Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oh, the melodrama!

From Anarchia:

April 9th, 2007

I wrote the following last night after watching a movie - apologies if it isn’t totally coherent, neither was my brain at that stage…”

Of course, the question is just how much of Asher Goldman’s activities are conducted in this depressed and incoherent mental fugue state. How many vicious Anarchist actions are perpetrated on decent White folk by this bitter and twisted little shit while he is “confused”? How many White Nationalists have been subjected to slander and harassment by Goldman and his Red Brigade in a futile attempt to placate his inner demons? How much of his ‘political’ activity is merely self ‘therapy’ through catharsis?

“I’ve just finished watching Everything Is Illuminated, and it brought up a lot of feelings and thoughts in my head, far more so than any other Holocaust related movie I’ve watched. I think that’s because rather than focusing on the horrors of the Holocaust, it focuses on something which I experience far more – the knowledge of a lost past, of a lost heritage.”

Besides the oxymoronic reference to his ‘knowledge’ of something he doesn’t know, yep, YOU try to work it out, this is just typical of a rootless Jew whining about disconnectedness, disenfranchisement, dispossession etc. Blah, blah, blah. Jews typically project this psychobabble claptrap onto ‘useful’ groups like various ‘indigenous’ peoples so as to exploit them in their war against White people. These creatures chose to be parasites. They have no right to complain that they are universally despised and forever damned to wander the Earth like wretched gypsies. They have no home so they dedicate their toxic existence to destroying the homes and nations of others. We feel no pity for them. None.

“Only one of my grandparents were born in Aotearoa (sic) – the other three all migrated here. Two came in the 1920’s, while one escaped from Poland just before the Nazi invasion. Of the heritage of those three (all long passed away) I only have a vague knowledge of the last, my Mother’s father. He was one of only a few of his family to survive, the rest dying in the Holocaust.”

Ah, the so-called Holocaust. The greatest lie ever told. Funny how this fantasy is blamed by the Jews for everything negative in their lives. It’s a convenient non-event, promoted relentlessly by Hollywood, that’s leeched White Humanity and provided the witch doctors of Jewish Psychiatry with an endless resource.

“I have no idea how, where or when – all I know is they did not survive.”

Well then how the fuck does he know the Germans had anything whatsoever to do with their presumed deaths?

“It’s a strange thing – If I knew my family’s heritage, I probably would barely give it a second thought.”

The fucking LIAR! We would never hear the friggin’ END of it. The Kikes have dined out on the Holohoax for over half a century. Why would Goldman not milk it for everything he could if he could ‘prove’ some of his family died in the mythical gas chambers?

“But because I don’t, that lack of knowledge is something that surrounds everything I do.
In the not too distant future I’ll be going to Poland,”

Good, fuckin’ stay there!

“to a town called Bialystok, where he grew up. I’ll be going to the concentration camps, where countless lives (perhaps some of my family’s) were taken in the most cruel and calculated circumstances.”

Says who? Oh yes, that’s right, it was on television so it must be true.

“I’m going there, not in the hope that I’ll find anything I don’t already know (that could only be a fools game), but just to see, to feel, to experience, even if for a moment, what has been taken from me and so many other Jews (and Roma, queers and others).”

Yes, those poor thieving Gyppos and filthy, shitdick Sodomites…No mention of the tens of millions of GOOD people who were murdered by the Kike Kommissars. No. Let’s all just have a weep over the dregs, the trash and the scum of the Earth…

“That lack of a past engulfs me, imprisons me.”

Yep, and that’s precisely where a vicious Red Terrorist like you SHOULD be, in fucking prison. And as far as groping for pity for your “lack of a past” we say FUCK YOU! While you and your type scheme relentlessly to destroy our Race and Culture and ensure our children have no FUTURE we could not give a flying fuck about your PAST, real or imagined.

“When I feel so disconnected from what family I have left alive,”

So there you go folks. Even his living family members can’t stand the nasty little prick. No wonder all this ‘inner turmoil’ manifests itself in violent, antisocial, Anarchic behaviour.

“it is the family long dead that I wish I could reach out to. I wish I could have met them, have asked them all the questions I want answers to.”

What questions? Like why am I such an ugly, snotty nosed, miserable arsehole?

“One of my foreign born grandparents died long before I was born, the other two when I was just 2 years old. And so I never really knew any of them. I was never able to talk to them about their hometowns, about what life was like, about their decisions to come to the other side of the world, and, perhaps most importantly, about what they left behind.”

Oh yeah! There’s surely got to be some buried treasure somewhere, eh? Or some unclaimed cash sitting in a Swiss bank account? Gold, there’s got to be Gold…

“Instead, I sit here, typing on a computer, trying to put into words that which cannot be described.”

Oh the Humanity!!! Oh, give it a rest pal. It’s starting to sound like some corny voice-over dialogue in a B-Grade Hollywood movie ferFUCK’Ssake!

“Trying to imagine what they might have been like. Trying to imagine what I would have done in their place.”

Well…erm…presumably DIED just like they did we expect…

“Trying to imagine what they would say of the choices I have made in my life. Trying, above all, not to forget.”

No. NEVER forget. Never AGAIN! Never ENOUGH! (compensation)

Oy Vey!

One last word of advice to Ash (great name for a Jew, eh?) Goldman. If you are truly concerned about your mental health then don’t smoke Marijuana. It is well known to either initiate or exacerbate psychotic conditions.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Asher Goldman Confesses

From ‘Anarchia’:

“In my latest especially depressive patch (as distinct from my routine depressive state), currently running into its 5th month, I certainly feel a lack of support, but I also have a total lack of an idea as to what I want or need.”

He’s confused, the poor lad. But not so confused that it stops him harassing decent White people who reject Multiculturalism.

“Part of me longs for my friends to take the lead at this point, for them to gather together and do something, anything, to provide some support, even if it's totally inadequate or not what I need. At the same time, I fear the patronising mentality that is so common towards sufferers of mental illness (even from fellow sufferers).”

Oh, you mean all those ‘Nutzis’ and mad fascists who you and your FDB bum chums take the piss out of all the time. After all, that IS FDB’s, and other so-called ‘Anti-Racist’ groups standard line isn’t it? The only reason they hold a contrary view to Multiculturalism is because they are mentally ill?

“I don't want to have to deal with being patronised on top of everything else”.

It is so typical of FDB hypocrisy for Goldman to fish for sympathy for his depression while simultaneously accusing White Nationalists of being evil ‘nutters’ and ‘lunatics’ etc.

For the record we do not think people should be mocked or ostracised for suffering from genuine mental illness but we do think it is irresponsible and reckless of them not to seek or to refuse treatment.

We also don’t believe Goldman and the other FDB swill can simply explain away their hateful criminal behaviour with claims of suffering from clinical depression. We believe a far more malignant pathology is at work here more indicative of severe and highly dangerous psychosis.

We also remind our readers to take note that this dangerous idiot Asher Goldman is one of the so-called "core members" of FDB. He is an FDB 'Elder' on the Council of Thirteen *snigger*, part of the trusted inner circle.

Whitelaw Towers are seriously beginning to wonder if there is ANYONE at all over at FDB who has a clean sheet, either mentally or drug use wise.

Bike Land and the hidden hand…

Weezil’s wild biker fantasy, almost certainly based purely on his once having had a couple of One Percenter neighbours is truly pathetic stuff. Yes Weez, we know all about the lads at Pellitt Lane. Waving at some local bikers on the way to and from the Round Corner shops, or even conducting the occasional…erm…‘commercial transaction’ with similar types, scarcely bestows outlaw status on a fucking sad old über dweeb.

