Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oh, the melodrama!

From Anarchia:

April 9th, 2007

I wrote the following last night after watching a movie - apologies if it isn’t totally coherent, neither was my brain at that stage…”

Of course, the question is just how much of Asher Goldman’s activities are conducted in this depressed and incoherent mental fugue state. How many vicious Anarchist actions are perpetrated on decent White folk by this bitter and twisted little shit while he is “confused”? How many White Nationalists have been subjected to slander and harassment by Goldman and his Red Brigade in a futile attempt to placate his inner demons? How much of his ‘political’ activity is merely self ‘therapy’ through catharsis?

“I’ve just finished watching Everything Is Illuminated, and it brought up a lot of feelings and thoughts in my head, far more so than any other Holocaust related movie I’ve watched. I think that’s because rather than focusing on the horrors of the Holocaust, it focuses on something which I experience far more – the knowledge of a lost past, of a lost heritage.”

Besides the oxymoronic reference to his ‘knowledge’ of something he doesn’t know, yep, YOU try to work it out, this is just typical of a rootless Jew whining about disconnectedness, disenfranchisement, dispossession etc. Blah, blah, blah. Jews typically project this psychobabble claptrap onto ‘useful’ groups like various ‘indigenous’ peoples so as to exploit them in their war against White people. These creatures chose to be parasites. They have no right to complain that they are universally despised and forever damned to wander the Earth like wretched gypsies. They have no home so they dedicate their toxic existence to destroying the homes and nations of others. We feel no pity for them. None.

“Only one of my grandparents were born in Aotearoa (sic) – the other three all migrated here. Two came in the 1920’s, while one escaped from Poland just before the Nazi invasion. Of the heritage of those three (all long passed away) I only have a vague knowledge of the last, my Mother’s father. He was one of only a few of his family to survive, the rest dying in the Holocaust.”

Ah, the so-called Holocaust. The greatest lie ever told. Funny how this fantasy is blamed by the Jews for everything negative in their lives. It’s a convenient non-event, promoted relentlessly by Hollywood, that’s leeched White Humanity and provided the witch doctors of Jewish Psychiatry with an endless resource.

“I have no idea how, where or when – all I know is they did not survive.”

Well then how the fuck does he know the Germans had anything whatsoever to do with their presumed deaths?

“It’s a strange thing – If I knew my family’s heritage, I probably would barely give it a second thought.”

The fucking LIAR! We would never hear the friggin’ END of it. The Kikes have dined out on the Holohoax for over half a century. Why would Goldman not milk it for everything he could if he could ‘prove’ some of his family died in the mythical gas chambers?

“But because I don’t, that lack of knowledge is something that surrounds everything I do.
In the not too distant future I’ll be going to Poland,”

Good, fuckin’ stay there!

“to a town called Bialystok, where he grew up. I’ll be going to the concentration camps, where countless lives (perhaps some of my family’s) were taken in the most cruel and calculated circumstances.”

Says who? Oh yes, that’s right, it was on television so it must be true.

“I’m going there, not in the hope that I’ll find anything I don’t already know (that could only be a fools game), but just to see, to feel, to experience, even if for a moment, what has been taken from me and so many other Jews (and Roma, queers and others).”

Yes, those poor thieving Gyppos and filthy, shitdick Sodomites…No mention of the tens of millions of GOOD people who were murdered by the Kike Kommissars. No. Let’s all just have a weep over the dregs, the trash and the scum of the Earth…

“That lack of a past engulfs me, imprisons me.”

Yep, and that’s precisely where a vicious Red Terrorist like you SHOULD be, in fucking prison. And as far as groping for pity for your “lack of a past” we say FUCK YOU! While you and your type scheme relentlessly to destroy our Race and Culture and ensure our children have no FUTURE we could not give a flying fuck about your PAST, real or imagined.

“When I feel so disconnected from what family I have left alive,”

So there you go folks. Even his living family members can’t stand the nasty little prick. No wonder all this ‘inner turmoil’ manifests itself in violent, antisocial, Anarchic behaviour.

“it is the family long dead that I wish I could reach out to. I wish I could have met them, have asked them all the questions I want answers to.”

What questions? Like why am I such an ugly, snotty nosed, miserable arsehole?

“One of my foreign born grandparents died long before I was born, the other two when I was just 2 years old. And so I never really knew any of them. I was never able to talk to them about their hometowns, about what life was like, about their decisions to come to the other side of the world, and, perhaps most importantly, about what they left behind.”

Oh yeah! There’s surely got to be some buried treasure somewhere, eh? Or some unclaimed cash sitting in a Swiss bank account? Gold, there’s got to be Gold…

“Instead, I sit here, typing on a computer, trying to put into words that which cannot be described.”

Oh the Humanity!!! Oh, give it a rest pal. It’s starting to sound like some corny voice-over dialogue in a B-Grade Hollywood movie ferFUCK’Ssake!

“Trying to imagine what they might have been like. Trying to imagine what I would have done in their place.”

Well…erm…presumably DIED just like they did we expect…

“Trying to imagine what they would say of the choices I have made in my life. Trying, above all, not to forget.”

No. NEVER forget. Never AGAIN! Never ENOUGH! (compensation)

Oy Vey!

One last word of advice to Ash (great name for a Jew, eh?) Goldman. If you are truly concerned about your mental health then don’t smoke Marijuana. It is well known to either initiate or exacerbate psychotic conditions.