Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Stokesy the Magnificent!

Brian Weezil Stokes’ resumé becomes more extensive and impressive (if you’re easily fooled that is) by the day.

Is there no limit to his talents and achievements? We already knew he was an ex- ‘journalist’, ex-Vietnam protester, ex-American, Greens Party apparatchik, amateur photographer, amateur sleuth, serial litigant, bush lawyer, Blogger and career social welfare recipient but two more revelations in the space of a week have left us stunned and in awe of the sheer spectrum of his experience.

First there was the claim about his having once been a “One Percenter” Outlaw Biker, a Sgt at Arms no less, but then this…

“You know, I've written a couple of bad books in my time, but rarely do I get shortlisted (sic) for literary awards (except in one or two tiny little universities' literary magazines).”

So now he is an author of several books too!

What a guy!

Perhaps that’s how it is when one doesn’t have a real job and is leeching off the Taxpayer. One has lots of time on one’s hands to pursue multiple ‘career’ paths and become a ‘high achiever’….