WHAT a wanker!

But there are in Sydney some real, hard core biker tales worthy of telling. For example, perhaps it’s just a coincidence but it seems strange to us that the Bandidos who frequent many ‘Pubboy’ premises, particularly the inner city ones, and are quite close with the company’s Multi-Millionaire Jewish ‘entrepreneur’ owner Mark Alexander-Erber are currently engaged in a huge turf war with the Rebels and strangely Alex Vella, their National President, gets locked out of Australia by the ZOG controlled Immigration Department.

Hmmm! Of course the Reds will accuse us of being over imaginative or even being paranoid but we smell another Jewish plot going on here. Okay, so Mr. Vella’s back now but his future residency status looks a bit wobbly with talk of his visa perhaps again being revoked. Whether this means he can and/or will ultimately be deported to his birthplace of Malta is uncertain but one thing we are sure of is that the greatest beneficiaries of such an outcome would be the Bandidos and the ‘businessmen’ of Sydney’s club land.

Sydney is a big nightclub and dance scene city and consequently has one of the World’s biggest illicit drug scenes, particularly for ecstasy and amphetamines, and there have been several recent busts involving Israeli citizens and other Jews carrying large quantities of these substances into and around Australia. The Bandit State of Israel and its criminal global support network requires big money to maintain and operate.

The Mossad’s expertise in conducting terrorist activities would certainly come in handy for any group at war, including an Outlaw Motorcycle Club, and firebombing a few clubhouses, blowing up some drug labs or even assassinating the odd gangster would not only be reasonably routine for these stone cold Israeli killers but would also be useful for training purposes.

These type of clandestine operations are carried out all the time and just recently the Mossad have been working hard in Hungary (totally unofficially of course) as ‘advisors’ and ‘observers’ (shades of Vietnam there folks) to suppress, through the careful application of harassment and extreme violence, the local Nationalist movement which is naturally bad for business. When Jews can’t do business they become enraged and will do literally anything to keep the shekels rolling into the Synagogue of Satan even if it involves intervention in a sovereign nation’s political process.

At street level at least none of this biker scene stuff in Sydney has anything to do with Race, Politics or Religion. It is all purely about business and money. But when the senior Khazars see a ‘good Jewish boy’ like Alexander-Erber providing the ideal venues (pubs and clubs) for the distribution of their drugs and see his muscle, the Banditos, being threatened by another group of gangsters, the Rebels, they intervene, big time.

Erber’s good relationship with outlaws is largely due to his own penchant for playing the bad arse biker. He has a shaved head, goatee beard, tattoos and rides a collection of heavily customised and hugely expensive Harley Davidsons some of which have featured in Ozbike Magazine and other dedicated biker publications.

Rubbing up against rough trade has always been a bit of a time honoured tradition for the celebrity socialite set and Erber’s pubs provide a suitably trendy environment for the dilettantes to be seen around gangsters. Nice photo opportunities are frequently available for these wealthy wankers. The most notorious of these of course was the photo of Amber Petty, Princess Mary of Denmark’s best friend and Erber’s girlfriend, posing with the soon to be murdered Bandido President Rodney ‘Hooks’ Monk. Australasian Biker News hilariously, and quite accurately, described the blonde Petty as “Royal bridesmaid and professional socialite/ airhead”. Bang on the money!

Whitelaw Towers predict many more ‘drive-by’ shootings, fire bombings and ‘hits’ over the coming months and sadly for Mr. Vella we believe he and his very large and powerful club will sustain the majority of casualties. Numerous, tough, hard and capable as they are, we don’t believe the Rebels will be able to prevail against the combined forces of the Bandidos and the hired ‘mechanics’ from Tel Aviv.

Finally, we are not suggesting that Alexander-Erber or the Bandidos are even necessarily fully aware of how they fit into this process. After all they are in the middle of it all and probably can’t see the bigger picture. They quite possibly believe they are all acting independently and cannot perceive the ‘helping hand’ that is guiding ‘business’ along. This is how the Mossad conduct their affairs while protecting International Jewish interests.

We watch with interest and await further developments.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Damn their hide!

Doubtless there are herds of Rhinoceros out there that would envy the hide of FDB. We here at Whitelaw Towers have read some truly vomit worthy lies from the Red Scum at FDB over the years but this latest shower of verbal diarrhea that has sprayed forth from the FDB hate machine directed at Ben Weerheym is absolutely SICKENING!

How fucking DARE they!

The cynically contrived moral outrage and pseudo psychological pontificating about Benny as if they are all innocent and their hands are blood free is bad enough, considering the disgusting and gutless way they have hounded this poor bastard and made his life a misery by incessantly informing his employers and landlords about his politics, but to then turn the truth on its head, Planet Bizarro style, and claim black is white is outrageous.

After all, ask yourselves this honestly, what exactly are Benny’s heinous crimes so deserving of such relentless persecution? Even when viewed through the most jaundiced and subjective eye his actual “criminal offences” have been little more than misdemeanours predicated on poor judgment and naivety. There are laws that offer far greater protection to convicted scumbag rapists and paedophiles, shielding them from vigilante attacks that would pale into insignificance compared to the activities that FDB’s gutless agents have perpetrated on Benny and others who have the temerity to refuse to blindly embrace Multi-CULT-uralism.

These two-faced, sanctimonious hypocrites at FDB wrote the book on stalking, harassment and extortion. They have, among many other disgusting crimes, conspired with their media whores to defame innocent people and wasted the precious resources of Federal agencies to advance their twisted Multi Cult agenda. They have illegally accessed personal information on their political adversaries and broadcast it through their network of vicious Marxist misfits.

Fight Dem Back’s modus operandi is carefully crafted and has been finely honed over the several years of their toxic existence. Its members know precisely what they are doing so there is no way they can claim innocence. They initiated the threats and the stalking and now they want to claim victim status. Nope, we don’t think so. They set out to destroy lives, livelihoods, break up families and ultimately utterly destroy their ideological adversaries.

The threat of violence, both crudely overt and subtly implied, is constantly woven into their slimy rhetoric and the sleazy creep Brian Stokes in particular has never been shy when it comes to threatening teenagers, and others he perceives as being weak or easily intimidated by his pseudo-legalese bullshit, so it is all the more galling to read his latest ‘rage’ at this fairytale involving a mailbox and a teenage girl. Did this story come from the same septic lie factory that created the ‘Darp’s car extensively vandalised’ claim? So some snotty nosed skateboarder snapped his antenna off and FDB turn it into ‘Darp’s car has been constantly and extensively vandalized by Nazis’.

Lying is as natural and instinctive a process as breathing for these FDB cockroaches. There is a pathology evident here that is eminently worthy of serious investigation and extensive study. An army of apprentice shrinks could easily garner enough material for their PhDs on the behaviour of psychopaths and the criminally insane merely through a casual perusal of the Fight Dem Back Forum. Make no mistake, these creatures are sick, ill in the head and, in our opinion based on experience, capable of virtually anything.

Well, while we’re on the subject of young girls being harassed, we here at Whitelaw Towers have a few REAL stories involving teenage girls (the daughters of several White Nationalists who have been threatened and harassed and worse* by FDB agents) and then there is the matter of a certain Queensland mailbox that was utterly blown to smithereens by an explosive device with a reasonably sophisticated timing mechanism…

*perhaps more on this later…

Oh, and Weezil, the only ‘mist’ you’d ever be capable of creating, you pathetic queer cunt, is the brown mist that would spray from Darp’s arse as you shag him like a fuckin’ turbo-charged woodpecker, you CLOWN! We all know you’re a sad old drug fucked hippy but you truly need to lay off the psychoactive candy. You are living in a Fear and Loathing in Blackheath fantasy world. Let it go before you pull its head off.

