Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Juiced Up Judges And Inebriated Magistrates?

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal gangsters' Forum:
duck monster
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Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2007 8:21 am

“But until we come up with a better system than jury trials (Heck non jury trials would be a start. Get drunk with a judge and ask them for an extra-profesional (sic) opinion of jurys.(sic) you'll hear a judge swear. Jurys (sic) fuck up alot, because the truth despite our best attempts still refuses to be democratic) we have to accept the failures.”
The Red Scum has always had a peculiar fetish for all things legal. Possibly due in large part to the fact their hateful and twisted ideology is so utterly indefensible from a traditional moral standpoint and the basic rules of Common Law and Human Decency. So they resort to attacking, suppressing and silencing their political adversaries by utilising purely technical law which, of course, their ilk has such an active role in lobbying to bring to legislation.

All the usual loony Lefty stuff and nonsense such as so-called ‘Human Rights’ and ‘Anti-Discrimination Laws’ masquerading as do-gooder policies while in reality being nothing more than cynically contrived tricks to disenfranchise the decent and real people in society while empowering the aliens, the deviants, the perverts and the parasites. Draconian laws designed to punish the victim and elevate the perpetrators of cultural, Racial and social vandalism beyond the law.

Repellent and sickening though the concept might be, it is nevertheless interesting to muse upon what precisely Donald ‘duckmonster’ Oorst could be considering when he writes about “Getting drunk with a Judge”. Is he planning to ‘date rape’ magistrates? Bribe them after seducing and compromising them while plying them with alcohol? Or is he simply planning to indulge his fawning, lickspittle fascination for establishment figures? You see, inside every Red, Lefty, Anarchist and so-called civil libertarian, is a ruthless authoritarian bent on dictating to everyone else how to live their lives. They know what’s good for you, better than you do…apparently.

Perhaps this method is how the FDB creep Oorst gleans the information for his tales re: ‘Hizhonour’s’ drug addled, perverted college day ‘hijinks’? There appears to be a general consensus over at FDB that most serving Judges have led lifestyles closely paralleling that of the anally and scatologically obsessed, deviant, genital shaving, coprophiliac, Homosexual, mixed race, genetic mongrel and Suburban Terrorist Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW.

Most of these pencil necked Lefty misfits at FDB have been, due to their awkwardness, contrariness and sneaky indulgence in what the Americans call ‘snitch culture’ understandably shunned and even bullied at school and consequently harbour deep seated hatred and resentment for normal, well adjusted society. Their revenge? Upon leaving school they get involved in Leftist political agitation while at University and studying to go into law or other fields where they can punish normal, mainstream, heterosexual, family based society. Their hateful spite and lust for revenge knows no bounds. FDB are like these sniveling little dobbing kids at school who gain voyeuristic, bordering on sexual, pleasure in watching the boys they snitched on copping the cane.

It is certainly no coincidence that Darp is studying law…

BTW: *Hey Darp! Cooked up any of your own excrement in the microwave lately?*