual response from a pissed off biker would be a stream of abuse or a smack in the mouth. What does ol’ Weezy do? Why he takes photographs of all their vehicles including the interiors and showing the rego plate numbers and posts them on the internet. Then he lodges official complaints with the Police, the church and the council!!! Also, how many big, tough bikers do you know who stalk and threaten skinny, pencil necked kids? Even E-Mailing the minor in question on his birthday with his birth details just so the young bloke would know he’d been (FDB term here)…owned.

Nope, Weez is no biker or outlaw or even a common, garden variety anti-hero. He is quite simply an absolutely gutless fucking CREEP! An über nerd with a severe mental condition, possibly a psychosis. A criminally insane freak and welfare parasite who should have his citizenship revoked immediately and be deported straight back to the shit hole he oozed out of.

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Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 10:34 am

“Quite a lot of OMCs are hardcore racist.”

Hmmm! Quite the professor our Weez, eh?

“Very few, on the other hand, want much unnecessary publicity.”

Now that sounds suspiciously like one of Weez’s famously subtle and cryptic threats. Might the Satans Slaves MC, the Bandidos and others who ‘flirt’ with White Nationalists expect some unwanted ‘fame’ courtesy of Mr. Brian Stokes? We wonder if they might appreciate some helpful information regarding their nemesis…

“You don't run a club long if you act like Nic Miller.”

And…like…erm…you’d know Weez?

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Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 6:57 pm

Lew Archer wrote:

Cheers for that reply, weezil. Would you say the same goes for the Hell's Angels and Highway 61?

“I don't know H61 well enough to comment.”

Well that hasn’t slowed you up in the past. Comment away Weez…

“However, the Angels are definitely racists,”

Hey, that’s strange because we’ve personally seen several with quite dark complexions.

“but not usually in an organised, public campaigning sort of way. Angels are usually quiet except for the media attention they want, i.e. from poker runs to benefit children's charities, etc. I've seen Angels road captains kick asses when probies get too noticeably uppity and noisy.”

This author has been in and around the bike scene for about thirty years and has never heard the term “probies” used, ever. Perhaps he means ‘Prospects’ or ‘Noms’? We think he’s spent too many hours reading Hunter. S. Thompson’s ‘Hells Angels’ and treating it like it’s a documentary. If Sonny Barger hadn’t intervened on more than one occasion he would’ve copped even more than just the one righteous stomping he did get. That is what a total fuckstick Weez’s hero was and he’s obviously modeled himself on him…machine gun masturbator.

“It's not 1967 anymore...”

Well, it is for you, isn’t it Stokesy?

“and even the Angels know that if they want to be largely left alone, excessive meeeeeja attention is a bad thing,”

There’s that subtle threat again…

“though many journos will hack on the bikies regardless if there's a deadline looming and no decent wowser tale to print.”

We’re sure the Big Red Machine is gunna love reading through your file Weez especially the bit about you being a ‘journalist’.

“Why the Slaves cancelled this gig could be related to that sort of MO.”

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Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 5:18 am

@ndy wrote:
The club obviously craves publicity (for some reason best left to their chief of security and Nic Miller to explain).

“Hey, far be it from me to tell any OMC how to do their job. I can say that having once upon a time been a 1%er who also was a road captain and later sgt-at-arms, that no one in my club ever got busted for poor infosec (at least not for 'family' matters, as it were).”

We believe “road captain” actually refers to Coach Captain when Stokesy was supervising the annual Zimmer frame relay bus tour of Albuquerque back in the Sixties. We had a chat among the lads at Whitelaw Towers and agreed the only people who we have ever heard use the term "road captain" are the geriatrics of the Ulysses Club. Nice one Weez...

Remember folks, all this egoistic waffle is coming from an utterly delusional Elmer Fudd facsimile who can’t tell a Duke from a Kawasaki or a Belt from a Bevel Drive and who states categorically, with no qualifications, that Ducatis are “shit”. Hmmm, 916 through to 1098 anyone? Someone had better tell Troy Bayliss and Casey Stoner they’re riding shitboxes too! Ha! Ha! Ha!

