Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Saga of Stüg...or...the Gospel according to St. Darpweezil...

We here at Whitelaw Towers must admit that the Red Scum Criminals at Fight Dem Back often do surprise us with the accuracy of some of the intelligence they gather on White Nationalists and it is clear they do have moles and sleepers and spies and agents, call them what you will, in various Government organisations. But we are equally surprised with the, often hilarious, inaccuracies which they also gleefully reproduce on their website and disseminate like they were gospel truth.

The latest quite bizarre ‘revelation’ that Stug was fathered by a Greek sailor is as hysterical and as it is fantastic. We simply cannot wait for the next FDB scoop. But Darp and Co do have a track record of this type of thing…

According to Mathew Henderson-Hau aka Darp of Eastwood NSW…

First he was “a bit of a tub”.

Then he “poisoned cattle”.

Then, like some demented QLD Don Quixote, he “sabotaged windmills”.

Then he was a gun thief.

Then he was the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan in Toowoomba.

Then he was a Heroin addict.

Then he was “off the gear and out of the clubs” and cleaning up his act.

Then he rode a motorcycle with a swastika painted on the tank.

Then he was “short and stocky”

Then he was “a tub of lard”.

Then he was “swarthy”

Then he was “Hungarian”.

Now, apparently, he is the illegitimate (presumably, to add spice to the tale) son of a Greek sailor no less...

Now all of these things might raise a chuckle with those that really know Stug and the entire affair might even be laughed off as the gross stupidity it is but the spiteful intent behind these ludicrous claims and the public smearing, including national newspapers, takes them into an entirely different realm.

Comical though they are, these outrageously delusional claims are meant, in all seriousness, to defame and to destroy a person’s reputation.

That is not funny at all.

That is a criminal act.