Weezil wrote: “You want to talk about fury? Anyone who touches that kid would be nothing more than a pink mist and a greasy stain when I'm done with them... and she's got
It was duckmonster who, in yet another moment of FDB panic, censored his master’s post and removed some… erm…“identifying information”…

To be totally honest though we don’t know what’s more sickening, Weezil distorting the truth out of all recognition and lying through his teeth or Weezil trying to act tough with physical threats considering his and Darp’s absolutely spineless cowardice and total unwillingness EVER to back up their cocksure online waffle. Ten foot tall and bulletproof on the Internet while tapping away in their bedrooms in the small hours they are strangely lacking in heroics when it comes to the cold hard light of day.

These jelly backed swine could not even stand up straight if their miserable lives depended on it. There are plenty of White Nationalists, particularly ex WPCA people, who have endured for years now, and continue to endure, the constant stress of themselves, their families and their loved ones being stalked, harassed, threatened, their personal and private information being illegally accessed and broadcast and their homes and property being vandalised. Yet the sociopathic, misanthropic swill from FDB persist in presenting themselves as “victims”!?!?!


If any of this does ever makes it into a court of law as FDB are always threatening it will then the presentation of evidence and statements by FDB’s victims will be extremely interesting to say the very least.

Bring it on Darpy boy.

When FDB claim they have certain ‘standards’ and are ‘sitting on certain info’ they deem inappropriate to publish and limit their online exposés of White Nationalists this is all entirely limited by LEGAL and certainly not moral considerations. Even the not overly bright apprentice Lawyer Darp has learned enough about criminal law to know he will talk himself into gaol if he is not very careful. He has already pushed his luck way further than most.

Recent revelations emerging from Melbourne regarding the Cocaine use endemic in the Australian Legal fraternity indicate Darp has chosen his intended vocation well. He is certainly no stranger to vacuuming lines of white powder up with his nose. He would fit in well if we ever allowed him to. Sadly for Darp this will not be permitted to happen. There is no way, while ever we draw breath, that Mathew Henderson-Hau will practice Law in this country. More on this later…

For any reading this site who might still harbour the slightest, nagging, niggling doubt that Brian Stokes aka ‘Weezil’ is a vindictive psychopath with a pathological obsession for vendetta who will, like the Terminator of Hollywood fame, never ever stop, then ladies and Gentlemen, for your elucidation, please read the following:

“Remember, we're having this conversation because a few Indiana klanstwats burned a cross in my yard 30 years ago- and I'm not done with them yet, either. Ben's threats and abuse were much more personal and did more than kill some of my lawn grass...”

If this is not an open admission that, like his bum chum Darp, all this persecution of White Nationalist dissidents is PERSONAL then we don’t know what is.

“It's not over for me with Ben- and won't be until I am convinced that he's no longer a 'person of interest.' Fuck his apologies- they're as worthless as the rest of the scumbag. Not until Ben is working full-time for a migrant rights or Jewish service organisation will I take Ben out of my crosshairs.”

And there’s the ultimate agenda folks, typical of all Commie ideologues and outlined chillingly in Orwell’s book ‘1984’, to not only break the opposition but to make them truly LOVE Big Brother.

We are dealing with some totally fucked units here folks…

Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Baron

Then there is the recent case of The Baron (David Innes of Western Australia) who fell for a gag pulled by Whitelaw Towers and confirmed what pretty much everyone already knew about him but most were either too pissweak or sycophantic to say out loud.

He is feeding FDB with information.

What the Hell are we talking about?
Well, it’s that tale about a band called Southern Storm supposedly going to play at a certain birthday party in Queensland to which Benny was invited. He was told about the ‘special guests’ but he was the only one who was told this particular story.

Investigations reveal he told another so-called White Nationalist who, unbeknown to him, was a mate of David Innes. What happens next? Well, all of a sudden Darp is crowing about his big scoop. Unlucky for him though, he just got stung and we exposed the direct path of the information trail.

So there you have it, a perfectly traceable (dis)information ‘leak’, from us to Benny to his contact to the Baron to FDB. We now know how several other bits of real information have made it to FDB over the past several months.

Benny’s naivety and our awareness of it caused us to put him officially on a need to know status about two years ago but still we would let some things slip and sure enough they’d get out. This time we were more careful and patient and it has paid off. We can now be certain of where most of the ‘leaks’ were. We bear Benny no real grudges, he is just a trusting kind of bloke who is easily tricked.

The one we do hold a grudge against is David Innes who has consistently proven he is simply an egoist and self promoter who will even deal with his own enemies (gifting them information) to harm his perceived rivals within the White Nationalist movement. When one reads Innes’ writing over the years one thing becomes abundantly clear. He has no heroes, no one he admires or attempts to emulate, only himself. He perceives himself as peerless.

In politics this is very unusual almost to the point of being unique. He gives no one credit for anything and despises anyone else who has even the faintest success. What drives a person to be this way is difficult for normal people to understand until one realises he is mentally ill. We truly believe he is dangerously psychotic and his manipulative, power hungry wife Lilith needs to show some guts and responsibility and have him scheduled. It is only in an appropriate institution with professional help and the correct medication that he has any hope of rehabilitation.

It is ironic that he shares such uncannily similar personality disorders with the clinically insane Brian Stokes and Mathew Henderson-Hau.
They would (perhaps are?) make a good team.
Just for the record, Whitelaw Towers would like to state here that until now we have resisted passing comment on The Baron and Stormfront because we see no merit or gain in criticising what are, ostensibly, other White Nationalists, misguided though many of them are.
However, recent events involving threatening E-Mails and P.M.'s and his apparent dealing with the enemy have proved to be intolerable and it is clear that The Baron is off with the fairies. This, hopefully, will be the limit of our comment. It is only a matter of time now before his fellow Stormfronters revolt and he is left with no members or is thrown out on his ear.

Benny and the Reds

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

political tar baby
Joined: 16 May 2005
Posts: 1927
Location: Born and bred in the briar patch
Posted: Fri May 11, 2007 7:28 pm
Nazi Ben wrote:
The kind of ongoing torment I have encountered at the hands of these hatemongers I thought was only possible in the movies and going on how so called 'anti-racists' parade themselves around, I never thought they were capable of it.

Ooops... I think we broke it.

BTW, we watch a lot of movies.”

Bet you do Weez, bet you do. It must take hours every day, even on fast forward, to scan all that footage collected from your various covert surveillance devices. How many school kiddies and other innocents have you caught on your cameras and got filed away for ‘future reference’? Hmmm, bet the Feds would sure like a squiz at your hard-drive, eh?

Benny wrote:
I have changed my surname from Weerheym (Weerheijm) to Williams,

Firstly, I was getting rather sick and tired of spelling my name out at least three times a day for people and people pronouncing it the wrong way

Get ya hand off it, Ben. Wank, wank, wank.”

Well it would be you Weezy, you dirty old perve, who’d know more about the pleasures of …erm…auto-eroticism…You burst into spontaneous bouts of pulling every time you think you’ve scored a hit on decent White Aussies.

“Ben, the misspelling excuse is as weak as fish piss.