When it comes to ‘expertise’ on two wheeled machines he’s as much an authority as Darp is an historian…not much. Seriously, what this sad git knows about motorcycles and bike clubs you could write on the back of a postage stamp.

FDB Bad Lands MC

Yes folks you read that correct. Along with the ringmaster Mathew Henderson it would seem that Brian Stokes AKA Weezil likes to think he is a hard man. Yep Elma Fudd on steroids now claims to have once belonged to a 1% Outlaw Motor Cycle Club.

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Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 5:18 am Post subject:

Hey, far be it from me to tell any OMC how to do their job. I can say that having once upon a time been a 1%er who also was a road captain and later sgt-at-arms, that no one in my club ever got busted for poor infosec (at least not for 'family' matters, as it were).

Yep I think he may be serious, (Cue sarcastic laugh). If this proves to be true that would mean that not only do FDB members belong to terrorist groups but they also belong to or have belonged to Outlaw Bike Clubs. This fits in just fine with the claims from the Ring Leader Mathew Henderson Hau of his own personal battle with recreational drugs such as Cocaine. Well the media could make that connection?

Don’t get us wrong, we at White Law think that Outlaw Clubs are just fine but then again we are not the ones who claim the high moral ground or go begging the public for money.

One thing is for sure we would not expect that any clubs in Australia would accept people like old Brian Stokes. After all they tend to ask for members to be men, not burnt out old Vietnam Protesters.

Any way lets see what else the old Weez has to say about the real Outlaw Clubs in Australia and Nzed.

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Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 10:34 am Post subject:

Quite a lot of OMCs are hardcore racist. Very few, on the other hand, want much unnecessary publicity. You don't run a club long if you act like Nic Miller.

Lets not confuse things here folks, Old Brian is an expert you see he once was an Outlaw you know. So that would mean that he himself knows the difference between a 1% Patch club and Motor Cycle enthusiast club. He would also understand the duty of the Sgt at Arms. He is a hard man old wezzil, to be the Sgt at arms is a very demanding job. A decision that is not taken lightly. He would have to organize tools of the trade, raiding parties, security and discipline for the club. Usually this job would go to the most dedicated and trusted member of the club.

I guess this is why he can get away with slagging one of Australia’s most notorious and well-known clubs The Big Red Machine.

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Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 6:57 pm Post subject:

I don't know H61 well enough to comment. However, the Angels are definitely racists, but not usually in an organized, public campaigning sort of way. Angels are usually quiet except for the media attention they want, i.e. from poker runs to benefit children's charities, etc. I've seen Angels road captains kick asses when probies get too noticeably uppity and noisy. It's not 1967 anymore... and even the Angels know that if they want to be largely left alone, excessive meeeeeja attention is a bad thing, though many journos will hack on the bikies regardless if there's a deadline looming and no decent wowser tale to print. Why the Slaves cancelled this gig could be related to that sort of MO.

Lucky for High Way 61 Brian does not know them well enough to comment. Unfortunately the Big Red Machine is under Brian’s weezil eye. “I've seen Angels road captains kick asses when probies get too noticeably uppity and noisy.” Sounds a bit like weezil when his FDB bum chums get out of line, old habits die hard hey Brian?

So folks what do you think the average Outlaw Club in Aussie would say to this? One could only guess. But Brian's correct its not 1967 any more. Outlaw clubs are more aware of the media and they are all soft and cuddly now. Just look at QLD at the moment, outlaw clubs would never do anything to attract media attention. And I bet other MC,s would shudder at the thought that anti Australian groups like FDB may use the media to accuse them of being Racist.

So Brian come on be a hero just like Mathew Henderson Hau in Sydney 2006, tell us the name of the club you so staunchly rode with. This should not be a hard ask? Anyone who was Sgt at Arms of a 1% Patch club would surely be proud to stand up for his old colors. Or are you just like all the other FDB fag bar gang? Come on Brian you’re a hard man, so you say. Or is that you are afraid the Australian Immigration Department may find out that you belonged to an Outlaw Club as well as supporting terrorists?

Yes Brian, staff at White Law are calling you out. Tell us what club you rode with in the US. I’m sure Australian members of Outlaw clubs some of whom may be readers here would be dying to hear.