Thursday, May 03, 2007

FDB Secret Weapon Miss Fires

Oh boy has Whitelaw touched a nerve over at FDB of late. It would seem that they couldn’t get over the fact that they blew it big time over Anzac Day. It looks as if Bana may have found out that while he was pretending to be a soldier and a Patriot his mates at FDB had better plans. Like disrupting the Dawn Service in Wellington. Talk about break down in communication.

But alas Mathew Henderson leader of this motley crew of disrespectful reds has released his secret weapon. And it’s a beaut. No need to try and cover up the fact that core members not only burnt a Kiwi flag on Anzac Day but they blew horns during the dawn service. No, no apology to the diggers and families, no mention at all. What does he say?


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Yeah I saw that the allies bombed the crap out of it before any land assaults correct? Apparently it just made it easier for the Nazis to defend.

Anyway, back to Jim Perren yeah, the 28th Maori BN performed with high distcintion at Monte Casino, yes 28 is a very important number July at any rate. Perhaps a Southern Storm might be passing through someone's 40th Birthday digs in Southern QLD as well ...a storm might possibly ignite the cross burning!

Be such a damn shame for the entire freakin world to see you for what you are, a cross-burning, sig heiling dyed in the wool Nazi piece of shit wouldn't it?

Pass me a XXXX.

Can anyone but Queenslanders drink that filth?

Intolerance of intolerance is the only intolerance tolerated.

Mathew is stepping into the unknown here, but when you have nothing you must do something. What’s that, attack is the best type of defense.

“damn shame for the entire freakin world to see you for what you are”
Now Mathew has got a few wires crossed yet again. This seems to be a bit of a problem lately. Now we are not sure but I would suggest that the whole world has in fact seen FDB for what it really is. You are such a mastermind Mathew.

Making up stories to rally the reds is the name of the game with Mathew. It’s more smoke and mirrors. Just ignore the fact that no matter what they say they will never win over anyone as long as Asher and his mates in FDB Kiwi land keep up the good work.

What we have picked up over the last 18 months from the Aussie and Kiwi red community old FDB is not exactly the shining example of Anti Racism, in fact word on the street is that they are a bit of an embarrassment. And they know it. But as long as FDB is up front setting the example White Australians should feel safe. Australia’s sole Anti Racism web site is a joke.

But folks it’s a double-edged sword. Sadly the only time anyone uses the FDB forum is when we uncover more dirt at hypocrisy Inc. I get the feeling they don’t like us too much at FDB central.

Unknown to the reds at FDB every time Weezil and Darp make a statement about Jim they never seem to get it correct. From the very beginning its all been rubbish. Something that the people who actually know Jim think is very funny. For all the secrets and cunning plans from Baldric AKA Brian Stokes not one photo. Not a single positive ID from the FDB spies in QLD.
Hell we do not know why, its not like he hid from the reds in Brisbane or in Sydney. It’s well documented that Jim has gone out of his way to meet these FDB stooges north and south.

So far Mathew has said Jim is 6ft tall then he said he was short and stocky then he was pudgy recently he was fat and a skin head. Boy what Intel. So you clowns keep on believing what he says, just shows how stupid you lot are. Truly desperate stuff from desperate people.

We will ask again FDB please answer the following.
1/ What was the name of the 1% Outlaw Club Brian Stokes rode with?
2/ What SAS or Armored unit did Bana serve with?
3/ Do you support core member Asher over his actions on Anzac Day.
4/ What did you do with Bana? We miss him.