Monday, April 23, 2007

Weezy the bad arse Outlaw

Okay, so we had kinda promised ourselves we’d try and avoid poking shit at FDB just for the sake of it and leave our comments to things more worthy but this is simply waaay too funny so we couldn’t help but indulge ourselves.

Weezil as Outlaw Biker is simply too much to stomach. The “One Percenter” tag would obviously refer to his I.Q. It certainly can’t be anything else. We mean to say, what sort of Outlaw Club would have him as a member? The Commiecheros? The Lefty Jokers? Stalin’s Slaves? How many ‘One Percenters’ threaten to file off writs to anyone who looks at them sideways?

We’ve never met any outlaws that resort to litigation when a Jehova’s Witness knocks on their door. The usual response from a pissed off biker would be a stream of abuse or a smack in the mouth. What does ol’ Weezy do? Why he takes photographs of all their vehicles including the interiors and showing the rego plate numbers and posts them on the internet. Then he lodges official complaints with the Police, the church and the council!!! Also, how many big, tough bikers do you know who stalk and threaten skinny, pencil necked kids? Even E-Mailing the minor in question on his birthday with his birth details just so the young bloke would know he’d been (FDB term here)…owned.

Nope, Weez is no biker or outlaw or even a common, garden variety anti-hero. He is quite simply an absolutely gutless fucking CREEP! An über nerd with a severe mental condition, possibly a psychosis. A criminally insane freak and welfare parasite who should have his citizenship revoked immediately and be deported straight back to the shit hole he oozed out of.

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Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 10:34 am

“Quite a lot of OMCs are hardcore racist.”

Hmmm! Quite the professor our Weez, eh?

“Very few, on the other hand, want much unnecessary publicity.”

Now that sounds suspiciously like one of Weez’s famously subtle and cryptic threats. Might the Satans Slaves MC, the Bandidos and others who ‘flirt’ with White Nationalists expect some unwanted ‘fame’ courtesy of Mr. Brian Stokes? We wonder if they might appreciate some helpful information regarding their nemesis…

“You don't run a club long if you act like Nic Miller.”

And…like…erm…you’d know Weez?

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Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 6:57 pm

Lew Archer wrote:

Cheers for that reply, weezil. Would you say the same goes for the Hell's Angels and Highway 61?

“I don't know H61 well enough to comment.”

Well that hasn’t slowed you up in the past. Comment away Weez…

“However, the Angels are definitely racists,”

Hey, that’s strange because we’ve personally seen several with quite dark complexions.

“but not usually in an organised, public campaigning sort of way. Angels are usually quiet except for the media attention they want, i.e. from poker runs to benefit children's charities, etc. I've seen Angels road captains kick asses when probies get too noticeably uppity and noisy.”

This author has been in and around the bike scene for about thirty years and has never heard the term “probies” used, ever. Perhaps he means ‘Prospects’ or ‘Noms’? We think he’s spent too many hours reading Hunter. S. Thompson’s ‘Hells Angels’ and treating it like it’s a documentary. If Sonny Barger hadn’t intervened on more than one occasion he would’ve copped even more than just the one righteous stomping he did get. That is what a total fuckstick Weez’s hero was and he’s obviously modeled himself on him…machine gun masturbator.

“It's not 1967 anymore...”

Well, it is for you, isn’t it Stokesy?

“and even the Angels know that if they want to be largely left alone, excessive meeeeeja attention is a bad thing,”

There’s that subtle threat again…

“though many journos will hack on the bikies regardless if there's a deadline looming and no decent wowser tale to print.”

We’re sure the Big Red Machine is gunna love reading through your file Weez especially the bit about you being a ‘journalist’.

“Why the Slaves cancelled this gig could be related to that sort of MO.”

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Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 5:18 am

@ndy wrote:
The club obviously craves publicity (for some reason best left to their chief of security and Nic Miller to explain).

“Hey, far be it from me to tell any OMC how to do their job. I can say that having once upon a time been a 1%er who also was a road captain and later sgt-at-arms, that no one in my club ever got busted for poor infosec (at least not for 'family' matters, as it were).”

We believe “road captain” actually refers to Coach Captain when Stokesy was supervising the annual Zimmer frame relay bus tour of Albuquerque back in the Sixties. We had a chat among the lads at Whitelaw Towers and agreed the only people who we have ever heard use the term "road captain" are the geriatrics of the Ulysses Club. Nice one Weez...

Remember folks, all this egoistic waffle is coming from an utterly delusional Elmer Fudd facsimile who can’t tell a Duke from a Kawasaki or a Belt from a Bevel Drive and who states categorically, with no qualifications, that Ducatis are “shit”. Hmmm, 916 through to 1098 anyone? Someone had better tell Troy Bayliss and Casey Stoner they’re riding shitboxes too! Ha! Ha! Ha!

When it comes to ‘expertise’ on two wheeled machines he’s as much an authority as Darp is an historian…not much. Seriously, what this sad git knows about motorcycles and bike clubs you could write on the back of a postage stamp.