Monday, April 30, 2007

Just another “gentle reminder” of our own to ‘Bana’ boy…

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:Darp Hau
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Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 12:58 am
Post subject: Just who is 'IN' FDB?

“Just a gentle reminder dear readers that being 'IN' FDB comes as a result of the senior and founding members voting you in. If anyone is out there running their own antifa activities, good on them. The only people who can do stuff in the name of FDB are myself, Anarchia, Balaclava, Weez, Bana, Cam, Don, Blair Peach, Raz, Aketus, Rooster, Harry, @ndy." AKA Andy Fleming, Slackbastard.

This was posted on the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum last year. Readers should take careful note that at no time since has ‘Bana’ contradicted the claim he is one of the ‘inner circle’, the council of elders or whatever of FDB. He is one of the thirteen (don’t you just love the Biblical connotations there folks?) who can “do stuff in the name of FDB”.

Of the thirteen nominated as the leadership of FDB there are no less than five (Anarchia, Raz, Aketus, Cam Smith and Andy Fleming openly declared Anarchists. Darp and some of the others are quite obviously, by their actions, Anarchists also, but it is these five who quite openly and proudly spruik the hateful and destructive Anarchist ideology and obviously believe in it very deeply.

As we indicated previously we find this extremely strange company (bombers and terrorists) for ‘Bana’ to be keeping when one considers his (claimed) military service. Ex Australian Army servicemen really shouldn’t be running Anarchist organisations, members of whom are involved in sociopathic behaviour such as war memorial desecrations. Yes girls, we know about the Patea attack, and several others too, committed by associates of FDB in New Zealand, more on this later as certain details are verified.

We wonder what his old Army buddies and unit commanders, as well as the RSL, are going to make of this when they are all provided with the full FDB dossier including profiles on the leadership and copies of all his online posts. Hmmm…we can imagine some interesting and awkward questions will be raised at the next Regimental dinner…

Darp posted the above panicked response to Whitelaw Towers staff having ‘stung’ a couple of his younger, wilder and more openly extreme Anarchist agents in Queensland, namely ‘Rollo’ and ‘kaaos_af’ who were also members of the almost hysterically extreme ‘Revolutionary Left’ and believe us folks, they actually make FDB seem moderate by comparison.

Our exposure of slack security through our infiltration into the FDB/RevLeft crossover group of Rollo/kaaos/Raz not only prompted Darp’s ring piece to slam open and shut in fright like a barn door in a hurricane but also closed down RevLeft for a couple of weeks when Matthew Brehe aka ‘Chimx’ pulled the site temporarily for ‘housecleaning’. ‘kaaos_af’ has since fled to Melbourne and, along with Cam Smith and other extremist Red filth, is forming an Australian cell of ‘RAAN’ (Red & Anarchist Action Network) a notorious International Terrorist group.

Ironic, isn’t it, that the very creature who conspired last year with Greg Roberts of the Australian Newspaper to have a White Nationalist charged with “bomb making” and “terrorist” offences is himself a fucking ANARCHIST!

The very strong links to ‘Raz’ were exposed, as were his invitations to Rollo and kaaos_af to join the inner circle at FDB and it is a pity we didn’t have a little more time to clean up the entire rat’s nest. Oh well, perhaps next time.

This was certainly not the first time, and possibly not the last, FDB have been forced into hasty damage control and displayed their pathetic gutlessness by cutting loose and disowning previously ‘useful’ elements who have violated FDB security protocol. One day they’re fawning all over them backslapping and encouraging them, as full ‘FDB crew’ members, to ever more extreme acts against decent White Nationalists, the next it’s a case of “Rollo who?” or “We knew all along kaaos_af was a bad egg” etc, etc…

These delusional fucktards actually believe their own lies.