Thursday, May 03, 2007

Professor Henderson’s History Lesson…

Well, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, as an Historian Darp makes a good Greengrocer. In a nutshell (how appropriate) it goes something like this. The Pommies, and I suppose pretty much anyone else who was White on the ‘Allied’ side in WWII, reclined on banana chairs sipping pink gin while the ‘darkies’ did all the hard work then simply ‘waltzed in’ and took all the credit.


Darp should try relating his theory to the survivors and/or descendents of the 1st Airborne Division who fought so gallantly at Arnhem against two elite Waffen SS regiments whose commanders after the war, being impressed by the bravery they had encountered, wrote to the survivors and their former captives expressing their awe and admiration. The gesture was reciprocated by the Brits who were equally impressed by their treatment at the hands of these SS troops who they had been led to believe were monsters who would execute them if they surrendered. The truth was an entirely different story. So much for lying Allied propaganda.

Not too many Niggers being heroes there eh, just Brits supported by a small but very brave contingent of Poles fighting the Germans. The true accounts, in the unit histories, of what happened when they ran out of ammo after nine days (the high command had deemed it possible for them to survive only four days unsupported) are truly hair raising. Many of these blokes fought literally to the death with knives, daggers, bayonets and blunt instruments. Surrender was not considered an option until virtually everyone was wounded and could barely even crawl.

No less than FOUR Victoria Crosses were awarded for this action and they hardly hand those out like Purple Hearts…

Also, the last two times a modern Western army charged with fixed bayonets, again after exhausting their ammo, was the Brits in the Falklands and in Iraq. Again, the Ghurkhas and Maoris were absent. On both occasions the charges were successful. One can only imagine the terror induced in the enemy when a bunch of soldiers run at you with nothing but sharp ended small arms and lots of screaming. Shits would definitely be trumps. Now THAT is warfare.

These are only a few examples of White Men being brave and noble in war. History is replete with such events. If Darp and the FDB loons choose to disbelieve them all and instead invest the poorly disciplined and savage Maori with these qualities then so be it. A fool will believe whatever he wishes. One cannot teach bums any more than one can insert brains into statues.
Other meat grinders that consumed the majority of the participants, yes folks, missions that you were far more likely to die on than survive, were the Arctic Convoys (read: The Gates of Hell about the dreaded 'Murmansk Run'), the Allied Bombing Campaign waged on German cities and the Battle of Britain and these are just a few where Maoris and Ghurkhas were conspicuously absent.
Yet Darp still persists, at every opportunity, in tring to convince us that the Maoris won the war for the Allies.

Anyway, it’s good to see we can still always rely on Darp to not only totally ignore the tough questions (Bana’s claimed Military service, Weezil’s claimed One Percenter status and Goldman’s Anti Anzac Day antics) and to perpetuate the bizarre Maori ‘hero’ mythology he is so enraptured with.

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Posted: Thu May 03, 2007 1:53 am

“Did anyone see ABC (Aus) late last night? They had a thing on the Battle of Monte Casino. Freaking harrowing stuff. I don't know TOO MUCH about the whole thing other than the allied victory there basically forced the Nazis to fold on the southern front allowing the allies to sweep into Rome.

Does anyone remember in South Park the movie that bit called "Operation: Get behind the Darkies"? ie ..the black guys in the front rank, white dudes behind them.

I dunno... but listening to how the history of Monte Casino played out (or how this program presented it), it appeared that the actual taking of outposts was left to the Maori BN and the Ghurkas whilst the British Essex division would waltz in afterwards and then hold those positions against Nazi counter-attacks. The Maori BN lost 300 men in that battle, shite.”

Well, it WAS on Tel Avision so it must be true, eh?

Darp Hau
Joined: 25 Apr 2005
Posts: 3231
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Posted: Thu May 03, 2007 2:05 am

“Yeah I saw that the allies bombed the crap out of it before any land assaults correct? Apparently it just made it easier for the Nazis to defend.

Anyway, back to Jim Perren yeah, the 28th Maori BN performed with high distcintion (sic) at Monte Casino,”

Is there an actual relevant point being made here?

“yes 28 is a very important number July at any rate. Perhaps a Southern Storm might be passing through someone's 40th Birthday digs in Southern QLD as well ...a storm might possibly ignite the cross burning!”


“Be such a damn shame for the entire freakin (sic) world to see you for what you are, a cross-burning, sig (sic) heiling dyed in the wool Nazi piece of shit wouldn't it?”

Is Darp telling us he is contemplating crashing a party? Not only do we approve, we thoroughly recommend it. Good luck to him. He will need it.

Oh fuck! We just remembered. He has something of a record for promising a ‘guest appearance’ and then disappointing the punters with a no show. Damn!

Oh Darp, you’re such a teaser…

“Pass me a XXXX.

Can anyone but Queenslanders drink that filth?”
This, coming from a pervert who has imbibed God knows what bodily fluids and excreta...