Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bike Land and the hidden hand…

Weezil’s wild biker fantasy, almost certainly based purely on his once having had a couple of One Percenter neighbours is truly pathetic stuff. Yes Weez, we know all about the lads at Pellitt Lane. Waving at some local bikers on the way to and from the Round Corner shops, or even conducting the occasional…erm…‘commercial transaction’ with similar types, scarcely bestows outlaw status on a fucking sad old über dweeb.

WHAT a wanker!

But there are in Sydney some real, hard core biker tales worthy of telling. For example, perhaps it’s just a coincidence but it seems strange to us that the Bandidos who frequent many ‘Pubboy’ premises, particularly the inner city ones, and are quite close with the company’s Multi-Millionaire Jewish ‘entrepreneur’ owner Mark Alexander-Erber are currently engaged in a huge turf war with the Rebels and strangely Alex Vella, their National President, gets locked out of Australia by the ZOG controlled Immigration Department.

Hmmm! Of course the Reds will accuse us of being over imaginative or even being paranoid but we smell another Jewish plot going on here. Okay, so Mr. Vella’s back now but his future residency status looks a bit wobbly with talk of his visa perhaps again being revoked. Whether this means he can and/or will ultimately be deported to his birthplace of Malta is uncertain but one thing we are sure of is that the greatest beneficiaries of such an outcome would be the Bandidos and the ‘businessmen’ of Sydney’s club land.

Sydney is a big nightclub and dance scene city and consequently has one of the World’s biggest illicit drug scenes, particularly for ecstasy and amphetamines, and there have been several recent busts involving Israeli citizens and other Jews carrying large quantities of these substances into and around Australia. The Bandit State of Israel and its criminal global support network requires big money to maintain and operate.

The Mossad’s expertise in conducting terrorist activities would certainly come in handy for any group at war, including an Outlaw Motorcycle Club, and firebombing a few clubhouses, blowing up some drug labs or even assassinating the odd gangster would not only be reasonably routine for these stone cold Israeli killers but would also be useful for training purposes.

These type of clandestine operations are carried out all the time and just recently the Mossad have been working hard in Hungary (totally unofficially of course) as ‘advisors’ and ‘observers’ (shades of Vietnam there folks) to suppress, through the careful application of harassment and extreme violence, the local Nationalist movement which is naturally bad for business. When Jews can’t do business they become enraged and will do literally anything to keep the shekels rolling into the Synagogue of Satan even if it involves intervention in a sovereign nation’s political process.

At street level at least none of this biker scene stuff in Sydney has anything to do with Race, Politics or Religion. It is all purely about business and money. But when the senior Khazars see a ‘good Jewish boy’ like Alexander-Erber providing the ideal venues (pubs and clubs) for the distribution of their drugs and see his muscle, the Banditos, being threatened by another group of gangsters, the Rebels, they intervene, big time.

Erber’s good relationship with outlaws is largely due to his own penchant for playing the bad arse biker. He has a shaved head, goatee beard, tattoos and rides a collection of heavily customised and hugely expensive Harley Davidsons some of which have featured in Ozbike Magazine and other dedicated biker publications.

Rubbing up against rough trade has always been a bit of a time honoured tradition for the celebrity socialite set and Erber’s pubs provide a suitably trendy environment for the dilettantes to be seen around gangsters. Nice photo opportunities are frequently available for these wealthy wankers. The most notorious of these of course was the photo of Amber Petty, Princess Mary of Denmark’s best friend and Erber’s girlfriend, posing with the soon to be murdered Bandido President Rodney ‘Hooks’ Monk. Australasian Biker News hilariously, and quite accurately, described the blonde Petty as “Royal bridesmaid and professional socialite/ airhead”. Bang on the money!

Whitelaw Towers predict many more ‘drive-by’ shootings, fire bombings and ‘hits’ over the coming months and sadly for Mr. Vella we believe he and his very large and powerful club will sustain the majority of casualties. Numerous, tough, hard and capable as they are, we don’t believe the Rebels will be able to prevail against the combined forces of the Bandidos and the hired ‘mechanics’ from Tel Aviv.

Finally, we are not suggesting that Alexander-Erber or the Bandidos are even necessarily fully aware of how they fit into this process. After all they are in the middle of it all and probably can’t see the bigger picture. They quite possibly believe they are all acting independently and cannot perceive the ‘helping hand’ that is guiding ‘business’ along. This is how the Mossad conduct their affairs while protecting International Jewish interests.

We watch with interest and await further developments.