Benny wrote:
and secondly I wanted to give myself a bit of a chance for people to actually get to know the real me instead of coming to a conclusion based on my past.

aha, a little 'truthiness'... Ben, you are where you are in this life PRECISELY because you behave as you do. You're trying to escape responsibility for being Ben Weerheym by calling yourself something else.

I don't THINK so.

Benny wrote:
After a bit of thinking

...make sure you let it cool off before doing anything brain-intensive like crossing the street,
Benny wrote:
I changed my first name from Benjamin to Benedict

Benedict. Great choice. Benedict was the name of a historically significant traitor and is being used at present by Ratzo the brain-dead moron, who thinks condoms are more evil than HIV.

Ben- newsflash. You ganged up in the night with other nazis to terrorise old ladies in a war widows home. You support/ed racism and nazism in your neighbourhood for YEARS. You've travelled all the way across Australia and back to mingle with other nazis, in support of your racist crusade. You ran your blogspot toilet for years as well, publishing my exact street address and photos of my house and cars to make it more convenient for your mates to come by and terrorise us and vandalise my house (and we know who smashed the mailbox, dude- your mate didn't notice the TWO wireless video cams in the cherry trees out front).”

Hey, them’s pretty sophisticated and expensive toys for a wretched Welfare leech like you Stokesy. Oh, and by the way, do we have to remind you yet again that it was YOU who pioneered the entire ‘naming and shaming’ and posting people’s personal details and photos (including minors) on the Internet you fucken queer cockroach?

“Now... you want to walk away from your very well-earned reputation?

Pull the other one, mate.”

Yep, like the evil, twisted and crippled creature said Benny, and let’s face it you should know this by now, you walk away, they simply follow you. There’s no point in maintaining any illusions about the situation. These are hardened stalkers we are dealing with here. It’s never over with creeps like Weezil ‘til it’s really over, preferably (from their point of view) with you either banged up in the nuthouse or gaol or dead. The last option would be particularly convenient if you were to suicide.

Why would they ever let you or us go? They truly enjoy their work. They are malicious and sadistic. Nope, ‘fraid it’s a case of play this one through to the end Benny and make sure it’s them who end up the losers.
That's OUR game plan.

The Saga of Stüg...or...the Gospel according to St. Darpweezil...

We here at Whitelaw Towers must admit that the Red Scum Criminals at Fight Dem Back often do surprise us with the accuracy of some of the intelligence they gather on White Nationalists and it is clear they do have moles and sleepers and spies and agents, call them what you will, in various Government organisations. But we are equally surprised with the, often hilarious, inaccuracies which they also gleefully reproduce on their website and disseminate like they were gospel truth.

The latest quite bizarre ‘revelation’ that Stug was fathered by a Greek sailor is as hysterical and as it is fantastic. We simply cannot wait for the next FDB scoop. But Darp and Co do have a track record of this type of thing…

According to Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp of Eastwood NSW…

First he was “a bit of a tub”.

Then he “poisoned cattle”.

Then, like some demented QLD Don Quixote, he “sabotaged windmills”.

Then he was a gun thief.

Then he was the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan in Toowoomba.

Then he was a Heroin addict.

Then he was “off the gear and out of the clubs” and cleaning up his act.

Then he rode a motorcycle with a swastika painted on the tank.

Then he was “short and stocky”

Then he was “a tub of lard”.

Then he was “swarthy”

Then he was “Hungarian”.

Now, apparently, he is the illegitimate (presumably, to add spice to the tale) son of a Greek sailor no less...

Now all of these things might raise a chuckle with those that really know Stug and the entire affair might even be laughed off as the gross stupidity it is but the spiteful intent behind these ludicrous claims and the public smearing, including national newspapers, takes them into an entirely different realm.

Comical though they are, these outrageously delusional claims are meant, in all seriousness, to defame and to destroy a person’s reputation.

That is not funny at all.

That is a criminal act.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


The Fight Dem Back Criminals appear to have suddenly gone all shy and coy.

Come on girls we’re still waiting for you to finish your stories.
We are fascinated.
Please elucidate.

1. Which ‘elite’ Australian Army unit did ‘Bana’ serve with?

Oh, and where the Hell IS he now? He seems to have disappeared down a wormhole or something. Hey, it couldn’t be due to some of his old mates asking some…err…awkward questions about his political affiliations could it?

2. In which “One Percenter” Outlaw Motorcycle Club did Brian Stokes aka ‘Weezil’ hold the esteemed office of ‘Sgt at Arms’? Hell! You’d never tell from his picture what a hard man he was. What a legend.

What bike did he ride? A Honda Goldwing perhaps? A step-thru? A Vespa?

There’re a few real bikers who’d like to meet him and compare notes and stuff…

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

WHAT a pathetic joke!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Professor Henderson’s History Lesson…

Well, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, as an Historian Darp makes a good Greengrocer. In a nutshell (how appropriate) it goes something like this. The Pommies, and I suppose pretty much anyone else who was White on the ‘Allied’ side in WWII, reclined on banana chairs sipping pink gin while the ‘darkies’ did all the hard work then simply ‘waltzed in’ and took all the credit.


Darp should try relating his theory to the survivors and/or descendents of the 1st Airborne Division who fought so gallantly at Arnhem against two elite Waffen SS regiments whose commanders after the war, being impressed by the bravery they had encountered, wrote to the survivors and their former captives expressing their awe and admiration. The gesture was reciprocated by the Brits who were equally impressed by their treatment at the hands of these SS troops who they had been led to believe were monsters who would execute them if they surrendered. The truth was an entirely different story. So much for lying Allied propaganda.

Not too many Niggers being heroes there eh, just Brits supported by a small but very brave contingent of Poles fighting the Germans. The true accounts, in the unit histories, of what happened when they ran out of ammo after nine days (the high command had deemed it possible for them to survive only four days unsupported) are truly hair raising. Many of these blokes fought literally to the death with knives, daggers, bayonets and blunt instruments. Surrender was not considered an option until virtually everyone was wounded and could barely even crawl.

No less than FOUR Victoria Crosses were awarded for this action and they hardly hand those out like Purple Hearts…

Also, the last two times a modern Western army charged with fixed bayonets, again after exhausting their ammo, was the Brits in the Falklands and in Iraq. Again, the Ghurkhas and Maoris were absent. On both occasions the charges were successful. One can only imagine the terror induced in the enemy when a bunch of soldiers run at you with nothing but sharp ended small arms and lots of screaming. Shits would definitely be trumps. Now THAT is warfare.

These are only a few examples of White Men being brave and noble in war. History is replete with such events. If Darp and the FDB loons choose to disbelieve them all and instead invest the poorly disciplined and savage Maori with these qualities then so be it. A fool will believe whatever he wishes. One cannot teach bums any more than one can insert brains into statues.
Other meat grinders that consumed the majority of the participants, yes folks, missions that you were far more likely to die on than survive, were the Arctic Convoys (read: The Gates of Hell about the dreaded 'Murmansk Run'), the Allied Bombing Campaign waged on German cities and the Battle of Britain and these are just a few where Maoris and Ghurkhas were conspicuously absent.
Yet Darp still persists, at every opportunity, in tring to convince us that the Maoris won the war for the Allies.

Anyway, it’s good to see we can still always rely on Darp to not only totally ignore the tough questions (Bana’s claimed Military service, Weezil’s claimed One Percenter status and Goldman’s Anti Anzac Day antics) and to perpetuate the bizarre Maori ‘hero’ mythology he is so enraptured with.

