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FDB and Anzac Day

Lets rip into it once again.


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Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 6:14 pm Post subject: Stormfront cracks wood and their creduilty over ANZAC Day

Once again ANZAC Day is coming around and once again the neo nazis over at Stormfront are jumping up and down like Ferrets doing a "weasel war dance" encouraging each other to support the diggers and stand behind "Aussie" values and alleging immigrants are trying to hijack ANZAC Day.

“Once again ANZAC Day is coming around”

That is correct Bana, but no thanks to people like you or the other members of the Anti-Australian group Fight Dem Back. Yes Bana you silly little boy do you really believe that Anzac Day would still exist if it wasn’t for Patriots and service personnel who kept the tradition going through the dark old days of the 70’s and 80’s.

Considering the drastic drop in numbers at Anzac Day services after the Vietnam War it was in fact people like those you attack on Storm Front who carried the torch for our Veterans while you and most of the FDB members sat around watching the Muppets.

Yes Bana it was patriots who volunteered their time for Veteran Groups and helped the old Diggers from WW1 commemorate this very patriotic day. When a Dawn Service crowd was only 20 people and 16 of them were Veterans where were the Patriots of FDB? When the Master of Ceremonies would speak of the Anzac Day message being lost because Left Wing Anti-Australian groups like FDB had poisoned the water for future generations with their anti war - anti Australian message.

And what was the Anzac Day message of the time? Well Bana it would seem our vets wanted to be recognised for their sacrifices. It was, and still is, encouraged by Anzac Day Committees around Australia. A message that has not fallen on deaf ears of the White Patriots around Australia. In fact Bana I would guarantee more people on our side of the fence have been on more Anzac Day Committees than you would ever know.

Meanwhile members of FDB claim that any patriot is now considered a Nazi, what does that make you Bana? Is it not the case that you and the Disfunctional Marxists at FDB support Terrorism, Communism and the destruction of the White Christian identity our Diggers fought for? My God Bana are you even White? Sure as Hell does not sound like it.

Bana wrote

“encouraging each other to support the diggers and stand behind "Aussie" values.”

It would look as if the message was received, no thanks to people like you Bana.

Bana again,

“Once again, these faceless gutless misanthropes and troglodytes have pissed me off. “

I love this one, “faceless gutless.” This is from someone who is known only as Bana? In fact it is the members of FDB who truly personify Faceless and Gutless. Bana being one of them should know. Come on Bana tell us who you served with, what rank, what is your real name? And throw a pic in for us along the way. I’m sure the Army Intel would love to know. Mate, what have you to lose? Prove how the ADF supports you and the crazy concepts of FDB.

The problem with people like Bana is that they wish us to believe they represent the majority of Australians, in Bana’s case he wishes us to think that he represents the majority of Australian Soldiers. The best way to support his claims would be to come clean and tell us who he really is. But he is just like many of the Left Wing cowards at FDB. A disgrace to our nation. Stay in Canada.

Seeing as he will not prove to us who he really is we can only surmise what he is. Of course he may be impersonating an Australian Soldier? We all know that FDB members are liars. But then again he may have been a soldier. But I truly do not think digging latrines in Third World countries makes you an Anzac Bana? Now Whitelaw staff does not wish to be ungrateful to current and past serving members of the ADF, Hell we know an awful lot of them. But we truly believe that people like Bana are full of it, just like the pits they may have dug.

One thing that stands out is the fact that Bana's experience with Australian Veterans is very limited.

Bana said

“Have you ever seen an ANZAC Day march? I had the privilege of serving with a great many non Anglo-Saxon soldiers during my time in the ADF. This included Asians and Egyptians. I also served with a Vietnam veteran who was Hungarian and whose father fought for Hungary in WWII (ie the AXIS). Added to that there are always contingents of Turks, Chinese, Italians and Vietnamese that march every year.”

A Vietnam Vet, eh? Not too many Vietnam Veterans serving overseas nowadays or currently serving in the ADF. Many had retired from the ADF in the mid 80’s. This man would have to be an officer and his Hungarian name would be a dead give away. I wonder if the staff at Whitelaw Towers knows any Vietnam Vets? Thanks for that Bana, it shouldn’t be too hard to track you down with that little tip. Intelligence just wasn’t your calling, was it?

While we are at it Bana, what does old Outlaw Biker, Sgt at Arms Brian Stokes, founder of FDB think about Vietnam Vets? Is he still working out how he can demonstrate against the Vietnam War? Will you stand with him and throw human excrement at the marching Vets on Anzac Day? Or will you spray paint anti war slogans on Memorials that remember the diggers who fought against Communism in Vietnam, Korea, Borneo and Malaysia?

