Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More garbage from Stormfront Downunder:

Old Victor apologises for the inconvenience of having this post ACCIDENTALLY deleted and the need to RE-post it. The staff member responsible for this terrible oversight is currently undergoing intensive counseling to ensure this type of...erm...misunderstanding NEVER re-occurs.
This is NOT FDB. We are White Nationalists and do NOT delete posts.

Now, let’s hear it (again) from the retarded, inbred, slack jawed, mouth breathing, glazed eyed, shuffling, six fingered banjo playin’ ‘Dead Raven’…Yee Hargh!
Take it away shitforbrains...

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Re: Whitelaw towers causing disunity?
That is just bulls**t frankly and its(sic) just try hard wannabe's whom are separating the whole idea of white nationalism in the first place and people like this "white tower law" (sic) are just extreme skinhead losers who are stuck in the past and are trying to conquer all the new-age (?) real White Nationalists with their crap. It just makes me sick. And a majority (to prove my point) of listed ideas on Barron (sic) in that website are either wrong or made up, not fact at all just another opinion of another neo-nazi (sic) extremist, living in the past.

Sorry Peter Campball, (sic) the nazis (sic) are dead and so is Hitler and its (sic) time to grow up and face the new world, things have changed since 1945 but obiously (sic) your brain is stuck in the past.
It seems today, It only becomes "racist" when your white.
Everyone is equal, but some are more equal then others-Animal Farm
Victory can only be achieved through unity. Stand together comrades and we are strong.
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This ‘Dead Raven’ creature is a new one on this writer who has no way of knowing who or what he/she/it is. The creature is most likely a Red sleeper or troll anyway, but just assuming it is a ‘White Nationalist’, then one wonders where all its awesome ‘wisdom’ came from. Particularly the oracle like pronouncements on who is ‘old’ and irrelevant and who is ‘New Age’ (Now there’s a curious term for Stormfront) ‘White Nationalist’ and its hysterical denouncements of disunity while promoting more of same in abusing a White Nationalist it has never met and knows nothing about apart from what its read on S.F. or FDB.


Strange also is this dead certain attitude about whom it is addressing and what their specific Political ideologies are. All this ‘Nutzi’, ‘Neo-Nazi’, ‘Skinhead’, ‘Extremist’ nonsense is not only chillingly familiar FDB rhetoric but it is also wearing a little bit thin. Where the Hell is this supposed theme or thread that runs through Victor Whitelaw or Whitelaw Towers that is obsessed with ‘1945’, Hitler, or the Third Reich? We believe that virtually Ninety Nine Percent of the posts on these sites are concerned with the Fight Dem Back Red Scum.

The bits about ‘Wannabes’ and ‘Losers’ we found particularly mirthful, and we all chuckled quietly to ourselves. It IS amusing when one considers not only the fact that Whitelaw Towers staff, by and large, have ten years plus involvement in White Nationalist politics but also the immense progress the Whitelaw Towers staff and their network of allies have made over the past twelve to eighteen months alone.

‘Dead Raven’ seems somewhat confused about these matters though, referring TWICE to Whitelaw Towers staff as being ‘Stuck in the past’ but then also as ‘wannabes’ as if they are young, ‘try hard’, wet behind the ears ‘Skinhead Losers’. How can he/she/it have it BOTH ways? Still, such confusion is not surprising when one observes his/hers/its standard of spelling and grammar. We still can’t decide whether he/she/it received English tuition from David Innes or John Humpherys. Either way it is sad as well as comical to observe someone struggling so pathetically with the written word.

Sadly for these ‘Keyboard Commando’ types, stuck in their bedrooms all day, sniffing their own farts, squeezing their pimples and waiting for mum to knock on the door (wouldn’t want to be caught masturbating, eh?) and bring them another pot noodle, they are in the habit of making broad sweeping statements and generalisations based on the tiny tip of the iceberg that is visible to them. What goes beneath the surface or under the radar might as well not exist. “Me can’t see it, it don’t be real” they gurgle as the drool drips from their slack jaws and splashes on their keyboard.

They also labour under the terrible misapprehension that the Internet is the real world. They live in, and waste away the years, in this ‘consensus reality’ where if their cyber friends tell them it’s real then it IS real.

But Old Victor and associates will not be drawn out by such cretins into giving anything away about numbers, assets, activities etc any more. The really hard lessons were all learned during the demise and fall of the old WPCA. Those mistakes will never, ever be made again. Count on it.

Even in regard to the very title of the thread itself, ‘Whitelaw Towers causing disunity?’ the real irony is that Victor Whitelaw and associates essentially don’t even regard the Baron and Lilith as White Nationalists, so where is the ‘disunity’? In effect they are misfits despised by both White Nationalists AND so-called Antifa. Nobody likes backstabbers, traitors and liars and this (un)dynamic duo are all these things.

They are a pair of tragically amateur political dilettantes, snake oil merchants, shysters, hucksters, carpet baggers, dodgy dealers, call them what you will, but they certainly AIN’T White Nationalists. NO true White Nationalist would ever share information with Red Scum to assist in the demise of another White Nationalist perceived as a rival no matter HOW much he despised his antagonist. It’s simply not done. Whitelaw Towers have never done it, that’s for sure.

Even outlaws and common criminals have their own codes of honour. Baron and Lilith are utterly bereft of any such quality. Their hubris and subsequent impotent rage at being humiliated by the old WPCA leadership, whom they had attacked and vilified, led them to commit an act as desperate as it was despicable. They indulged their spite through an evil alliance with FDB. We do not refer here to the latest revelations concerning covert activities. We refer to cosy projects like ‘Open Gauntlet’ and the spin-offs thereof including E-Mailing, MSNing and From that moment, if they had indeed really ever been, they ceased to be White Nationalists.

They continued to then indulge their sickening schadenfreude at the resultant misfortunes suffered by genuine White Nationalists at the hands of the FDB agents who exploited the information supplied to them by Baron/Lilith. Their blind, pathological hatred of people like JVT, Ben Weerheym, Kromlek etc meant their activities were conducted with no thoughts at all as to the consequences such as ‘collateral damage’ or ‘blowback’. They have only their own arrogance to blame for their awful reputations. They will doubtless one day be deemed total pariahs, untouchables condemned to political damnation.

They are simply self-indulgent, self-focused, self-promoting blowhards and the sooner the truth dawns on the few remaining decent people at Stormfront Downunder the better.