Saturday, April 28, 2007

This just in...

If the latest industrial strength toxic swill leaking from FDB doesn't convince all doubters that Mathew Henderson is totally out of ammo and that his ex-pat Canadian dwelling bum chum 'Bana' is a retarded pathological liar then we don't know what will. Read it for yourself if you can stomach it.
Darp's got nothing!
From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gagsters' Forum:
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Darp Hau wrote:
Oh no BANA, you're PWNED!

Check out the calibre of these comebacks.

Perren's comeback:


“And I tried hard not to use too many polysyllabic words.”
Note to the uninitiated: "polysyllabic" is one of those words, like "xenophobia" that Leftist Scum slip in at every opportunity to show how clever they are...apparently...hmmm...

Questions that still go unanswered girls; How did The Sphinx teleport to the Gallipoli Peninsula, who did ol’ Weezy ride with and, oh yes, what the fuck is pwnded?