Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Camp SexWithMinor is back... *yawn*... again...

Spot the difference?


Well, neither can we!

Camp SexWithMinor

The fat, sludge guts pervert calling itself Cam Smith, better known to Australian White Nationalists as Camp SexWithMinor, has conspired yet again with the gutter press to smear people who actually HAVE a life with its brain dead Marxist claptrap. This time though it's dropped it down a notch or two and sleazed onto one of Australia’s lowest weekly wank mags Zoo Weekly (ZOG Weekly?) the sort of tacky (and sticky) stroke book you’ll come across (pun intended) in many a factory toilet or building site lunchroom.
Appearing in a microscopic photo resplendent in black balaclava and tinted John Lennon spectacles (Hey Cam, if you’re so proud and righteous about your politics why the modesty?) this microcephalic moronic slug bleats the same sadly predictable tripe we’ve come to expect from FDB ‘core members’. Despite the attempt to disguise his lard arse bulk he still manages to project the sack of shit tied in the middle identity he’s stuck with, yes Camp we HAVE seen you and been way closer to you than you could ever have imagined. Man ,you really gotta discover the wonders of personal hygiene! Gotta love them Grog Bloggin’ events, eh...

Not that ZOG Weekly would have ever had any credibility anyway, it is definitely the kiss of death to reference Marxist Terrorists as ‘consultants’ or ‘experts’ on White Nationalists. Hmmm, seems like someone needs to set them straight on some facts…