Friday, April 27, 2007

Colombine Cover Up.

From October issue 2005 STORM

Dangerous Whiggers.
Little known fact, suppressed by main stream US media, was revealed in interview with Colombine High School chaplain (Mike Matthews pp10-15 Creation Vol 25 No3 June August 2003 “Tragic Truth- Pastor of Colombine and Ground Zero speaks Out”

Kleibold, main shooter during the Colombine massacre, wore at the time of his killing spree a T-shirt with “Natural Selection” on the front. Having planned this as a suicide mission, Kleibold had chosen this as his final message to the world. Yet the US media, for all their blanket coverage of Colombine from the Gun Control angle have deliberately censored out this crucial fact. Imagine if his T-Shirt had said Kill Jews. Instead the media portrayed Kleibold as the stereotypical troubled teen, lone gun nut.

Usual media clich├ęs used when profiling any white as a Rightist, Neo Nazi, semi retard. But Kleibold was none of these. He was an ULTRA LEFTIST. Another fact ignored by the media was Kleibold ran his own Web Site. Why ignore this salient information? The public would easily discern his true LEFTIST motives cutting through the simplistic media portrayal.

Kleibold ran an ANTI RACISM web site. He was a WHIGGER a white who wishes to be black. Whiggers are a phenomena produced by late 20th century miss education. These are people who’ve cracked under the constant barrage of anti white smears and lies pouring forth from all media, films, TV and books. They’ve turned racial hatred inwards, hating themselves and eventually all other whites. Whiggerism is a form of induced insanity. Kleibold suffered from this delusional psychosis. Kleibold was not a loner. In fact he lead a gang at Colombine High, the so-called Trench Coat Mafia. Several of these video taped with him undertaking weapons training. One accompanied him on his final mission against the white world. Why’d the media ignore this gang link?

Another deliberate omission from the media was a failure to exam his 21 victims. Along with his T-Shirt and web site an analysis of his victims should reveal his intent, motive and purpose. This has never been done in the post Colombine media Blitz. Why? Because nearly all of his victims were WHITE. Much has been said in the Christian press of Kleibolds two victims who were beautiful, blonde white Christian girls- Cheerleaders. These have been dubbed “martyrs” form their faith. More than this they were martyrs for their RACE. Kleinbold HATED PERFECT WHITES, so he murdered white members of the football team and their cheerleader squad girl friends. He wanted to ethnically cleanse the school of ARYANS. This is why most of the dead at Colombine were found in the library. Would he go there if he wanted to blacks and Hispanics?

Of course not. But location, the fourth key to understanding the cruelly rational thinking of this WHIGGER assassin, was ignored by the system appointed censors in the media. Colombine is yet another example of hiding in plain sight how an incident may take place in public and produce a torrent of media coverage yet be so distorted by reporters as to be robbed of all meaning.