Friday, June 29, 2007

A Threat Too Far?

This is the latest septic sludge to ooze from Brian Stokes on the Fight Dem back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum. The hypocrisy is quite palpable:

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Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 8:54 pm Post subject:

“Yep, I've always considered being a nazi target to be a point of great pride.”

We expect there’s not too much else for you to be proud of…

“Well, that and I cause a shitload more trouble for them than they've even dreamed of causing for me... which I find mightily amusing.”

Oh Weezil, you’re SOOOOO butch!

“Case in point, some nazi recently made what they THOUGHT would be an anonymous complaint to a gov't agency about me. Trouble is, the complaint was utterly false and malicious.”

Oh, boo hoo! You mean like all the ones you and Darp have contrived against good and decent people over the years? Your Red Scum bum chums might cry for you but don’t fuckin’ bother fishing for sympathy with any real people.

“Did anyone think for a minute that the govt was going to protect malicious nazi complainants who think they'll remain anonymous?”

Well, so far they and the rest of the establishment seem to have protected FDB and other Red Scum pretty well. So fair’s fair, isn’t it? No?

“Lemme tell ya- it's AMAZING what ZOG can let slip in an answer to an FOI request....”

Now this is the really damning admission that not only has poor, widdle innocent Brian Stokes managed to convince a Government bureaucrat that he is simply some do-gooder ‘Anti-Fa’ performing sterling work for the good of the community (*retch!*) but that said official has violated the anonymity of the informant, a basic and crucial principle without which no whistleblower legislation or apparatus can function. Somebody’s arse needs to be reamed out for that one.

Put simply, that’s a CRIME Stokesy and since you are such a model citizen you are bound by your civic duty to report that official to the State Ombudsman or some other official complaints body, with the accompanying evidence, ASAP.

Comforting though, isn’t it folks, to know that should one ever put a piece of Red Scum into the authorities that the allegations will be summarily ignored and/or dismissed and that furthermore one’s own details will be furnished by the Government Official to the Red Filth so he/she/it might exact revenge. One also has to wonder if the complaint was ever even investigated at all, properly or not. Now THAT should be a concern to every decent, White Australian Citizen.

“...and it's game ON!”

Oh dear! More threats. Dirty old cripple boy Weezil’s hubris is going to get the better of him one of these days. One can only guess at who it might have been that put Stokesy in and for what particular offence but the Staff at Whitelaw Towers had a good chuckle as they pictured the Bureaucrat slinging him a copy of the Sydney Phone Book as a list of possible dobbers with a grudge against him.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!