Tuesday, July 10, 2007

From the Vault.

Name: Andrew Moran AKA "@ndy"
Location: Victoria, Torquay area.Occupation: University Student. Works at Barricade Bookshop - 5 Pitt Street, Brunswick, Melbourne.
Old blog: Slack Bastard
New blog: Slackbastard
Moderator of the Australian Anarchy Bulletin Board.

Andrew Moran is your run of the mill loud mouthed anarchist. It is no surprise that he is associated with all round sexual deviant and self proclamed ilicit drug user Campbell Smith AKA 'Dr Cam Sexenheimer' as they both have similar personalities, that is being of left wing extremists (don't take our word for it, check his writings).

Andrew Moran loves to proudly tell everybody who will listen to his preaching exactly what he thinks about, well, anything but on the other hand is so much of a hypocrite he wants to keep his identity secret - sound familiar anyone? That's right, this fellow actually sound like your run of the mill big brave self proclaimed 'anti-fascist'. Much like other marxist moaners online, Andrew Moran commonly takes random postings by people on the internet and puts them in the mouthes of whatever "fascist" he finds most convenient, knowing this, it is hard to take much of what he says as credible.

This fellow is the moderator of the Australian Anarchy Bulletin Board which boasts a whopping 42 members with only around five actually active.His past-times include reading Marx and spouting his leftist diatribe to any who will listen.[Note: People like Andy label anyone who doesn't tend to agree with him as being a "fascist".]Andrew Moran has really only come to the forefront of acting like an "anti-fash" hero since late 2005, online anyhow. He has since stepped up in the world and now maintains a blog which is listed above if you would like to experience his ramblings. If you would like to learn more about this fellow, check his candid posts on the Australian Anarchy Bulletin Board where a handful of extreme leftists on the lunar fringe congregate to talk about their anarcho-communist fantasies.

Here's some quotes of Andy to keep you busy...Andrew Morans thoughts on forming an anarchist group at his University..." What I'm interested in to begin with is establishing some kind of network. By that I mean, basically, a way for students who are anarchists to hook up. That has two motivations. One is the fact that, as students, anarchists often feel isolated. Lets think about that for a moment, I wonder why a bunch of anarchist loonies would possibly feel "isolated" from normal decent society? "Means of working together are either missing at present or extremely partial. So, I propose a semi-formal network to fill this gap, to be a means by which to get anarchist students together and to talk."Possibility; Vital elements needed to function normally may be missing because his type are on the extremist fringe. What would they talk about anyhow? Who has the best drugs? Why "fascists" (White people who are critical of multiculturalism) are so evil? How drunk they got at the last "anti-fascist" fund raiser gig?

Speaking of fundraiser gigs, around mid 2005 Andrew Moran proposed to put on an event in the name of a fallen comrade - a Russian member of internationally renowned violent anarchist street gang 'Anti-Fascist Action' by the name of Timur Kacharava. Not surprisingly the first band to offer support to this event were the cross dressing Jewish "musicians" of a band called 'Yidcore'.

Andrew Moran has been one to condone, even promote illegal activity and violence in the past; during the riots by Islamic Arabs and Africans in France of late the same year, he stated on his blog:"Open letter to the gangs of youths who have been torching cars in France. Comrades! Well done! Give them hell! Do not be intimidated by the fascist police!Love and solidarity, Andy." Comrades? If he were to enter the "no go" areas of France where whites are widely disliked I think he would find out just how many "comrades" he would have.

Delusional anarchists like this sit in their comfortable western lifestyles, and way of life that would not be supportable in 'anarchy', incite others to violent confrontation then accuse the perpetrators when it blows up in their faces. In other words, he is a weak and hypocritical coward.

Andrew Moran is involved with and works for Barricade Bookshop situated in Brunswick, a suburb of Melbourne. Barricade Bookshop is a hot spot of extreme leftists ranging from violent street level anarchists, old school Australian Communist Party members to straight out traitors of the Australian identity and way of life. Reds like Andrew Moran use this venue to indoctrinate young minds and unwitting members of the public with evil and inhumane ideologies such as Communism, Marxism and other equally tantalizing doctrine.