Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Brave Trooper 'BANA' boasts he'll be there!

It’s probably just the typical FDB piss and wind, bluff and bluster but “Trooper” BANA is still promising to show up at the Sydney Forum. Just be sure to wear yer slouch hat ‘BANA’ so we can spot you easily. We certainly wouldn’t want to miss you, you fuckin' pissant clown...

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Posted: Mon Jun 18, 2007 3:49 pm

“I'm with you. I'm not forking out money, to see BVH get verbally slammed by Salaem's (sic) crew, for it to be protested against.

I'm intending to listen to what BVH has to say, and whether he can back it up without Lilith as MC. I won't be there to argue with him. Enough of his WN "brothers" will be doing that.

I see this year as as (sic) being like the annual 'DEFCON" conventions the criminal hacker community puts on each year.”

Wank, wank, wank, (ZOG) money in the bank.
“Trooper” BANA desperately trying to sound cutting edge and hardcore with his casual references to ‘hackers’ etc. What a TRULY sad fucker.

“They invite the FBI, CIA, etc, and the Feds sit and listen to the speeches. Never any agro, disruptions nor arrests.”

Blah de blah de blah…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

“If Baron von Dog is worth his weight as an IT consultant, he'd know what DEFCONs are like.”

See ya there “Trooper”.