Saturday, April 28, 2007

Also from the FDB toxic generator plant…

Darp Hau
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Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 12:28 pm
Post subject: Jim Perren's usual ANZAC day shit

Hey, thanks for the free publicity Darpy boy. We just love it when you link to our site. It just means more people get to view the truth about what you and your criminal bum chums are doing to white ant this once great nation.

“Sigh ...

It's the same shit every year...

"Blah blah ...we fought on the wrong side, we should have fought with the Nazis, therefore we racist fucks should be allowed to claim Anzac (sic) Day... blah ...blah ...I was a volunteer in RSL clubs ...blah blah ...never joined the ADF as I was too much of a drug-addled bikie who could never actually cut it in uniform...”

Drug addled? Oh, you mean like snorting lines of Cocaine off the dashboard of some drag queen’s car? Or dropping Ecstasy tabs? Or sniffing amyl nitrate in some fag bar with some septic shitdick arse buddies? That’s what they call the Oxford street ‘rush hour’ don’t they Darp? Ha! Ha! Ha!

“blah ..blah ...BUT my adopted father served in 'Nam therefore that by extension makes me a worthy benefactor of the Anzac tradition cos as we all know, every person who pulled on a slouch hat secretly wished that they we were tag-team buddies with the Nazis ..blah ...blah."

This sort of gutter level personal slagging where someone’s family members are dragged into the show is obviously carefully calculated to elicit some form of irrational and violent response. Don’t be so impatient girls. You’ll get your chance to say these things to our faces. It’s going to be fascinating to see how you all stack up…

political tar baby
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Posted: Thu Apr 26, 2007 3:08 am
Darp Hau wrote:
[...] only skill with a firearm is shooting defenceless animals.

“The shaved head makes those defenceless animals a lot easier to sight in... at least at a useful enough lead distance in case he misses and has to waddle for it.”

Well Weezy, you tragic old faggot, a “waddle” would be an infinitely more effective and elegant means of ambulatory locomotion than your own comical cripple routine. And who’s this mystery man with the “shaved head”?

It is becoming increasingly clear somebody has been looking at some candid ‘happy snaps’ and been making some errors in identification.

“A bit of a tub” is our personal favourite, that's quite funny.

Someone is in for a surprise.