Thursday, May 17, 2007

Damn their hide!

Doubtless there are herds of Rhinoceros out there that would envy the hide of FDB. We here at Whitelaw Towers have read some truly vomit worthy lies from the Red Scum at FDB over the years but this latest shower of verbal diarrhea that has sprayed forth from the FDB hate machine directed at Ben Weerheym is absolutely SICKENING!

How fucking DARE they!

The cynically contrived moral outrage and pseudo psychological pontificating about Benny as if they are all innocent and their hands are blood free is bad enough, considering the disgusting and gutless way they have hounded this poor bastard and made his life a misery by incessantly informing his employers and landlords about his politics, but to then turn the truth on its head, Planet Bizarro style, and claim black is white is outrageous.

After all, ask yourselves this honestly, what exactly are Benny’s heinous crimes so deserving of such relentless persecution? Even when viewed through the most jaundiced and subjective eye his actual “criminal offences” have been little more than misdemeanours predicated on poor judgment and naivety. There are laws that offer far greater protection to convicted scumbag rapists and paedophiles, shielding them from vigilante attacks that would pale into insignificance compared to the activities that FDB’s gutless agents have perpetrated on Benny and others who have the temerity to refuse to blindly embrace Multi-CULT-uralism.

These two-faced, sanctimonious hypocrites at FDB wrote the book on stalking, harassment and extortion. They have, among many other disgusting crimes, conspired with their media whores to defame innocent people and wasted the precious resources of Federal agencies to advance their twisted Multi Cult agenda. They have illegally accessed personal information on their political adversaries and broadcast it through their network of vicious Marxist misfits.

Fight Dem Back’s modus operandi is carefully crafted and has been finely honed over the several years of their toxic existence. Its members know precisely what they are doing so there is no way they can claim innocence. They initiated the threats and the stalking and now they want to claim victim status. Nope, we don’t think so. They set out to destroy lives, livelihoods, break up families and ultimately utterly destroy their ideological adversaries.

The threat of violence, both crudely overt and subtly implied, is constantly woven into their slimy rhetoric and the sleazy creep Brian Stokes in particular has never been shy when it comes to threatening teenagers, and others he perceives as being weak or easily intimidated by his pseudo-legalese bullshit, so it is all the more galling to read his latest ‘rage’ at this fairytale involving a mailbox and a teenage girl. Did this story come from the same septic lie factory that created the ‘Darp’s car extensively vandalised’ claim? So some snotty nosed skateboarder snapped his antenna off and FDB turn it into ‘Darp’s car has been constantly and extensively vandalized by Nazis’.

Lying is as natural and instinctive a process as breathing for these FDB cockroaches. There is a pathology evident here that is eminently worthy of serious investigation and extensive study. An army of apprentice shrinks could easily garner enough material for their PhDs on the behaviour of psychopaths and the criminally insane merely through a casual perusal of the Fight Dem Back Forum. Make no mistake, these creatures are sick, ill in the head and, in our opinion based on experience, capable of virtually anything.

Well, while we’re on the subject of young girls being harassed, we here at Whitelaw Towers have a few REAL stories involving teenage girls (the daughters of several White Nationalists who have been threatened and harassed and worse* by FDB agents) and then there is the matter of a certain Queensland mailbox that was utterly blown to smithereens by an explosive device with a reasonably sophisticated timing mechanism…

*perhaps more on this later…

Oh, and Weezil, the only ‘mist’ you’d ever be capable of creating, you pathetic queer cunt, is the brown mist that would spray from Darp’s arse as you shag him like a fuckin’ turbo-charged woodpecker, you CLOWN! We all know you’re a sad old drug fucked hippy but you truly need to lay off the psychoactive candy. You are living in a Fear and Loathing in Blackheath fantasy world. Let it go before you pull its head off.

Weezil wrote: “You want to talk about fury? Anyone who touches that kid would be nothing more than a pink mist and a greasy stain when I'm done with them... and she's got
It was duckmonster who, in yet another moment of FDB panic, censored his master’s post and removed some… erm…“identifying information”…

To be totally honest though we don’t know what’s more sickening, Weezil distorting the truth out of all recognition and lying through his teeth or Weezil trying to act tough with physical threats considering his and Darp’s absolutely spineless cowardice and total unwillingness EVER to back up their cocksure online waffle. Ten foot tall and bulletproof on the Internet while tapping away in their bedrooms in the small hours they are strangely lacking in heroics when it comes to the cold hard light of day.

These jelly backed swine could not even stand up straight if their miserable lives depended on it. There are plenty of White Nationalists, particularly ex WPCA people, who have endured for years now, and continue to endure, the constant stress of themselves, their families and their loved ones being stalked, harassed, threatened, their personal and private information being illegally accessed and broadcast and their homes and property being vandalised. Yet the sociopathic, misanthropic swill from FDB persist in presenting themselves as “victims”!?!?!


If any of this does ever makes it into a court of law as FDB are always threatening it will then the presentation of evidence and statements by FDB’s victims will be extremely interesting to say the very least.

Bring it on Darpy boy.

When FDB claim they have certain ‘standards’ and are ‘sitting on certain info’ they deem inappropriate to publish and limit their online exposés of White Nationalists this is all entirely limited by LEGAL and certainly not moral considerations. Even the not overly bright apprentice Lawyer Darp has learned enough about criminal law to know he will talk himself into gaol if he is not very careful. He has already pushed his luck way further than most.

Recent revelations emerging from Melbourne regarding the Cocaine use endemic in the Australian Legal fraternity indicate Darp has chosen his intended vocation well. He is certainly no stranger to vacuuming lines of white powder up with his nose. He would fit in well if we ever allowed him to. Sadly for Darp this will not be permitted to happen. There is no way, while ever we draw breath, that Mathew Henderson-Hau will practice Law in this country. More on this later…

For any reading this site who might still harbour the slightest, nagging, niggling doubt that Brian Stokes aka ‘Weezil’ is a vindictive psychopath with a pathological obsession for vendetta who will, like the Terminator of Hollywood fame, never ever stop, then ladies and Gentlemen, for your elucidation, please read the following:

“Remember, we're having this conversation because a few Indiana klanstwats burned a cross in my yard 30 years ago- and I'm not done with them yet, either. Ben's threats and abuse were much more personal and did more than kill some of my lawn grass...”

If this is not an open admission that, like his bum chum Darp, all this persecution of White Nationalist dissidents is PERSONAL then we don’t know what is.

“It's not over for me with Ben- and won't be until I am convinced that he's no longer a 'person of interest.' Fuck his apologies- they're as worthless as the rest of the scumbag. Not until Ben is working full-time for a migrant rights or Jewish service organisation will I take Ben out of my crosshairs.”

And there’s the ultimate agenda folks, typical of all Commie ideologues and outlined chillingly in Orwell’s book ‘1984’, to not only break the opposition but to make them truly LOVE Big Brother.

We are dealing with some totally fucked units here folks…