Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Baron

Then there is the recent case of The Baron (David Innes of Western Australia) who fell for a gag pulled by Whitelaw Towers and confirmed what pretty much everyone already knew about him but most were either too pissweak or sycophantic to say out loud.

He is feeding FDB with information.

What the Hell are we talking about?
Well, it’s that tale about a band called Southern Storm supposedly going to play at a certain birthday party in Queensland to which Benny was invited. He was told about the ‘special guests’ but he was the only one who was told this particular story.

Investigations reveal he told another so-called White Nationalist who, unbeknown to him, was a mate of David Innes. What happens next? Well, all of a sudden Darp is crowing about his big scoop. Unlucky for him though, he just got stung and we exposed the direct path of the information trail.

So there you have it, a perfectly traceable (dis)information ‘leak’, from us to Benny to his contact to the Baron to FDB. We now know how several other bits of real information have made it to FDB over the past several months.

Benny’s naivety and our awareness of it caused us to put him officially on a need to know status about two years ago but still we would let some things slip and sure enough they’d get out. This time we were more careful and patient and it has paid off. We can now be certain of where most of the ‘leaks’ were. We bear Benny no real grudges, he is just a trusting kind of bloke who is easily tricked.

The one we do hold a grudge against is David Innes who has consistently proven he is simply an egoist and self promoter who will even deal with his own enemies (gifting them information) to harm his perceived rivals within the White Nationalist movement. When one reads Innes’ writing over the years one thing becomes abundantly clear. He has no heroes, no one he admires or attempts to emulate, only himself. He perceives himself as peerless.

In politics this is very unusual almost to the point of being unique. He gives no one credit for anything and despises anyone else who has even the faintest success. What drives a person to be this way is difficult for normal people to understand until one realises he is mentally ill. We truly believe he is dangerously psychotic and his manipulative, power hungry wife Lilith needs to show some guts and responsibility and have him scheduled. It is only in an appropriate institution with professional help and the correct medication that he has any hope of rehabilitation.

It is ironic that he shares such uncannily similar personality disorders with the clinically insane Brian Stokes and Mathew Henderson-Hau.
They would (perhaps are?) make a good team.
Just for the record, Whitelaw Towers would like to state here that until now we have resisted passing comment on The Baron and Stormfront because we see no merit or gain in criticising what are, ostensibly, other White Nationalists, misguided though many of them are.
However, recent events involving threatening E-Mails and P.M.'s and his apparent dealing with the enemy have proved to be intolerable and it is clear that The Baron is off with the fairies. This, hopefully, will be the limit of our comment. It is only a matter of time now before his fellow Stormfronters revolt and he is left with no members or is thrown out on his ear.