Saturday, April 28, 2007

The curious case of ‘Trooper’ Bana…

Okay ‘Bana’ let’s assume just for one moment, for the sake of this argument, that you did indeed serve in the Australian Army. How do you reconcile that commitment to defence of this nation and your current membership of an Anarchist group committed to open borders and the surrendering of national sovereignty to the criminal cabal of the United Nations? Did you, or do you still, perhaps hanker after a Blue beret yourself?

You see, where we have difficulty is on this point of precisely who you intend to represent and whose interests you serve. As a member of the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang you are lending support to sworn enemies of Australia, its people and its present culture. You are supporting unfettered illegal immigration (read: Invasion) of Australia.

No Australian soldier could ever seriously claim his job is/was to “defend Democracy”, “protect the innocent”, “help the refugees” or any such Hollywood superhero claptrap. Australian military personnel are employees of the Australian Government who in turn are merely elected managers there to administer the will of the people, the Taxpaying CITIZENS of Australia, and we see no evidence of the people wanting soldiers who are politicised and thinking outside the circle when it comes to executing the policies of the elected Government.

Do we have to spell it out really, really s.l.o.w.l.y. for you Bana?

Darp is a Homosexual. You are, if you are not one yourself, associating with known faggots. Darp himself was, and probably still is, a frequent visitor to Oxford Street and an enthusiastic advocate of the Queer lifestyle. He has even worked in their fag bars as a ‘host’, stripped to the waist and oiled up like some Homo ‘toy boy’.

Now, the Australian Army, like virtually all military entities in the world, recognise the sad inevitability of Homosexuals infiltrating the ranks, the Army reflecting as it does the generally sick state of modern society. But they also recognise the corrosive effect on morale and reliability, particularly in combat units, which this presents and attempt to minimise the harm by ‘encouraging’ them to leave. In today’s P.C. nightmare where the military would be castigated and even prosecuted for being ‘prejudiced’ this task usually falls, unofficially of course, to the common soldiers who have to do their own policing and ‘convince’ the faggot he is unwanted.

Darp is a self-confessed vandal. For example he goes into excruciatingly fine detail on how to vandalise hotel rooms as well as how to exact revenge upon his enemies with a skill and “area of expertise” he describes as “Suburban Terrorism”.

Darp is a child abuser. Now Bana, as a clear Internationalist United Nations supporter, you would obviously support the various covenants guaranteeing the “rights of the child” and protecting them from physical as well as emotional and sexual abuse. Why then do you also support a group that has as its head and co-founder a sick creature who has bashed children at the beach and described it as “a new sport”?

Darp is a drug abuser. He has confessed to using hard drugs such as Cocaine and Ecstasy as well as so-called ‘soft’ drugs like Marijuana. What is the military’s view on this Bana?

As a soldier, again assuming you were one, you would have been sworn to protect and serve the existing people and culture of Australia and not be working to prepare and pave the way for radical social change and the invasion of Third World genetic trash including Islamist extremists. You were a ‘soldier’ Bana, not a political officer or commissar, and certainly not a fucking amateur social worker!

For fuck’s sake! You joined the noble profession of arms, not the Salvation Army. Your job was to stop and kill the enemies of Australia Bana, not to wring your pink little hands, ‘counsel’ them and give them a boost up over our imaginary border fence. What happened when your drill sergeant asked to see your “war face” Bana? Did you do your best impersonation of Mother Theresa?

The Australian Taxpaying Citizen demands, and indeed deserves, nothing less than the most ruthlessly efficient killing machines our hard earned money, training and technology can provide to protect this fine nation. We are not paying for social workers, counselors, philosophers, and amateur psychologists. If we want international policemen and latrine diggers we will employ and train policemen and plumbers IF we feel like wasting our hard earned money on charity for Third World wasters. We want soldiers who will do whatever the fuck they are told to do and, if during the course of doing whatever the fuck they’re told to do, they are injured or killed then they and their families should be suitably rewarded and honoured for their great efforts and sacrifices.
Nothing more, nothing less.

If you were not aware of and perfectly happy with this arrangement then we can only assume the reason you still went ahead and signed up was to sow dissent among the ranks as a fifth columnist and undermine the effectiveness of our military. In other words you were a spy and a mole and we all know what the only suitable punishment is for those crimes, don’t we ‘Bana’?

Tell us ‘Bana’, when you get together with your old comrades do you mention these inconvenient facts? Do you tell your old buddies (if there was anyone in your unit that actually liked you) that you associate with and support the criminal actions of vicious Anarchist thugs? The Military is about maintaining order, not destroying it!

Do you tell them about the antics of the founders of the group you are now with? Do you tell them you surround yourself with queers, drug abusers, petty criminals and COMMOS?

We really do wonder how these revelations would be received at an Anzac Day memorial after march drink.

“Oh yeah fellas, did I mention I’m now really good pals with an American ex Vietnam War protester and committed (and he should be) Communist who is leeching off the Australian Taxpayer? A creature who says brilliant things like “What exactly is wrong with Communism?” Do you tell them about his bum chum and Co-Founder who is a Cocaine snorting Gay Bar loiterer, self-proclaimed “terrorist” and genital shaver who exposes said genitals to be photographed at social functions? Do you tell them there are Anarchists and Communists, the very same people who desecrate War Memorials and sneer at veterans, who are “core” members of this group?

Do you tell them about how much you admire the Communist ideology and their achievements in killing the best and brightest of White Europeans Bana? Have you ever told a Vietnam vet, even an actual Vietnamese Vietnam Vet, how much you admire the Communists? You claim you do not support Communism yet your actions prove you are a fucking LIAR!

Oh, and since you are so ‘Patriotic’ WTF are you doing living in Canada?

Bana, you are a fucking joke and a disgrace. We don’t know how you can look at yourself in the mirror without cringing. Perhaps you do.

Stay where you are.

Don’t come back.