Darp Hau
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Posted: Thu May 03, 2007 1:53 am

“Did anyone see ABC (Aus) late last night? They had a thing on the Battle of Monte Casino. Freaking harrowing stuff. I don't know TOO MUCH about the whole thing other than the allied victory there basically forced the Nazis to fold on the southern front allowing the allies to sweep into Rome.

Does anyone remember in South Park the movie that bit called "Operation: Get behind the Darkies"? ie ..the black guys in the front rank, white dudes behind them.

I dunno... but listening to how the history of Monte Casino played out (or how this program presented it), it appeared that the actual taking of outposts was left to the Maori BN and the Ghurkas whilst the British Essex division would waltz in afterwards and then hold those positions against Nazi counter-attacks. The Maori BN lost 300 men in that battle, shite.”

Well, it WAS on Tel Avision so it must be true, eh?

Darp Hau
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Posted: Thu May 03, 2007 2:05 am

“Yeah I saw that the allies bombed the crap out of it before any land assaults correct? Apparently it just made it easier for the Nazis to defend.

Anyway, back to Jim Perren yeah, the 28th Maori BN performed with high distcintion (sic) at Monte Casino,”

Is there an actual relevant point being made here?

“yes 28 is a very important number July at any rate. Perhaps a Southern Storm might be passing through someone's 40th Birthday digs in Southern QLD as well ...a storm might possibly ignite the cross burning!”


“Be such a damn shame for the entire freakin (sic) world to see you for what you are, a cross-burning, sig (sic) heiling dyed in the wool Nazi piece of shit wouldn't it?”

Is Darp telling us he is contemplating crashing a party? Not only do we approve, we thoroughly recommend it. Good luck to him. He will need it.

Oh fuck! We just remembered. He has something of a record for promising a ‘guest appearance’ and then disappointing the punters with a no show. Damn!

Oh Darp, you’re such a teaser…

“Pass me a XXXX.

Can anyone but Queenslanders drink that filth?”
This, coming from a pervert who has imbibed God knows what bodily fluids and excreta...

FDB Secret Weapon Miss Fires

Oh boy has Whitelaw touched a nerve over at FDB of late. It would seem that they couldn’t get over the fact that they blew it big time over Anzac Day. It looks as if Bana may have found out that while he was pretending to be a soldier and a Patriot his mates at FDB had better plans. Like disrupting the Dawn Service in Wellington. Talk about break down in communication.

But alas Mathew Henderson leader of this motley crew of disrespectful reds has released his secret weapon. And it’s a beaut. No need to try and cover up the fact that core members not only burnt a Kiwi flag on Anzac Day but they blew horns during the dawn service. No, no apology to the diggers and families, no mention at all. What does he say?


Joined: 25 Apr 2005
Posts: 3231
Location: Eastwood, Sydney, Australia

Yeah I saw that the allies bombed the crap out of it before any land assaults correct? Apparently it just made it easier for the Nazis to defend.

Anyway, back to Jim Perren yeah, the 28th Maori BN performed with high distcintion at Monte Casino, yes 28 is a very important number July at any rate. Perhaps a Southern Storm might be passing through someone's 40th Birthday digs in Southern QLD as well ...a storm might possibly ignite the cross burning!

Be such a damn shame for the entire freakin world to see you for what you are, a cross-burning, sig heiling dyed in the wool Nazi piece of shit wouldn't it?

Pass me a XXXX.

Can anyone but Queenslanders drink that filth?

Intolerance of intolerance is the only intolerance tolerated.

Mathew is stepping into the unknown here, but when you have nothing you must do something. What’s that, attack is the best type of defense.

“damn shame for the entire freakin world to see you for what you are”
Now Mathew has got a few wires crossed yet again. This seems to be a bit of a problem lately. Now we are not sure but I would suggest that the whole world has in fact seen FDB for what it really is. You are such a mastermind Mathew.

Making up stories to rally the reds is the name of the game with Mathew. It’s more smoke and mirrors. Just ignore the fact that no matter what they say they will never win over anyone as long as Asher and his mates in FDB Kiwi land keep up the good work.

What we have picked up over the last 18 months from the Aussie and Kiwi red community old FDB is not exactly the shining example of Anti Racism, in fact word on the street is that they are a bit of an embarrassment. And they know it. But as long as FDB is up front setting the example White Australians should feel safe. Australia’s sole Anti Racism web site is a joke.

But folks it’s a double-edged sword. Sadly the only time anyone uses the FDB forum is when we uncover more dirt at hypocrisy Inc. I get the feeling they don’t like us too much at FDB central.

Unknown to the reds at FDB every time Weezil and Darp make a statement about Jim they never seem to get it correct. From the very beginning its all been rubbish. Something that the people who actually know Jim think is very funny. For all the secrets and cunning plans from Baldric AKA Brian Stokes not one photo. Not a single positive ID from the FDB spies in QLD.
Hell we do not know why, its not like he hid from the reds in Brisbane or in Sydney. It’s well documented that Jim has gone out of his way to meet these FDB stooges north and south.

So far Mathew has said Jim is 6ft tall then he said he was short and stocky then he was pudgy recently he was fat and a skin head. Boy what Intel. So you clowns keep on believing what he says, just shows how stupid you lot are. Truly desperate stuff from desperate people.

We will ask again FDB please answer the following.
1/ What was the name of the 1% Outlaw Club Brian Stokes rode with?
2/ What SAS or Armored unit did Bana serve with?
3/ Do you support core member Asher over his actions on Anzac Day.
4/ What did you do with Bana? We miss him.


Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Filthy Red Scum caught out… again!

At Whitelaw Towers we believe we may have discovered the reason why the ‘Stormfront cracks wood…’ FDB thread was pulled. It has come to our attention that while the lying hypocrites at FDB such as Darp, Bana and Weezil were busy lecturing us about our supposed disrespect of Anzac Day ON Anzac Day one of their “core” members, one Asher Goldman no less, was busy protesting and disrespecting a service by disrupting it through noise generation and abuse. It is also highly probable they were involved in the vandalism which occurred. It is certainly within the parameters of their modus operandi.

We find it pretty hard, try impossible, to accept that Darp, and in turn Bana & Co, would have been unaware of this pink Commie pantomime going on over in New Zealand. Asher Goldman and the well known serial fruitcake Valerie Morse are close friends and have cooperated on several Anarchist jaunts.

On the comments section of the ‘Reading the maps’ Blog, Asher Goldman simply signing as ‘Asher’ and Valerie Morse signing as ‘anarchafairy’ heap praise on a diatribe of hateful Anarchist claptrap posted by the Blog host. Goldman’s post is most notable for his admission to being “one of the Welly protesters”. Bana must be so proud…

Asher said...

I thought that was a fantastic reply, Maps.
Thanks for your consistent support,
Asher (one of the Welly protesters)
4:25 PM

anarchafairy said...

Ditto - thanks for your support... it's made me feel a lot better after being attacked from all fronts. :)
4:29 PM

Then this from a ‘Richard Taylor’ who not only lauds the ‘protesters’ as courageous heroes but refers to “this ANZAC stuff” as “absolute cows muck for morons”.

