Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Anzac Day

In regard to the apparent inconsistencies, noted by the Leftist swill at FDB, in some emotive statements made by White Nationalists around Anzac Day, particularly the more lurid ones emanating from Internet Forums such as Stormfront, we would like to make our own position clear.

On first viewing, at least to the poorly educated, many of these comments might appear contradictory or even disrespectful to our own war dead but the truth is not that simple. Some of the comments are certainly insensitive and poorly considered in regard to a sacred and solemn day in our calendar, but essentially, when one has a broader understanding of the subject, they are not meant as insults.

This writer has personally met many war veterans, returned servicemen, including members of his own family, who have themselves expressed dismay that they “fought the wrong war” or “killed the wrong people” and similar sentiments. Some even say they feel “cheated” or that it was “all such a terrible waste” and “for what?”

As we have stated before, with surprise and disbelief, we simply cannot imagine who all these ‘Diggers’ and ‘Veterans’ might be that claim they fought for Multiculturalism, Homosexuality, Feminism, Casual Abortion, Same Sex Marriages, Queer Adoption, Open Borders and limitless Welfare for so-called “Refugees” while many of our own still suffer great hardship and even poverty. We have certainly never met any of these, not a single one, ever.

None of these so-called ‘progressive’ abominations designed to destroy the very fabric of our society could have occurred if not for the sacrifices made by our warriors to establish a safe and stable environment for these traitors to commit their treachery. These gutless parasites thrived, and continue to do so, at the expense of the brave.

Where are all these soldiers who fought for the establishment of Islamism in Australia, the decriminalisation of illicit drug use, the softening of laws regarding paedophilia, the lowering of the age of sexual consent, the handing over of national sovereignty to the United Nations, the erosion of parental rights, the signing of endless International covenants that strip away any pretence of maintaining the traditional family unit, the revolving door, slap on the wrist, legal system that virtually ignores the crimes of house breaking, vandalism, graffiti and drug abuse yet severely punishes Patriotism and Racial Pride as heinous crimes?

Where are all these liberal ‘progressive’ Democrat, Greens and Socialist Alliance voting combat hardened military veterans?

Where the fuck are they?

We certainly don’t know any!

It is only common sense that these proud warriors of the World Wars fought to protect their families, their loved ones, their people, their nation and their way of life which was most definitely overwhelmingly White European and Christian in nature.

Though now, with the benefit of historical hindsight, we can see they were duped by traitorous politicians and the puppet masters who pulled their strings, they certainly believed they fought to maintain and perpetuate their culture and to keep things the way they were and NOT to change it. They fought in good faith and were betrayed.

It is the grossest insult to the memories of the fallen to attempt to reinterpret their intent and retrospectively impose Marxist P.C. ideology and the Cult of Multi-Racialism on their brave actions, just as it has become fashionable of late to bestow the Eureka rebellion with Marxist significance. Only the Red Filth could slither that low into the slime.

On the subject of ‘Multiculturalism’ for a moment, it is particularly galling to have our intelligence insulted by claims that ‘Multiculturalism’ began with the Fabian Socialist and criminally incompetent Whitlam regime in the early Seventies when the fact is Australia was ‘Multicultural’ from the very start. It was established and built by the broad and diverse richness of White European cultures including, initially, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh (now that is Multicultural already) then Germans, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch etc etc etc…

The grim truth about the so-called “Multicultural” policy of the Seventies Labor regime is that it was a lie from its very inception, even in its very name. What it was, and is, in effect is Multi-RACIALISM, nothing more or less, with the vicious and genocidal intent to dilute White European Racial integrity and to usurp the predominance and power of the founding peoples.

Whitelaw Towers, unlike the traitorous Red Scum of the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang, perceives no contradiction whatsoever in recognising both the bravery of our noble Anglo-Celtic warriors and the contributions made by the German National Socialists, Italian Fascists and even the Russian Nationalists (particularly in recent years) who all did their very best to rid Western Civilisation of the twin scourges of Communism and International Zionism.

Observing and analysing the history of the past century or so simply highlights the futility and tragedy of our losses in cleverly contrived fratricidal wars designed to cull the best and bravest of our people and advance the insidious agenda of the Chosenites. The immense waste of good White folk sacrificed upon the altar of Jewish Supremacism is an obscenity that ultimately should not, and must not, go unrecognised and unpunished.

If some of our own people are still incapable, politically speaking, of walking and chewing gum at the same time then that is their problem and not ours. If they are so dull, simple-minded and deeply inculcated with Hollywood and Tel Avision propaganda that they cannot comprehend the grains of truth among the chaff of lies then that is sad but should not restrict the enlightened from expressing their views.

We regret that some other White Nationalists have expressed themselves so crudely and insensitively on this subject but one has to wonder if all of these people are even real or if some of them might be Leftist stooges. After all, experience has taught us the Red Scum is tireless and bereft of scruples in their futile efforts to discredit our people.

How dare phoney filth like ‘Bana’ try to hijack Anzac Day to advance their own sick agenda of Miscegenation White Genocide.
There's a special place in the lowest pits of Hell for scum like him/she/it.