Friday, July 06, 2007

Cam Smith up to his old tricks...again...

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangster’s Forum:

More Klowning around in Townsville
From the Townsville Bulletin:

KKK: easy as ABC

JOINING the Ku Klux Klan is as easy as sending an email to the group, filling out a basic form and purchasing a custom-tailored robe. To climb the ranks as a cell leader, all you need is two mates as klansmen to nominate you.

It was revealed this week that a KKK cell was operating out of North Queensland and the white supremacists are on a recruitment drive for new members. One of its leaders has told the Townsville Bulletin a group can be formed with only three people.

The KKK went public this week when a member of the Cairns-based White Legion Knights group appeared on national television showing photographs of fully-clad white-robed members burning crosses and carrying an Australian flag. A male member was interviewed over the phone with his voice digitally distorted. The Bulletin discovered after the public outburst that a separate group, known as Stormfront, allegedly was meeting at a Castle Hill address. The Stormfront group has an official website on which it refers to itself as a white nationalist community.

It features no Australian link or membership sign-up, but there is a public noticeboard. The Cairns-based White Legion, however, openly welcomes new members. When a Bulletin reporter emailed the group asking about sign-up they received a reply within a matter of minutes. The man from Santa Ana California, who referred to himself as Australian Grand Dragon, asked the reporter to start his own kleven – a branch of the group – in Townsville.

He asked for the reporter’s mobile number to talk about the plan. He suggested that if the reporter could get two other people involved, the group would make the reporter a kleven leader. He wrote: “The White Legion Knights is a law-abiding organisation, we do not accept: fags, paedophiles, pagans, skinheads, deadbeats, spouse abusers, drug users, or anything that is not a white Christian.”

The reporter was then asked to fill out an application form and return it with $US25 ($A30) and photo identification. The application included an order form for a KKK uniform. The robe costs between $105 and $140 and it features belt, hood, stripes and a mask. News of the cell’s rumoured operation sparked fear in the local indigenous community and brought to light again Townsville’s racist reputation, with the Bulletin swamped with texts and emails about the group.

One Melbourne reader [FDB’s very own Cam Smith!] wrote that he had been following the White Legion Knights [since their inception].

Well this is interesting, isn’t it folks? Either anonymous E-Mailers are now a reliable ‘source’ for newspaper reporters to quote as a way of lending ‘credence’ to their stories or the Media knows it is serial bullshitter Cam Smith and is protecting the name of this ‘expert’. WHY? Either way it’s not exactly top shelf investigative journalism.

Whitelaw Towers simply don’t know who is dumber. The dopey bitch reporter who is stupid enough to swallow the spoon fed bullshit from Camp SexWithMinor or Cam Smith himself for an effort which, even by FDB standards, is abysmally pathetic.

Remember, this is the same gob of toxic sputum, the same pathogenic microbe who lied to Federal authorities, making up a cock and bull story, wasting the precious resources of the Australian Taxpayer to have a White Nationalist charged with TERRORISM no less, simply to indulge FDB’s vindictive hatred and lust for revenge.

Needless to say the White Nationalist concerned had NO case whatsoever to answer and was not even dismissed from his job, despite all his details being published in a national newspaper. Mission FAILED! But boy, how pissed off FDB were at losing yet again so they have tried many other tricks since then and continue to issue blatant threats.

So how come Cam Smith is still walking around outside of gaol? Fucked if WE know. But we know this. If anyone other than one of the ‘useful idiots’ had conspired to spread false accusations of terrorist activities then they would have been charged under the current legislation with ‘creating undue fear and alarm’ or some such thing. But there he is, still being quoted as an advisor, an expert or a consultant of sorts on so-called ‘White Supremacism’… Go figure!

He revealed the Aboriginal community had nothing to worry about. “Across the entire state of Queensland they wouldn’t have more than 10 members,” he wrote. “And if what rival Klan leaders tell me is true, they’re not exactly the cream of the crop – apparently they’re mostly unemployed and thick as bricks.” He said their activity had been limited to putting leaflets on cars at night. “No cross burnings, and I doubt they could work out how to do it – no attacks, nothing,” he added. “The police should ascertain the identities of those involved and keep an eye on them in case they do escalate their activity, but I don’t think they’re a huge cause for alarm.”

Yeah, and he’s also said a lot of other utter tripe over the years too. Perhaps ‘Liz’ should’ve stayed Googling a little longer (standard research tool nowadays for reporters it seems) and she would have discovered the toxic little shit has something of a history for claiming ‘expertise’ *snigger* on Raaaaaycists!

On a final note, Whitelaw Towers has no way of knowing if there is even a shred of truth in the story, including whether or not there is even a ‘Klan’ in North Queensland at all, but then we don’t think the reporter does either yet she still went ahead and posted it. That folks is what ‘information’ has devolved to, nothing but speculation.