Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Filthy Red Scum caught out… again!

At Whitelaw Towers we believe we may have discovered the reason why the ‘Stormfront cracks wood…’ FDB thread was pulled. It has come to our attention that while the lying hypocrites at FDB such as Darp, Bana and Weezil were busy lecturing us about our supposed disrespect of Anzac Day ON Anzac Day one of their “core” members, one Asher Goldman no less, was busy protesting and disrespecting a service by disrupting it through noise generation and abuse. It is also highly probable they were involved in the vandalism which occurred. It is certainly within the parameters of their modus operandi.

We find it pretty hard, try impossible, to accept that Darp, and in turn Bana & Co, would have been unaware of this pink Commie pantomime going on over in New Zealand. Asher Goldman and the well known serial fruitcake Valerie Morse are close friends and have cooperated on several Anarchist jaunts.

On the comments section of the ‘Reading the maps’ Blog, Asher Goldman simply signing as ‘Asher’ and Valerie Morse signing as ‘anarchafairy’ heap praise on a diatribe of hateful Anarchist claptrap posted by the Blog host. Goldman’s post is most notable for his admission to being “one of the Welly protesters”. Bana must be so proud…

Asher said...

I thought that was a fantastic reply, Maps.
Thanks for your consistent support,
Asher (one of the Welly protesters)
4:25 PM

anarchafairy said...

Ditto - thanks for your support... it's made me feel a lot better after being attacked from all fronts. :)
4:29 PM

Then this from a ‘Richard Taylor’ who not only lauds the ‘protesters’ as courageous heroes but refers to “this ANZAC stuff” as “absolute cows muck for morons”.

Richard Taylor said...

asher - anarchafairy - anon
You are the couragoeus (sic) ones - to protest is hard - it is not popular - it is dangerous - it does take courage - I was in the protests in the 70s and was battoned (sic) in the face in 1981 I also saw Bastion point and was supportive of that action. I marched with the great Maori people. I feel priviliged (sic) to have been able to do that.
To fight in a war like a sheep is easy.
I am opposed to the RSA, war and warmongers. To oppose war takes courage - to show up the hypocrisies of our Govt and others takes courage - it is easy to stand stupidly in a parade surrounded by militarists - mesmerised by cliches.
This ANZAC stuff is absolute cows muck for morons.
12:36 AM

For those with the stomach to read the entire piece simply go to:

Anyhow, way back on Tuesday 14th February 2006 the Victor Whitelaw Blog revealed the bizarre antics of Valerie Morse in an article written by Kerry Bolton:

“Ms Morse was an attendee of the “Stitch ‘n’ Bitch” “Anarcha-Feminist” conference, Christchurch, 1-4 Feb. 05. Ms Morse is the hysterical blond woman in dark glasses who can be seen in photos as part of a large mob surrounding and beating Cale Olsen after Ms Morse and her colleagues had rioted against a celebration of National Flag Day.

Ms Morse was also involved with the anarchist counter-demonstration against the NF anti-China FTA on 7 June 2004, during which the anarchists repeatedly blocked pedestrians, threatened nationalists and were ordered to depart by the police. Ms Morse’s main role was to walk the length of the nationalist picket moronically chanting “go home Nazis”. Previously some of her colleagues had painted slogans on the road leading into the Botanical Gardens, and even on adjacent flats.

Ms Morse was also involved with the 18 October protest against a defence industry conference held at Te Papa, during which she and her colleagues charged police lines and Morse was reportedly “one of the first to be arrested”

This is the extremely low calibre of the lunatics which make up the close associates of the “core membership” of the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang. How can anybody take them seriously? They are beneath contempt.

How can FDB maintain a “core” membership where on one hand you have ‘Bana’ expressing his belief that Anti-Anzac Day protesters are “lower than rockspiders” and on the other you have Asher Goldman running with the Loony Left Brigade violating the sanctity of Dawn Ceremonies and abusing war veterans? Surely one or both of them must quit FDB.

Don’t hold yer breath folks…