Saturday, May 12, 2007

Benny and the Reds

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

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Posted: Fri May 11, 2007 7:28 pm
Nazi Ben wrote:
The kind of ongoing torment I have encountered at the hands of these hatemongers I thought was only possible in the movies and going on how so called 'anti-racists' parade themselves around, I never thought they were capable of it.

Ooops... I think we broke it.

BTW, we watch a lot of movies.”

Bet you do Weez, bet you do. It must take hours every day, even on fast forward, to scan all that footage collected from your various covert surveillance devices. How many school kiddies and other innocents have you caught on your cameras and got filed away for ‘future reference’? Hmmm, bet the Feds would sure like a squiz at your hard-drive, eh?

Benny wrote:
I have changed my surname from Weerheym (Weerheijm) to Williams,

Firstly, I was getting rather sick and tired of spelling my name out at least three times a day for people and people pronouncing it the wrong way

Get ya hand off it, Ben. Wank, wank, wank.”

Well it would be you Weezy, you dirty old perve, who’d know more about the pleasures of …erm…auto-eroticism…You burst into spontaneous bouts of pulling every time you think you’ve scored a hit on decent White Aussies.

“Ben, the misspelling excuse is as weak as fish piss.

Benny wrote:
and secondly I wanted to give myself a bit of a chance for people to actually get to know the real me instead of coming to a conclusion based on my past.

aha, a little 'truthiness'... Ben, you are where you are in this life PRECISELY because you behave as you do. You're trying to escape responsibility for being Ben Weerheym by calling yourself something else.

I don't THINK so.

Benny wrote:
After a bit of thinking

...make sure you let it cool off before doing anything brain-intensive like crossing the street,
Benny wrote:
I changed my first name from Benjamin to Benedict

Benedict. Great choice. Benedict was the name of a historically significant traitor and is being used at present by Ratzo the brain-dead moron, who thinks condoms are more evil than HIV.

Ben- newsflash. You ganged up in the night with other nazis to terrorise old ladies in a war widows home. You support/ed racism and nazism in your neighbourhood for YEARS. You've travelled all the way across Australia and back to mingle with other nazis, in support of your racist crusade. You ran your blogspot toilet for years as well, publishing my exact street address and photos of my house and cars to make it more convenient for your mates to come by and terrorise us and vandalise my house (and we know who smashed the mailbox, dude- your mate didn't notice the TWO wireless video cams in the cherry trees out front).”

Hey, them’s pretty sophisticated and expensive toys for a wretched Welfare leech like you Stokesy. Oh, and by the way, do we have to remind you yet again that it was YOU who pioneered the entire ‘naming and shaming’ and posting people’s personal details and photos (including minors) on the Internet you fucken queer cockroach?

“Now... you want to walk away from your very well-earned reputation?

Pull the other one, mate.”

Yep, like the evil, twisted and crippled creature said Benny, and let’s face it you should know this by now, you walk away, they simply follow you. There’s no point in maintaining any illusions about the situation. These are hardened stalkers we are dealing with here. It’s never over with creeps like Weezil ‘til it’s really over, preferably (from their point of view) with you either banged up in the nuthouse or gaol or dead. The last option would be particularly convenient if you were to suicide.

Why would they ever let you or us go? They truly enjoy their work. They are malicious and sadistic. Nope, ‘fraid it’s a case of play this one through to the end Benny and make sure it’s them who end up the losers.
That's OUR game plan.