Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The continuing mystery of the disappearing FDB threads…

One of the most valuable lessons we have learned from our enemies at Fight Dem Back was to copy and archive EVERYTHING. The moment it goes up on the Internet. It is amazing how often FDB pull some thread or comment or carefully edit something to cover their tracks. Some posts last no more than a few minutes or perhaps an hour or two before they’re ‘cleansed’ by Darp or Weezil so one has to be vigilant. We are.

So why, we ask, was THIS particular thread pulled by the gutless Red swine and lobbed down the memory hole?

Could it be that we have touched a nerve with our challenge to, and exposure of, ‘Bana’ as a fraud? Something tells us we are on the right trail here. Well folks, we’re going to keep on following that scent, fear has its own distinctive stench. Watch this space.

Stormfront cracks wood and their creduilty over ANZAC Day

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Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 6:14 pm

“Once again ANZAC Day is coming around and once again the neo nazis over at Stormfront are jumping up and down like Ferrets doing a "weasel war dance" encouraging each other to support the diggers and stand behind "Aussie" values and alleging immigrants are trying to hijack ANZAC Day.


Once again, these faceless gutless misanthropes and troglodytes have pissed me off."
Surely he HAS to be referring to himself and FDB here...
"Take this gem of a comment on Stormfront for example;

SkinheadSkippy wrote:
ANZAC day is a very special day for ALL Australians and New Zealanders(sp?)

I celebrate the ANZAC's EVERY DAY by saluting my Australian Flag and thanking of all the men for their sacrifice.

Everybody should get behind the ANZACS!!


Mate, you must have a few skippies loose in the top paddock if you are trying to claim you support the sacrifice ANZAC troops made when you sign off your post with the NAZI party's war cry.

let me guess, you tried to sign up to the ADF but were rejected on psych grounds.

And how about this classic;

ladyfuro wrote:
resist any attempt to hijack this day..The immigrants may bitch about Christmas, Easter etc....But Anzac day is HANDS OFF!

Have you ever seen an ANZAC Day march? I had the privilege (sic) of serving with a great many non Anglo-Saxon soldiers during my time in the ADF. This included Asians and Egyptians. I also served with a Vietnam veteran who was Hungarian and whose father fought for Hungary in WWII (ie the AXIS). Added to that there are always contingents of Turks, Chinese, Italians and Vietnamese that march every year.

BTW: If you do truely (sic) support ANZAC Day, you'll learn not to spell it "Anzac".

But this one really gets me steaming;”

Kairos wrote:
I have the privilegde of speaking to several hundred people at our local Anzac Day ceremony in Melbourne, I will be reminding all present of the sacrifices made by those who went before us and, WHY they gave their lives, to keep this great country of ours white, British, and free! I will be cautious in the language I use, but doing everything I can to further our cause as white nationalists in this great southern land, please everyone out there, do what you can to support this day and to shw your support for those who put their lives in the line for our cause

“Well I hope you are better at public speaking than at both your spelling and grasp of history. Did you get an "F" for history at school, or did you get a BA at David Irving University? Diggers did not fight to keep Australia white, nor British. And they did not fight for a neo-nazi (sic) cause. Too right you better be cautious in your language. The vets may be getting old, but their English comprehension skills are still sharp.

Why do you think I made the pilgrimage to ANZAC Cove? Because the Turks don't allow extremists in any shape colour or form. And no extremists equals no neo nazis. (sic)

Thanks for ruining my day. While I'm polishing my beret badge, during the dawn service, and while playing two up with my fellow soldiers, all I'll be thinking about is who among us is a racist prick. I'll know one thing for sure, it won't be anyone wearing medals on the left side of their chest.”

This was the first post and was quickly followed by several others. We won’t post them all here now. It is boring and a waste of space, much like FDB itself.