Saturday, April 28, 2007

Weezil the Phoney Ctd

According to time honoured biker tradition and Motorcycle Club protocol not even all so-called ‘Outlaw’ clubs automatically have the right to wear the 1% ‘One Percenter’ diamond patch. This is the sign and symbol of the Outlaw elite. All Outlaw Clubs who want to wear this patch must be willing to either back it up independently, a very tough ask, or acquire affiliation and supporter club status with one of the Big Four.

In other words become a supporter club or affiliate club. This system is very similar to the old Clan system where many different families would associate with and support a particularly strong and powerful family. The Hells Angels for example refer to their vast support network as “The Big Red Machine”.

The Big Four are the four largest ‘One Percenter’ Outlaw Bike Clubs in the World and hence the most feared and dangerous clubs. They are the Hells Angels (Est 1948) the Bandidos (Est 1966) the Outlaws (Est 1935) and the Pagans (Est 1959). All the rest, however hard core and tough they might be, and indeed they are, are essentially second tier clubs.

Currently the Bandidos are the fastest growing Outlaw Bike Club in America. They are also on a big recruitment drive in Australia as are their rival club, the biggest club in Australia, the Rebels.

If any bike club even wants to wear the ‘M.C.’ on their back patch colours they are going to have to negotiate an agreement with the local clubs and prove their worthiness. To wear the 1% ‘One Percenter’ diamond, indicating they are the elite of the elite, they will need to have approval and/or affiliation with one of the Big Four. If they do not they run the very serious risk of being stomped, having their patches grabbed, being shut down and either being absorbed into the big club they have pissed off or exiled from the scene.

These events have resulted in the past in the seizure of property including bikes and actual deaths. These blokes simply don’t fuck around. It is all about protocol and etiquette. Maintaining integrity and respect for their club and colours is everything to them. They have zero tolerance for poseurs and pretenders. Taking all this into account, we very seriously doubt there is a word of truth in Weezil’s claims that he was once a 1% ‘One Percenter’.

Dream on you idiot!