Sunday, May 20, 2007

Asher Goldman Confesses

From ‘Anarchia’:

“In my latest especially depressive patch (as distinct from my routine depressive state), currently running into its 5th month, I certainly feel a lack of support, but I also have a total lack of an idea as to what I want or need.”

He’s confused, the poor lad. But not so confused that it stops him harassing decent White people who reject Multiculturalism.

“Part of me longs for my friends to take the lead at this point, for them to gather together and do something, anything, to provide some support, even if it's totally inadequate or not what I need. At the same time, I fear the patronising mentality that is so common towards sufferers of mental illness (even from fellow sufferers).”

Oh, you mean all those ‘Nutzis’ and mad fascists who you and your FDB bum chums take the piss out of all the time. After all, that IS FDB’s, and other so-called ‘Anti-Racist’ groups standard line isn’t it? The only reason they hold a contrary view to Multiculturalism is because they are mentally ill?

“I don't want to have to deal with being patronised on top of everything else”.

It is so typical of FDB hypocrisy for Goldman to fish for sympathy for his depression while simultaneously accusing White Nationalists of being evil ‘nutters’ and ‘lunatics’ etc.

For the record we do not think people should be mocked or ostracised for suffering from genuine mental illness but we do think it is irresponsible and reckless of them not to seek or to refuse treatment.

We also don’t believe Goldman and the other FDB swill can simply explain away their hateful criminal behaviour with claims of suffering from clinical depression. We believe a far more malignant pathology is at work here more indicative of severe and highly dangerous psychosis.

We also remind our readers to take note that this dangerous idiot Asher Goldman is one of the so-called "core members" of FDB. He is an FDB 'Elder' on the Council of Thirteen *snigger*, part of the trusted inner circle.

Whitelaw Towers are seriously beginning to wonder if there is ANYONE at all over at FDB who has a clean sheet, either mentally or drug use wise.