Richard Taylor said...

asher - anarchafairy - anon
You are the couragoeus (sic) ones - to protest is hard - it is not popular - it is dangerous - it does take courage - I was in the protests in the 70s and was battoned (sic) in the face in 1981 I also saw Bastion point and was supportive of that action. I marched with the great Maori people. I feel priviliged (sic) to have been able to do that.
To fight in a war like a sheep is easy.
I am opposed to the RSA, war and warmongers. To oppose war takes courage - to show up the hypocrisies of our Govt and others takes courage - it is easy to stand stupidly in a parade surrounded by militarists - mesmerised by cliches.
This ANZAC stuff is absolute cows muck for morons.
12:36 AM

For those with the stomach to read the entire piece simply go to:

Anyhow, way back on Tuesday 14th February 2006 the Victor Whitelaw Blog revealed the bizarre antics of Valerie Morse in an article written by Kerry Bolton:

“Ms Morse was an attendee of the “Stitch ‘n’ Bitch” “Anarcha-Feminist” conference, Christchurch, 1-4 Feb. 05. Ms Morse is the hysterical blond woman in dark glasses who can be seen in photos as part of a large mob surrounding and beating Cale Olsen after Ms Morse and her colleagues had rioted against a celebration of National Flag Day.

Ms Morse was also involved with the anarchist counter-demonstration against the NF anti-China FTA on 7 June 2004, during which the anarchists repeatedly blocked pedestrians, threatened nationalists and were ordered to depart by the police. Ms Morse’s main role was to walk the length of the nationalist picket moronically chanting “go home Nazis”. Previously some of her colleagues had painted slogans on the road leading into the Botanical Gardens, and even on adjacent flats.

Ms Morse was also involved with the 18 October protest against a defence industry conference held at Te Papa, during which she and her colleagues charged police lines and Morse was reportedly “one of the first to be arrested”

This is the extremely low calibre of the lunatics which make up the close associates of the “core membership” of the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang. How can anybody take them seriously? They are beneath contempt.

How can FDB maintain a “core” membership where on one hand you have ‘Bana’ expressing his belief that Anti-Anzac Day protesters are “lower than rockspiders” and on the other you have Asher Goldman running with the Loony Left Brigade violating the sanctity of Dawn Ceremonies and abusing war veterans? Surely one or both of them must quit FDB.

Don’t hold yer breath folks…

Liars Inc.

Once again Brian Stokes and Bana keep refusing to back up the FDB BS they have been feeding to any one who will listen. What is the best they can come up with? Threats? What a shock... Did not see that coming. Nope no litigation this time from our biker mate Stokesy

But conspiring to defame seems to be the game at FDB? Brian Stokes and Andy have a crazy idea. We are not exactly sure what this gibberish is but that’s no different than any other time.

@ndyJoined: 02 Aug 2005Posts: 726Location: Melbourne
Posted: Tue May 01, 2007 7:23 am Post subject:

I always appreciate Jim's forlorn references to his imaginary friends in the Whitelaw Towers' staff...
Weezil: Darp? [whispers] I got a really wicked idea that could get Jim into a lot of trouble.

Darp: Oh, Weezil... we have to fight our temptation.
Weezil: [seductive] No, Darp, let's do it. [joyous] Let's call ZOG!
Darp: Oh...
Perren: Well, we'll just see about that. [Walks over to a cage full of Holocaust denialists with wings] Fly, my pretties, fly! [They walk to the window and plummet to their deaths] ~sighs~ Continue the research.

It would seem that they even speak for Mr. Perren now. Confused? Get used to it.

Old Weezil steps in with the killer punch.

weezilpolitical tar babyJoined: 16 May 2005Posts: 1917Location: Born and bred in the briar patch

Posted: Tue May 01, 2007 10:57 pm Post subject:

Weezil: Darp? [whispers] I got a really wicked idea that could get Jim into a lot of trouble.

Only ONE? hahahahahah Cripes, Jim- Agent Gerbil's schedule is fully packed (so to speak).

Anyway what has FDB got to show us? Has Brian Stokes answered any of the questions put to him? Has Bana proved to us that he is not a FDB fake? Nope. Why is that? Answer, they have nothing. In fact they never did. Its all smoke and mirrors. The backing they once had if any has walked away, hell who would like to be associated with the foul mouthed Marxist. Certainly not Andrew Bartlett from the Democrats or the Union. Do the authorities believe a word they say? Nope. Besides cutting and pasting news stories from the AJN web site and generally making threats FDB are dead in the water. What of Mathew Henderson? Well it would seem they roll him out every now and then just to make them look even more stupid.

Again what happened to Banna’s thread? How is it that Banna starts a thread on Anzac Day that naturally Whitelaw picks it to bits as we do and ZAP, its gone. Why is it then that Mathew Henderson immediately starts a thread on Mr. Perren attacking him for comments that they can only guess at the author. Why would they then try and make it look like Mr. Perren got the ball rolling? Maybe Henderson is still upset that Jim put him and his mates on the spot last year? Seems old Mathew blames Jim for everything now. Anyway lets have a look shall we.

Note the date people.

Darp Hau"THE ENIMY"Joined: 25 Apr 2005Posts: 3229Location: Eastwood, Sydney, Australia.
Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 12:28 pm Post subject: Jim Perren's usual ANZAC day shit

Sigh ... It's the same shit every year... "Blah blah ...we fought on the wrong side, we should have fought with the Nazis, therefore we racist fucks should be allowed to claim Anzac (sic) Day... blah ...blah ...I was a volunteer in RSL clubs ...blah blah ...never joined the ADF as I was too much of a drug-addled bikie who could never actually cut it in uniform...blah ..blah ...BUT my adopted father served in 'Nam therefore that by extension makes me a worthy benefactor of the Anzac tradition cos as we all know, every person who pulled on a slouch hat secretly wished that they we were tag-team buddies with the Nazis ..blah ...blah."

Interesting, Mathew Henderson is talking about this topic Lets Rip into it Once Again that was posted at Whitelaw.

No place in this topic, Lets Rip into it Once Again that was written on Whitelaw in reply to Bana's disapearing thread does it say “we fought on the wrong side, we should have fought with the Nazis, I was a volunteer in RSL clubs”. In fact one can see that Mathew must be reading something that was written only in his sick little head. Not to mention that any one who knows Mr. Perren also knows that the comments made here about his family and he are totally wrong.

Personally I am disappointed that Jim keeps getting all the attention for my writing. These clowns cannot even pick the difference between styles of writing from all the contributers at Whitelaw, what hope do they have.

So what Henderson has written once again is a desperate attempt to cover the balls up from his mate Bana. You recall him? The FDB member who is impersonating a member from the ADF.

Again here is the disappearing thread. Note the Date

Joined: 26 Jul 2005Posts: 814Location: British Columbia, Canada

Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 6:14 pm Post subject: Stormfront cracks wood and their creduilty over ANZAC Day

Once again ANZAC Day is coming around and once again the neo nazis over at Stormfront are jumping up and down like Ferrets doing a "weasel war dance" encouraging each other to support the diggers and stand behind "Aussie" values and alleging immigrants are trying to hijack ANZAC Day.

Now we hate to be picky but with these guys you have to be.

In the last week Whitelaw staff have shown that Brian Stokes has claimed he was a Sgt at Arms in a 1% Outlaw Club, that Bana is a fraud, unless he can prove otherwise, we doubt that, and that supporters of FDB in New Zealand not only attempted to disrupt the Dawn service on Anzac Day but also burnt the Kiwi flag. We have shown that Mathew Henderson cannot read or he is just a filthy little liar.

All in all it’s been a bad week for FDB. So what do the come back kids at FDB do? Do they deny Brian was a drug addicted bikey? Do they distance themselves from the Anzac Day debacle in New Zealand? Does Bana come up with any proof he is a member of the SAS or the Armored Corp? NO. They answer us with threats and more poo and bum jokes. Well guys put up or shut up.

