Monday, July 09, 2007

What a circus!

Stop Press. This just in from the you gotta be shittin’ me department…

This from Stormfront Downunder:

Baron von Hund
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“We're back

This forum just became a mess in two weeks! Lilith couldn't walk away while all her good work was ripped apart and the Downunder Forum return to a bunch of posts breaking guidelines.

It seems our activism was a major influence in stabilizing this place, and we'd be damned if it was going to fall apart with outside moderators having to come in to control the mess.

As Lilith states so proudly in her user title "The Bitch Is Back!" - And so is this little bastard. You can all resume your personal attacks and bad manners outside this forum.

Baron von Hund”

As we stated earlier, The Baron is a really BAD joke and any faint glimmer of hope Stormfront Downunder had of rehabilitating itself back to reality following his long overdue departure has again been dashed, crushed under the awesome weight of two massively bloated egos…