Thursday, June 28, 2007

For the Hard of Hearing!

Full Exposure. The Baron Revealed republished.
Yes folks White Law staff have stood silent on this subject long enough and have now decided to add another to the list of enemies on the Right, namely David Innes aka ‘Baron Von Hund’.

Over the last 5 years this man has been responsible for more people leaving the movement than Mathew Henderson-Hau and his left wing mates at FDB. In fact his continual attacks on Australian National Socialist and Skinhead groups in this country via Stormfront has finally gone too far. The sheer bravado he displays at Stormfront puts the Stormfront Forum under an immense black cloud.

So some may ask us why would we add a supposed ‘White Nationalist’, a term by the way he originally stole from the old WPCA, to our list of deviant criminals? To put it simply we see essentially no difference between Fight Dem Back and David Innes. What do they have in common? Let's see.

1/ They both hate National Socialists and Skinheads
2/ They both use online forums to promote their own specific and very selfish political agendas and silence critics with no right to reply.
3/ They both refuse to debate in a fair and open forum without resorting to censorship and suppression of the true facts.
4/ They both share information on prominent Right Wing Political Activists.
5/ They both are quite obviously insane.
6/ They both attack Australia First.
7/ They both con the public for money.
8/ They both claim majority support when at best they only attract the weak, the feeble minded and the easily led.
9/ They both split opinions within the various Right Wing groups.
10/ They both lie, distort and mislead the public.

It is debatable if time and effort should be spent on showing the Australian White Nationalist community the dangers of this man. The rank and file at Whitelaw are split on this issue. But we all agree that David Innes is considered a hostile element in the ranks of White Nationalism, a cancer that eats away at unity and brotherhood among the differing factions of our cause.

At a time when much work has gone into healing wounds of long time hatreds in the movement, Innes arrived at the scene to throw a spanner in the works. Yes readers, even David Innes himself has been approached many times, in fact at least 4 times in the past 5 years for the sake of unity. Innes’ only reaction was sheer arrogance and a total lack of understanding of the differing opinions among the White Nationalist community. A bull in a China shop would be an apt description.

A quick read of Innes’ hate filled replies at Stormfront and his continual threats against any one who is smart enough to question him must ring alarm bells at Stormfront? It is the act of a true scoundrel that he uses his position at Stormfront to have his detractors banned and silenced.

But what of Stormfront, and why do they not stand in and do something about this obvious problem? Is it that Don Black and others no longer need the support of the once core membership of National Socialist, Skinheads and other groups? Why is it that the systematic removal from Stormfront of the above groups goes on unabated?

How many guidelines has Innes himself broken attacking these groups and others?Is Stormfront turning its back on the people who supported this Forum from its very inception and is now only pandering to the likes of Innes? Is it that believers of National Socialism and followers of the Skinhead culture are no longer worthy? It would appear so.We must ask why it is not allowable to attack Mathew Henderson-Hau and the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang nor EVEN mention them and yet members of White Pride Groups are constantly attacked and vilified by the boofheaded W.A. Stormfronter and his manipulative moderator wife Lilith.

What little deal has been made between Innes and Henderson-Hau? Innes will claim that FDB have subjected him to criticism by listing him on the front page of FDB. But as staff at Whitelaw Towers have been made aware this is just a cover he uses. In his own twisted logic he would consider it an important part of his online image and the perfect cover.

Is Innes so far removed from the real world that he thinks his online attacks on various groups goes unnoticed? Is this Innes’ idea of Unity? Does he think that all those members from all those groups will forget how they have been treated? There are innumerable outstanding scores that will inevitably one day be settled with this imposter. White Nationalism never sleeps and it never forgets.

What groups has Innes attacked in the past 5 years?
2/ KKK
3/ Australia First
4/ New Zealand National Front
5/ Patriotic Youth League.
6/ ANM
7/ Australian New Nation

This does not include the lone wolfs at Stormfront who mistakenly made it public that they supported National Socialism or even that they merely sympathised with the plight of JVT. For some reason Innes has a particular hatred for JVT, the ANM and anyone honest enough to admit even a grudging admiration for them.

What groups does Innes support? It is obvious that he pretends to support Australia First but his actions prove otherwise. His support of NZNF was very short lived. The only group we can see that he supports is the same criminal gang that also attacks organisations he has taken a disliking to. That group is Fight Dem Back.

Innes has no problem using FDB to attack his detractors, and FDB has no problem using info supplied to them by Innes. When Innes was told of a direct leak from his circle of friends in WA what did he do. Did he thank the person for telling him. Did he promise he would look into it? No. Why should he upset the little cosy deal he has with FDB.

The Sydney Forum, a meeting place for all Patriots to get together and meet and exchange ideas, that time of year when many White Nationalists of all shades get together and create bonds that last for years. What do we hear from David Innes? Do we hear messages of brotherhood and unity? Nope. What we do get is threats and claims of his terrifying Martial Arts prowess. He even has the gall to tell people not to bother showing up because he will be there.

Sorry Baron, The Sydney Forum is bigger than you and your imaginary friends, even if you are actually the reason for many to go this year.Not to mention the pathetic attempt at getting the Patriots of Stormfront to PAY for his trip. Now that’s dedication folks? What an insult to the real patriots who attend every year for the sake of unity. To think that Stormfront members have been hoodwinked to bring this show pony to Sydney is a total disgrace.What will be Innes’ reaction to this? More of the same we would expect. “They threatened my family” total lie, “They are Nutzis” more lies They are just jealous and the list goes on. He will tug at the heart strings of his 15 year old supporters, he will lie and distort the truth. He will claim that staff at Whitelaw are nothing and do nothing, that we sit “behind computer screens in another state, spouting insults so vile and stupid.” That we are having an “emotional episode” or we should “Give it up - release you are one of those people that are no good for the movement in the public eye”, because folks this is what he really thinks “Christ, I am sick of the ego driven - paranoid and delusional - emotional handful that simply wont disappear and let the REAL white nationalists in this country do what needs to be done.” Well old Baron is the expert on delusions and emotions. Let’s see how calm he is in August.

As far back as 2004 when it was pointed out that Baron was nothing but a key board commando he has been playing catch up with the rest of the White Nationalist community. Claiming that he started the Stormfront BBQ’s when he knows that it was the WPCA who actively started arranging BBQ’s at Stormfront, he should remember this because he spent a long time attacking it. Not to mention the flyers that got handed out by the thousands by people who no longer belong to SF because Baron has deemed them as not worthy.

Many people read the post at Stormfront when a Forum member asked what happened to the Brisbane Stormfront BBQ. Well, truth be known, the BBQ still happens once a month but the people who organised it have been banned from SF Downunder along with many others from QLD.

The sheer amount of accounts disabled in the past 2 months alone is truly staggering. The ridiculous accusations from this fool along the lines that he is being held back” by the East Coast “Nutzis” are truly sad. What holds the Baron back more than anything is his own arrested intellectual development at the pubescent stage, a teenage thug mindset and a chronic lack of talent. He is a mentally ill retard and that is putting it kindly and if he wants to continue with his threats to warn off true White Nationalists from attending the Sydney Forum this year because he will be there with his awesome ‘legions’ of martial arts experts then he will merely ensure the turnout will be a spectacular attendance record.

There are MANY people over in the East who are very, very keen indeed to meet the baron.Too many good and genuine people have dedicated many years of hard work and personal sacrifice to the White Nationalist cause and the very survival of their Race to be intimidated and prevented from attending this or any other event by some puffed up, illiterate buffoon like David Innes.