Anything you scum do to any white nationalist now has been done before. The FDB club is more like the series of Black Adder with Brian Stokes playing Bauldrick "I have a cunning plan". Well Brian why do you always tip us off? Could it be you have nothing? Or are you purposely spoiling Little Mathews legal case.

Mathew Henderson on the other hand has more in common with Adolph Hitler. How you may ask? In the dying days of the Reich Hitler was rarely seen, same as the once media whore Henderson, Hitler relied on a secret weapon to end the war, one he knew they would never have in time, but was widely believed to exist by his followers. Henderson tells his Bum Chums at FDB that our days are numbered they have a cunning plan (see Bauldrick Stokes above) when they know the battle is lost. But it does not stop them from telling the ever-shrinking membership at FDB more of the same crap. Shit Henderson the only guys left at FDB are fools or just plain stupid.

In the end they are a sad little lot. The more they carry on the more likely it is that Henderson will never fulfill his dreams as a lawyer. One thing we can assure you we shall keep an eye on this idiot, we shall remind any law firm he works for exactly what sort of person they have hired. It will be our duty to make sure that once he finishes his studies that the law association knows also. That’s our promise.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The continuing mystery of the disappearing FDB threads…

One of the most valuable lessons we have learned from our enemies at Fight Dem Back was to copy and archive EVERYTHING. The moment it goes up on the Internet. It is amazing how often FDB pull some thread or comment or carefully edit something to cover their tracks. Some posts last no more than a few minutes or perhaps an hour or two before they’re ‘cleansed’ by Darp or Weezil so one has to be vigilant. We are.

So why, we ask, was THIS particular thread pulled by the gutless Red swine and lobbed down the memory hole?

Could it be that we have touched a nerve with our challenge to, and exposure of, ‘Bana’ as a fraud? Something tells us we are on the right trail here. Well folks, we’re going to keep on following that scent, fear has its own distinctive stench. Watch this space.

Stormfront cracks wood and their creduilty over ANZAC Day

Joined: 26 Jul 2005
Posts: 814
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 6:14 pm

“Once again ANZAC Day is coming around and once again the neo nazis over at Stormfront are jumping up and down like Ferrets doing a "weasel war dance" encouraging each other to support the diggers and stand behind "Aussie" values and alleging immigrants are trying to hijack ANZAC Day.


Once again, these faceless gutless misanthropes and troglodytes have pissed me off."
Surely he HAS to be referring to himself and FDB here...
"Take this gem of a comment on Stormfront for example;

SkinheadSkippy wrote:
ANZAC day is a very special day for ALL Australians and New Zealanders(sp?)

I celebrate the ANZAC's EVERY DAY by saluting my Australian Flag and thanking of all the men for their sacrifice.

Everybody should get behind the ANZACS!!


Mate, you must have a few skippies loose in the top paddock if you are trying to claim you support the sacrifice ANZAC troops made when you sign off your post with the NAZI party's war cry.

let me guess, you tried to sign up to the ADF but were rejected on psych grounds.

And how about this classic;

ladyfuro wrote:
resist any attempt to hijack this day..The immigrants may bitch about Christmas, Easter etc....But Anzac day is HANDS OFF!

Have you ever seen an ANZAC Day march? I had the privilege (sic) of serving with a great many non Anglo-Saxon soldiers during my time in the ADF. This included Asians and Egyptians. I also served with a Vietnam veteran who was Hungarian and whose father fought for Hungary in WWII (ie the AXIS). Added to that there are always contingents of Turks, Chinese, Italians and Vietnamese that march every year.

BTW: If you do truely (sic) support ANZAC Day, you'll learn not to spell it "Anzac".

But this one really gets me steaming;”

Kairos wrote:
I have the privilegde of speaking to several hundred people at our local Anzac Day ceremony in Melbourne, I will be reminding all present of the sacrifices made by those who went before us and, WHY they gave their lives, to keep this great country of ours white, British, and free! I will be cautious in the language I use, but doing everything I can to further our cause as white nationalists in this great southern land, please everyone out there, do what you can to support this day and to shw your support for those who put their lives in the line for our cause

“Well I hope you are better at public speaking than at both your spelling and grasp of history. Did you get an "F" for history at school, or did you get a BA at David Irving University? Diggers did not fight to keep Australia white, nor British. And they did not fight for a neo-nazi (sic) cause. Too right you better be cautious in your language. The vets may be getting old, but their English comprehension skills are still sharp.

Why do you think I made the pilgrimage to ANZAC Cove? Because the Turks don't allow extremists in any shape colour or form. And no extremists equals no neo nazis. (sic)

Thanks for ruining my day. While I'm polishing my beret badge, during the dawn service, and while playing two up with my fellow soldiers, all I'll be thinking about is who among us is a racist prick. I'll know one thing for sure, it won't be anyone wearing medals on the left side of their chest.”

This was the first post and was quickly followed by several others. We won’t post them all here now. It is boring and a waste of space, much like FDB itself.

Just for you Bana, OWNED!

Yes folk’s looks like the staff at Whitelaw Towers have done it again. No matter how hard Mathew Henderson and his cofounder Brian Stokes try they just cant land a good hit on us. Oh yes they try very hard, well if you call one liner bum jokes and phony soldiers a tactic.

I will now let "core member" Bana shoot himself in the foot. Just aim higher next time.


“Jim, the commies have not hijacked ANZAC Day”

“Oh, and before you ask, I do not support the desecration of war memorials, or graves of an nation. People who engage in those abhorrent actions are the lowest scum on the earth, equal to rapists, rock spiders and racists.”

Ok Bana we get the picture, maybe you should ask FDB "core member"Asher Goldman in New Zealand how he feels about his mates and Commie comrades in PAW, Peace Action Wellington.

Two anti-war protesters have been charged with offensive behaviour and obstructing police after disrupting an Anzac Day ceremony in the New Zealand capital, Wellington.Two members of a group called Peace Action Wellington disrupted speeches at the cenotaph, sounded a horn, and were arrested after trying to burn a New Zealand flag. The group's spokeswoman says conscientious objectors are the real heroes of Anzac Day.

Bana what do you know we are both wrong on who are the real heroes of Anzac? It would seem you need to speak with the old FDB founder and Out Law Biker Brian Stokes about this. “The group's spokeswoman says conscientious objectors are the real heroes of Anzac Day.” Now what a surprise that a Lefty would say such a thing, sounds like they are reading from the Brian Stokes 'How to Demonstrate against The Vietnam War manual'?

But what sort of protest did these heroes of Anzac and FDB supporters have? Did they stand a silent vigil with the mothers of the fallen? Did they speak of peace and love instead of war? Nope.

"A member of a group which disrupted Wellington's dawn parade on ANZAC day has described the ceremony as extreme nationalism and likened it to flag waving in Nazi Germany”

Well FDB what do you have to say to that? Does that make you guys Nazis? Bana did you not go to Anzac Cove and express your extreme nationalism? But what do people from PAW think of soldiers and our defense force. This may hurt Bana, but then again we know you never served.

"Lest we forget that the military has, and always will, exist for the sole purpose of waging war," said Valerie Morse.”

So Bana does that make you a War Pig? Nah folks, Bana isn’t an ex soldier, he is just the FDB stooge they put up every year to prove that FDB are 'Patriots', an age old trick. We all know that you lot are nothing but fringe dwellers.

Any way who are these people from PAW. Asher Goldman knows and we are sure Mathew Henderson knows, in fact we are going to enjoy showing this over the next couple of weeks.

By Bana’s words these people are:
“the lowest scum on the earth, equal to rapists, rock spiders and racists.”

