Thursday, July 12, 2007

Farewell Frank...

From Stormfront Downunder:

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Re: Taking Leave or Leaving

1) Do not shun the 'far-right' but try to reason with them and debate them. An issue cannot be solved by ignoring it...always keep this rule in mind.

2) Do not fight amongst yourselves on SFDU. Every thread in which we show disunity only gives the antifa libel machine FDB an additional six months of forum posting life. They are too witless to think on their own so they use our material as the basis for their ad hominem fests. If anything we are keeping this antifa hate-group alive with our antics and I am guilty of this as well...

3) Do not turn on Whitelawtowers as a resource; they have provided a good service in exposing the antifa terrorism-expert Darpshowitz and his band of merry racial-McCarthyist losers, Twilight Zone-rejects and certified doorstops. This point may piss some people off but this latest episode should not erase all of the good that has been done by this blog in this dispute.

You do not have to agree with their recent positions on BVH or their antics in this matter but I would not be so quick to discard such a resource who exposes antifa parties who seek your destruction.

4) Forget the past and move into the future.

This is my going away gift; I hope it hits wishes.

Words of wisdom Frank, words of wisdom. You see, what distinguishes Frank from most on Stormfront is just two things, brains and experience. Although we have never corresponded directly with him we believe there is a certain empathy between Whitelaw Towers staff and Frank. He is certainly far more thoughtful and mature than most on SFDU and can actually string a sentence together, which is something to be appreciated in this day and age.

As for his experience, well, only somebody who has been so viciously attacked by the gutless Red swine at FDB can ever really appreciate what our struggle is all about. Frank is one of a small and select group of unfortunate victims who have been vilified and persecuted by FDB and their confederates for nothing more than his heartfelt and genuine belief in White Racial survival. There are armies of pædophiles, rapists and murderers out there who have been treated better than Frank AND who have had the protection of the state!

The Baron copped nothing but ridicule and teasing. So what? And even the little he did cop panicked him and prompted him to attempt appeasement by cooperating with Darp & Co. What a spineless arsehole!

Was The Baron, like several members of Whitelaw Towers, stalked both physically and electronically? Was his computer hacked? Did he receive telephone harassment? Did he have HIS personal files illegally accessed? Did he have a series of threatening E-Mails from journalists and people claiming to be private investigators or high ranking Jews? Did he have his family members threatened and harassed?
Was he falsely accused of “Terrorism” and reported to the Federal authorities? Was he named in a National Newspaper as a “Terrorist”? Has he had FDB openly solicit for HIS murder? Did anyone detonate a reasonably sophisticated and shrapnel filled explosive device at HIS mother’s residence? Has he ever been woken at two or three in the morning by a car horn only to see an FDB vehicle driving off? Has HIS car ever been tampered with in his own driveway? And the list goes on…

The Baron is a piss-weak coward who folded like a wet napkin the moment an ounce of pressure was applied and he will do it again and again and again. It is time for the kiddies on SFDU to wake up to themselves and, if they truly want a future for themselves and the White Nationalist movement, to tip him out like so much sand in the saddlebags.