Monday, July 02, 2007

Greg Roberts = Zero Credibility. It’s official…sort of...

It reads like it’s been written by a lawyer and it’s a piss weak, half arsed ‘retraction’ if ever we saw one but, diluted though it is, it’s also a precedent setting admission of sorts. We speak, of course, of the small article on page two of the Fabian Socialist chip wrapper and de facto newsletter of the Greens Party known as ‘The Australian’ Newspaper.

From The Australian Newspaper Monday, July 2, 2007 Page 2:

“The Australian Press Council

The Press Council upholds in part a complaint from James Saleam and John Moffatt about an article in The Australian on February 5, 2007, headlined “Party defends Klan sales”.

Dr. Saleam and Mr. Moffatt say the headline and article distort the facts by suggesting there is a connection Mr. Moffatt and the Australia First Party with the ideology and politics, as expressed in a symbol and slogan, of the Ku Klux Klan.

The article does link the party’s use of the Celtic Cross and slogan Our Race is Our Nation with the Ku Klux Klan. However, it includes comment from Mr. Moffatt that he is unconcerned about this association as a lot of people are using that slogan today. As such, the article provides the reader with a balanced point of view.”

So it follows, does it, that the Controlled Press may sling absurd allegations with impunity and because the accused responds, and they print it, that somehow ‘balances’ out or negates the original crime? Are we missing something here? Please explain!

“On the other hand, the headline invites the reader to conclude the party is involved in the sale of Klan goods.”

Of course it does, because that is precisely the intention the illiterate hack had in mind in the first place when he concocted the entire piece of trash masquerading as news. Blind Freddy could see that.

“In this respect, it is misleading as there is no evidence the Australia First Party sells goods sourced from the Ku Klux Klan.

Although there is a need to capture the essence of a story within a limited scope, headlines should accurately reflect the substance of articles they head.”

Well, lack of “evidence” has never stopped Greg Roberts or The Australian from spinning a good story before. The headline was clearly contrived to convey an untruthful claim to grab attention, gain sales and to smear the target and that folks, is lying, plain and simple.

Ordinary though it is, even a miserably begrudging concession such as this from the arrogant, hypocritical liars and indentured whores of ZOG’s Controlled Press, worded as it is in such evasive, non committal and acrobatically convoluted verbiage is something to be noted and taken as a victory. So rarely are the likes of Red Greg Roberts dragged kicking and screaming to this point it is a thing to be appreciated.

But why our apparent joy at an incident with which we were not even remotely involved? Well, logic dictates it’s going to be a tad easier in future to secure a favourable result against the serial liar and venomously Anti-White hater Greg ‘We’re the Press and we’ll do whatever the fuck we want’ Roberts.

Now that he’s finally, belatedly, got ‘pinged’ for lying so outrageously, deliberately misrepresenting the widely known facts (even using FDB’s greatest ‘research’ tool ‘Google’ will confirm the shameless mendacity of his gutter smear piece) about the origins of and the popular usage of the Celtic Cross, he now has ‘form’ and has all the credibility of…well…erm…a journalist!

Several White Nationalists have unfinished business, including actual pending legal action, with and against this disgusting filthpig Roberts and his Masonic-Zionist handlers and, as we’ve said many times here, White Nationalism never sleeps and it certainly never forgets.

Fellow toe-rag hack and notorious FDB agent Joe Hildebrand also needs to tread very carefully indeed in future, we have PLENTY on him, quite a sizeable file in fact, and his little shenanigans of stalking people, both electronically and by motor vehicle, and threatening them via E-Mail etc are very well documented. The deformed little Jew boy troll needs to understand perfectly clearly that we White Nationalists have learned a LOT from Darp & Co. Everything, and we mean EVERYTHING, now gets logged and filed and kept for future use. Remember that well, Jew Boy…

Camp SexWithMinor, the slimy Red Anarchist Terrorist, aka Cam Smith of Melbourne is also hereby put on notice. If he thinks for even a micro-second, that he got away cleanly with conspiring with Roberts to destroy a certain decent White Man’s life and livelihood he is very sadly mistaken.