Valerie Morse 35 (Peace Action Wellington, Fairies Against Fascists) Ex pat US citizen. Just like our old weezil Brian Stokes. In fact these guys have so much in common one has to wonder if they are related? They both have a big mouth. or if you prefer the direct approach give her a call 04-383-9315 or 021-147-3517

And the crime?

Valerie Morse, 35, was charged with offensive behaviour for allegedly burning the New Zealand flag.

Mark Daniel Rawnsley, 29, faces charges of obstruction and resisting arrest after allegedly trying to disrupt the service by blowing a plastic horn.

And the full story, oh readers you are going to love this. No wonder FDB are so quiet.

Anzac outrage over burning of NZ flag

By JANINE BENNETTS - The Press Thursday, 26 April 2007

War veterans and political leaders are disgusted by an anti-war protest that allegedly included the burning of the New Zealand flag during Anzac Day celebrations in Wellington.
Two members of a group called Peace Action Wellington, protesting at the deployment of troops overseas, were arrested after the incident on the grounds of Victoria University's law school opposite a dawn ceremony at the Cenotaph.
Valerie Morse, 35, was charged with offensive behaviour for allegedly burning the New Zealand flag.

Mark Daniel Rawnsley, 29, faces charges of obstruction and resisting arrest after allegedly trying to disrupt the service by blowing a plastic horn.
The pair were remanded to reappear on May 22 at a hearing in the Wellington District Court yesterday.

In a separate incident, vandals attacked an Anzac Day site in Patea, south Taranaki, smashing crosses arranged around the town's cenotaph.
Last night, politicians and ex-servicemen joined in their condemnation of the Wellington group's actions.

Brian Mannix, who fought in Vietnam, said the protest was a disgrace to the country.
"I stand on Anzac Day to remember my family, to remember my mates," Mannix said. "Anzac Day is not glorifying the military. It is not celebrating war. It is the day that we repay respect to the people that fought for our freedom." Mannix described the protesters as "degenerates".
"We don't like war. Not one of us would like to see another war," he said.
"We would be the strongest protesters against people being sent to fight in wars anywhere."

Vietnam veteran Blue Caldwell, from Rangiora, said he was appalled by the protest.
"Quite frankly, anybody who desecrates the flag, regardless of what country, to me, they should be shot," Caldwell said.
"I'd like to know whether their grandfather and their father were involved in any war and if that was the case, what the hell are they doing?
"Because their father fought to give them the freedom today that they do."

Vietnam veteran Rick Edwards said he was disgusted. Veterans and their families would be horrified by yesterday's behaviour. "I'm just flabbergasted that they should do something like this," he said. "Their freedom depends on the sacrifices these guys have made through the years and for them to go on and do something like this – it's bloody terrible."

Morse, the Peace Action Wellington spokeswoman, said in a statement the group was protesting the message being given on Anzac Day. "Anzac Day has ceased to be a day where we commit to `never again', and has instead become nothing less than a celebration of the New Zealand military and the glorification of war."

National leader John Key, who attended the Wellington service, said the protest was "totally out of line". "I think it was appalling and disrespectful," he said. Key said comments that Anzac Day glorified war were "misguided", and the day was a chance to reflect on the impacts of war. "It's also an important opportunity for New Zealanders to ensure that they never forget the sacrifices that so many men and women of New Zealand have made."

A spokesman for Prime Minister Helen Clark said: "Anzac Day is a day of remembrance and reflection. "If people don't want to be part of that, they would be best to stay away."
Veterans' Affairs Minister Rick Barker said it was "utterly inappropriate and totally misguided": "There's nothing to glorify war in those memorials. "Those are tributes to grief and tragic loss."

Barker said the protesters were enjoying the freedom given to them by those who fought in wars. If they had an issue they should take it to the appropriate authority, not use Anzac Day.

So Bana what do think about that? Looks like you have chosen the wrong side mate. Or have you?

“In a separate incident, vandals attacked an Anzac Day site in Patea, south Taranaki, smashing crosses arranged around the town's cenotaph.”

So I guess this will not get the same attention and coverage from your Jewish mates in the AJN? Gee you must feel like an idiot Bana.

Here is another story Bana a bit more salt for your wound.

Protestors arrested at NZ Anzac Day service
By Peter Lewis

Two anti-war protesters have been arrested after disrupting Wellington's Anzac Day dawn service and setting a New Zealand flag alight.

Two members of a group calling themselves "Peace Action Wellington" disrupted speeches at the capital's cenotaph, sounded a horn and tried to burn a New Zealand flag.

They were arrested and charged with offensive behaviour and obstructing police and will appear in court later today.

Group spokeswoman Valerie Morse says conscientious objectors are the real heroes of Anzac Day, which she says has ceased to be a day when people commit to "never again'" wage war and instead has become a celebration of the military and armed conflict .

But Prime Minister Helen Clark, herself a prominent anti-Vietnam war protester, says New Zealanders need to recognise the profound impact war had on previous generations, respect the sacrifices made, and honour them.

So folks what do veterans really think about groups such as FDB and PAW?

Brian Mannix, who fought in Vietnam, said the protest was a disgrace to the country.
"I stand on Anzac Day to remember my family, to remember my mates," Mannix said. "Anzac Day is not glorifying the military. It is not celebrating war. It is the day that we repay respect to the people that fought for our freedom."

Vietnam veteran Blue Caldwell, from Rangiora, said he was appalled by the protest.

"Quite frankly, anybody who desecrates the flag, regardless of what country, to me, they should be shot," Caldwell said.

We agree! And what do Kiwis think of this outrage? No these people are not Nazis or Fascists just everyday Kiwis who are so offended by these Anti Australian Anti New Zealand groups.

“ I am a peace lover and I am appalled at Valerie Morse's performance. I find her comments very misguided and obnoxious. She is obviously very naive and self important. (Didn't anyone tell her about respecting your elders?) Mother Teresa once said she would attend a peace rally but not an anti-war protest....what is this lady doing attending a memorial day and burning the National Flag?!!”

“Its a bit off that she has disrespected the very people that fought and died for her right to free speech and the tax payer grant system to finish her uni studies.”

“I'm afraid I fail to see how there can be 2 sides to burning of the flag on a national day of rememberance, especially if it was done by an american, or any foreign national for that matter.”

“It doesnt matter what her issue is, you just dont turn up at the likes of Anzac Day & burn the flag many of the people in attendance lost family fighting for. There is a time & a place for that kind of thing, and if she feels so vehementally about stopping war I suggest she moves back to the states & camps out in front of G.W's front gate & protest there. With so many wars around the world why would u ever choose NZ to protest in ???? nutcase”

“this is to valerie: "how dare you burn my countries flag on ANZAC day, this utter disrespect should never go unnoticed, as you have sickened hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of New Zealanders and Australians, our country is not turning into Nazi Germany, but probably into a Communist State. so get your facts straight! if we had capital punishment, we would definitely want you to be hanging in the noose right now for that cowardly act on my country, go back to America and burn your own flag you traitor!"yeah... such disrespect on our country, but then again...this idiot probably spent half her life in a mental ward.”

And what of her friends at Indy Media?

Comment by Scott, on 28-APR-2007 02:33
All this outrage over a little flag, and none at all over the war crimes being committed by Anzacs overseas, like the murder of two East Timorese youths on February the 23rd in the Comoro refugee camp West of Dili. Educate yourselves:

So once again FDB will go into damage control. That’s all they seem to do of late. More to come.