Come on Bana, you cant have your cake and eat it too.


“Added to that there are always contingents of Turks, Chinese, Italians and Vietnamese that march every year.”

Are they? Well I bet not an awful lot. I recall a Long Tan March in Brisbane that nearly turned into a street battle because Vietnamese were allowed to march. Sorry Bana it wasn’t those evil Patriots at Storm Front but the Veterans themselves who got very upset. And still do. I will never forget the silence of the crowd in Brisbane when a group of Vietnamese marched down King George Square that day.

Bana and members of FDB prove once again that they do not care about veterans and show total disrespect for them. They insist on including Turks, Vietnamese and Chinese on Anzac Day Parades. It’s all about pushing your agenda Bana, it has nothing to do with the true meaning of Anzac. Oh the pride you must feel to see the enemy marching within the ranks of our heroes. How would the brave heroes of Kapyong feel when they turn up to march and find they are standing with Chinese? I’m sure you would be proud Bana.
You make us sick.

Maybe Bana would be better served if he joined the IDF instead of the ADF. Mate you could march with the Arabs, Hell I bet Vet groups in the IDF pride themselves on marching with the enemy?

Bana again,

“Why do you think I made the pilgrimage to ANZAC Cove? Because the Turks don't allow extremists in any shape color or form. And no extremists equals no neo nazis”

Yes we know Old Johnny Turk was a good old boy? They would never allow Nazis at a Dawn Service at Anzac Cove? Instead they allowed German officers to control artillery that dropped on the Anzacs in 1915? Lets not forget the Turks who currently are the masterminds behind the largest sex slavery operation in the world, they truly are people of high moral standards? No extremists? I guess not many Jihadists are present then? Someone tell the Australian Government to drop travel warnings in Turkey, Bana has got it covered he assures us no Suicide Bombers are in Turkey on April 25th.

Bana at Anzac Cove? What a load of BS. If so I would hope you stayed clear of the final resting spot of many a White Nationalists Ancestor’s you traitor.

And again you just can’t beat Bana on history?

Bana said

“Diggers did not fight to keep Australia white, nor British. And they did not fight for a neo-nazi cause.”

Lets see, they did not fight to keep Australia White. You are joking I hope? Again you show to all that you have no idea what the majority of vets think. FDB will now run around looking for evidence to prove this BS from Bana. Any one who has read anything on Australia’s Military past especially anything written before the PC mob got involved know that we fought to keep this country free from Asian invasion. We also fought for Britain and the Commonwealth because of our strong ties to our Mother Country. After all Australia was a British White Settlement you duds.

Gee, how many Aussie Anzacs went into battle praying to Mohammed you dill? Was the battle cry at the Western Front Allah Achba? Yep how many diggers fought in North Africa so the Blacks and Arabs could come here and destroy our White Christian country. Not to many I guess? Most Aussies treated the gippos (Arabs) with distain.

Banna wrote

“Thanks for ruining my day. While I'm polishing my beret badge, during the dawn service, and while playing two up with my fellow soldiers, all I'll be thinking about is who among us is a racist prick. I'll know one thing for sure, it won't be anyone wearing medals on the left side of their chest.”

I am glad your day has been ruined Bana, it's not like you deserve to be there. I shall have a little smile on my face thinking about that in the morning when I get up about 3.00am and pin my Grand fathers medals on the right hand side of my child’s chest.

The spirit of Anzac is alive and well despite fakes like Bana. My children will remember the sacrifices our family has made for our country and our people. They will remember that their family has served at Gallipolli, France, Tobruk, New Guinea, Malaysia, Vietnam and Iraq. Their family has earned the right for them to march proudly.
You Bana are nothing.

Bana dribble again

I'll know one thing for sure, it won't be anyone wearing medals on the left side of their chest.”

You sure about that one? You know ignoring it will not make it go away.

Bana and his little crew of Left Wing misfits will stop at nothing to push their Anti Australian message. Not even a day such as Anzac Day is safe from these cowards. So Bana, put up or shut up.

I hear they need bomb disposal experts in Lebanon Bana, why not go and clean up the mess the IDF left behind? Take the other FDB traitors with you. Maybe you can spread your message of Multiculturalism in Israel and Lebanon? I’m sure they will understand. They may even reward you with a medal.

Anyway Bana its good to see that the FDB’s 44.95 a month has finally paid off and you guys purchased your Marxist time and space portal. Sure as Hell makes traveling easier from Canada to Australia for Anzac Day.