Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Liars Inc.

Once again Brian Stokes and Bana keep refusing to back up the FDB BS they have been feeding to any one who will listen. What is the best they can come up with? Threats? What a shock... Did not see that coming. Nope no litigation this time from our biker mate Stokesy

But conspiring to defame seems to be the game at FDB? Brian Stokes and Andy have a crazy idea. We are not exactly sure what this gibberish is but that’s no different than any other time.

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Posted: Tue May 01, 2007 7:23 am Post subject:

I always appreciate Jim's forlorn references to his imaginary friends in the Whitelaw Towers' staff...
Weezil: Darp? [whispers] I got a really wicked idea that could get Jim into a lot of trouble.

Darp: Oh, Weezil... we have to fight our temptation.
Weezil: [seductive] No, Darp, let's do it. [joyous] Let's call ZOG!
Darp: Oh...
Perren: Well, we'll just see about that. [Walks over to a cage full of Holocaust denialists with wings] Fly, my pretties, fly! [They walk to the window and plummet to their deaths] ~sighs~ Continue the research.

It would seem that they even speak for Mr. Perren now. Confused? Get used to it.

Old Weezil steps in with the killer punch.

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Posted: Tue May 01, 2007 10:57 pm Post subject:

Weezil: Darp? [whispers] I got a really wicked idea that could get Jim into a lot of trouble.

Only ONE? hahahahahah Cripes, Jim- Agent Gerbil's schedule is fully packed (so to speak).

Anyway what has FDB got to show us? Has Brian Stokes answered any of the questions put to him? Has Bana proved to us that he is not a FDB fake? Nope. Why is that? Answer, they have nothing. In fact they never did. Its all smoke and mirrors. The backing they once had if any has walked away, hell who would like to be associated with the foul mouthed Marxist. Certainly not Andrew Bartlett from the Democrats or the Union. Do the authorities believe a word they say? Nope. Besides cutting and pasting news stories from the AJN web site and generally making threats FDB are dead in the water. What of Mathew Henderson? Well it would seem they roll him out every now and then just to make them look even more stupid.

Again what happened to Banna’s thread? How is it that Banna starts a thread on Anzac Day that naturally Whitelaw picks it to bits as we do and ZAP, its gone. Why is it then that Mathew Henderson immediately starts a thread on Mr. Perren attacking him for comments that they can only guess at the author. Why would they then try and make it look like Mr. Perren got the ball rolling? Maybe Henderson is still upset that Jim put him and his mates on the spot last year? Seems old Mathew blames Jim for everything now. Anyway lets have a look shall we.

Note the date people.

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Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 12:28 pm Post subject: Jim Perren's usual ANZAC day shit

Sigh ... It's the same shit every year... "Blah blah ...we fought on the wrong side, we should have fought with the Nazis, therefore we racist fucks should be allowed to claim Anzac (sic) Day... blah ...blah ...I was a volunteer in RSL clubs ...blah blah ...never joined the ADF as I was too much of a drug-addled bikie who could never actually cut it in uniform...blah ..blah ...BUT my adopted father served in 'Nam therefore that by extension makes me a worthy benefactor of the Anzac tradition cos as we all know, every person who pulled on a slouch hat secretly wished that they we were tag-team buddies with the Nazis ..blah ...blah."

Interesting, Mathew Henderson is talking about this topic Lets Rip into it Once Again that was posted at Whitelaw.

No place in this topic, Lets Rip into it Once Again that was written on Whitelaw in reply to Bana's disapearing thread does it say “we fought on the wrong side, we should have fought with the Nazis, I was a volunteer in RSL clubs”. In fact one can see that Mathew must be reading something that was written only in his sick little head. Not to mention that any one who knows Mr. Perren also knows that the comments made here about his family and he are totally wrong.

Personally I am disappointed that Jim keeps getting all the attention for my writing. These clowns cannot even pick the difference between styles of writing from all the contributers at Whitelaw, what hope do they have.

So what Henderson has written once again is a desperate attempt to cover the balls up from his mate Bana. You recall him? The FDB member who is impersonating a member from the ADF.

Again here is the disappearing thread. Note the Date

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Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 6:14 pm Post subject: Stormfront cracks wood and their creduilty over ANZAC Day

Once again ANZAC Day is coming around and once again the neo nazis over at Stormfront are jumping up and down like Ferrets doing a "weasel war dance" encouraging each other to support the diggers and stand behind "Aussie" values and alleging immigrants are trying to hijack ANZAC Day.

Now we hate to be picky but with these guys you have to be.

In the last week Whitelaw staff have shown that Brian Stokes has claimed he was a Sgt at Arms in a 1% Outlaw Club, that Bana is a fraud, unless he can prove otherwise, we doubt that, and that supporters of FDB in New Zealand not only attempted to disrupt the Dawn service on Anzac Day but also burnt the Kiwi flag. We have shown that Mathew Henderson cannot read or he is just a filthy little liar.

All in all it’s been a bad week for FDB. So what do the come back kids at FDB do? Do they deny Brian was a drug addicted bikey? Do they distance themselves from the Anzac Day debacle in New Zealand? Does Bana come up with any proof he is a member of the SAS or the Armored Corp? NO. They answer us with threats and more poo and bum jokes. Well guys put up or shut up.

Anything you scum do to any white nationalist now has been done before. The FDB club is more like the series of Black Adder with Brian Stokes playing Bauldrick "I have a cunning plan". Well Brian why do you always tip us off? Could it be you have nothing? Or are you purposely spoiling Little Mathews legal case.

Mathew Henderson on the other hand has more in common with Adolph Hitler. How you may ask? In the dying days of the Reich Hitler was rarely seen, same as the once media whore Henderson, Hitler relied on a secret weapon to end the war, one he knew they would never have in time, but was widely believed to exist by his followers. Henderson tells his Bum Chums at FDB that our days are numbered they have a cunning plan (see Bauldrick Stokes above) when they know the battle is lost. But it does not stop them from telling the ever-shrinking membership at FDB more of the same crap. Shit Henderson the only guys left at FDB are fools or just plain stupid.

In the end they are a sad little lot. The more they carry on the more likely it is that Henderson will never fulfill his dreams as a lawyer. One thing we can assure you we shall keep an eye on this idiot, we shall remind any law firm he works for exactly what sort of person they have hired. It will be our duty to make sure that once he finishes his studies that the law association knows also. That’s our promise.