Wednesday, July 18, 2007

In The Interest Of State Security

Open letter to the gangs of youths
"who have been torchingcars in FranceComrades!Welldone!
Give them hell! Do not be intimidated by the fascist police!
Loveand solidarity,Andy."

"Gangs of youths"?, I think it can be more accurately described as the French-Muslim intifada. According to the latest reports from Al-Reuters, this year's riots are being lead by 'vandals', they torched a bus with a passenger still inside. I'm sure they'll appreciate another message of support for their efforts from @ndy this year. Don't worry about the women who was severely burnt in the bus they torched, she's just another bowl of cats meat. ahhh, multiculturalism, can you feel the love?. Go @ndy, you crazy l'il anarchist you!.

Just another FDB Terrorist for the Feds to keep an eye on, Lone Wolf anyone?