Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pass the begging bowl…

These dead shits have no shame. Lying is simply second nature to them. We won’t even bother pointing out the lies and hypocrisy in the following piece of verbal defecation from Darp & Co. Any with even the most casual understanding of the FDB circus and its modus operandi will fall about laughing at the delusional image they project of themselves as solid citizens and saviours of society.

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangster’s Forum:

“FDB were formed as part of a community response to racist activity in our own backyards, but now spans Australia and New Zealand. FightDemBack! have been serving the people of NZ and Australia since 2004.

Through our contacts with the organised powers behind that now legendary sticker assault on Eastwood, FDB became a research and information bureau, compiling information on racist attacks on minorities and sharing that information as needed with law enforcement, community organisations and media.

Through this information management, FDB have been instrumental in closing down numerous racist websites. FDB have seriously interfered with racist online organisation and membership building efforts. Through close cooperation with Aus & NZ immigration authorities, FDB have even stopped overseas-based nazi and KKK speakers and organisers from entering Australia and New Zealand.

The mere presence of resistance from FDB threatens fascists, racists and nazis so much that they've tried everything they can think of to shut us down, including massive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. These attacks, emanating from thousands of unprotected or misconfigured 'zombie' computers controlled by the attackers, dumped up to 3Gb/second of data on the FDB server, which took down not just FDB but all the other sites hosted by our provider as well. This caused our last hosting provider to unlawfully breach the service contract with FDB and close our account without warning. When you have $8/mo hosting- you get what you pay for.

After these DDoS attacks, we moved FDB to bomb-proof webhosting on Rackforce, who advertise that their system is impervious to DDoS attacks. Since moving FDB to Rackforce, we've been hit with DDoS attacks several more times- but we at FDB would never have known about them if Rackforce Support hadn't clued us in. Rackforce are able to divert attack traffic and move the IP of our server with just a few mouseclicks, keeping us 'on the air' seamlessly since we signed on.

However, this bomb-proof hosting comes at a cost- specifically, $USD44.95/month. Every nazi and his mother would like to have you believe that FDB is supported by liberal infusions of cash from "ZOG," as the nazis refer to Jewish interests. If that were true, you'd not be reading this. FDB actually have been supported to date by contributions from within the group and passersby.

We really could use your help in keeping the FDB beacon burning on the impervious Fortress Rackforce. Please click the PayPal button on our front page.

Even as little as $AUD6.00 ($NZD6.78 ) per month donated by our dedicated regular readers and contributors would be enough to keep us going.

Won't you click?”

Alms, alms, alms for the poor, morally crippled and emotionally retarded…

Well, we at Whitelaw Towers don’t believe for one moment that the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters are strapped for cash, that the jam tin’s run dry of shekels, that J.J.’s cheques are bouncing or any other bullshit hard luck stories.

This is simply another pathetically blatant contrivance by the self confessed petty criminal, sexual pervert, illicit drug abuser and master of mamzer chutzpah Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp of Eastwood NSW. After all, he has bragged several times in the past that he is an expert in the strategies and tactics of conflict, even quoting Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’ which states that “all war is deception” and claiming expertise in “suburban warfare”.

Well we know he’s certainly deceptive and that he is a terrorist but he is also an obsessive, self promoting pathological liar who has defamed, stalked, harassed, vilified, slandered and libeled many good and decent law abiding citizens for no other reason than they are White and Patriotic Australians who reject the criminal Anti-White Racist regime of MultiCULTuralism.

We know the game you’re playing Darpy. To put it into old Sunny Boy’s phraseology; When your pockets are bulging with Zog Dollars put it about that you’re shuffling on the shin bones of your arse.

Well, sorry girls, but we simply ain’t buying it.

Good luck in your new careers as beggars.