Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vengeance is mine sayeth Weezil...

Yes folks, it’s all ‘unity’ Anarchy style over at FDB, with the “core” members paying out on some character from Canada who just ain’t ‘hard’ enough. Seems those advocates of love, peace, sweetness and light don’t appreciate it a lot when one of their number won’t get with the program and go hard on those evil, wicked ‘nazis’.

Harry 20
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Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2007 10:38 pm
“Well, I think youre (sic) pretty damned lame Little Wolf. These pricks will see it as a win for their f-upped up ideals.
Good Luck to ya...”

For creatures who seek, on one level, to contrive an image of decency, compassion, forgiveness, unity and community they certainly have a nasty and sordid history of criminal conspiracy, fact suppression, intimidation and outright thuggish behaviour.

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Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 7:02 pm
Post subject: Lame or not
“i could give a fuck how lame you think it is
i'm confused about some of the people here on fight dem back
thought this was about stopping hate not promoting it
i don't want to hate them or anybody else
i spent to much time trying to hate them....
my people taught me different....
forgivness (sic) and move on with peace in my heart is my way of stepping
foward (sic) away from negativity
i pray for one day we can live with our differences
may good spirits guide you peoples
little wolf”

Oh dear, that won’t do at all coming from a Red activist. Where is that from the parapets, fire in the belly, make the bastards pay spirit? That psychotic old welfare leech Weezil weighs in with his two bob’s worth.

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Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2007 7:45 pm
“Littlewolf, your decision not to testify IS a win for the nazis. I can see Harry's frustration. The nazis that attacked you are Harry's locals- and they get braver every time they get away with an atrocity. He has to live with these morons every day- you can just walk away and whistle.
The bastards must be held to account for the sake of the community- but oops- we're apparently not 'community' enough for you. That's why Harry's pissed off.”

As a radical political group the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang has long ago been totally discredited with clear links being exposed between them and several terrorist organisations including the violent and lunatic Black Bloc.

Fight Dem Back has never been about conciliation, problem solving, rehabilitation, unity or any of the other catchphrases they might use in their Red Fog of deception. They have always been, from their very conception, in the sick and fevered mind of social misfit and mongrel-bred sexual pervert Mathew Hendserson-Hau, all about spite, vindictiveness and revenge.

There is nothing warm, fuzzy and ‘New Testament’ about these thugs. It’s all ‘Talmud and Torah’ eye for an eye, slay thine enemy, vengeful Old God stuff with them. Not that this approach is without its merits, particularly in a life and death struggle for Racial survival, but what does irk is the blatant hypocrisy and two faced deception they perpetrate on society with their pretence of being ‘do-gooders’ with only everyone’s best interests at heart. Particularly with their bum chums in the Controlled Media they connive to come across as virtual hand wringing social workers or crisis counselors.


With Weezil filling his role as FDB’s ‘Ming the Merciless’ and Darp playing the ‘Evil Clown’ they have maintained a criminal vendetta against White Nationalists with all the hateful bloody mindedness that only the truly mentally twisted could sustain.

Really, it was only a matter of time before even some on their own side of politics were repelled by FDB’s extreme blind hatred and insatiable lust for revenge. Mr. Littlewolf obviously came to the realisation he was dealing with some very sick units and decided he was better off staying put in his homeland.

How long before more of these Reds discover FDB is an unneeded ‘cure’ that is worse than the (non-existent) ailment?