Monday, July 09, 2007

Bye Bye, Baron, Bye Bye!?!?!

Well, he just couldn’t do it, could he folks? He simply couldn’t accept the facts he was finally and comprehensively exposed for the phoney three Dollar note he always was and that the overwhelming majority of true White Nationalists in Australia hate his stinking, festering guts.

Judging by his whining indignation in his ‘last’ broadcast at so-called ‘Neo-Nazi’ verbal attacks on his wife ‘Lilith’ it would appear The Baron really believed the pair could just jump into the Internet Forum community, personally insult and attack all and sundry with impunity, demand many people be banished after summarily decreeing them ‘Neo-Nazis’ and then suffer no backlash! The casualties of his wife’s caustic tongue and his ruthless wielding of the ban stick are many in number. This David Innes truly is a piece of work. He still cannot comprehend what he has done and why so many revile him so intensely.

He also couldn’t resist doing a ‘scorched earth’ job on the information resources he gathered in his time at Stormfront and deny it to any others wanting to take up the torch and do a genuine job and he could not resist hurling one last vial of toxin into the well so as to poison the minds of as many of the young up and comers against the ‘Old Guard’ of so-called ‘extremists’.

Well this might come as a shocking surprise to Baron’s wide eyed young acolytes but Racial Survival is not a spectator sport. It is not some namby pamby game for political dilettantes who are nothing more than wobbly headed milksops still sheltered by their mummies. Another shock will come when these easily led and lied to fools finally realise they have been duped by a charlatan and that they were NOT the first ones to imagine they have all the answers, that they are truly innovative and original and that all who have preceded them are irrelevant, silly old bastards.

As if the damage he has done to Australian White Nationalism was not enough he wants to ensure that the next generation are even more confused, unfocused, disorganised and hopeless as the current crop of youngsters he has mesmerised with his ZOG approved lies over he past several years. In contrast to his ridiculously bloated claims he is not big, nor is he clever. He will not come to the Sydney Forum because he cannot face the music. He is weak and will go the way of all weak men, oblivion.

By the way, contrary to the bullshit purveyed by FDB and The Baron, the staff at Whitelaw Towers and their White Nationalist and National Socialist associates do NOT advocate preemptive violence at all. We do however reserve the right to vigorously defend ourselves both verbally and physically when we are attacked. On the question of this East Coast ‘Neo-Nazi Skinhead Extremist Haters’ mythos promoted and perpetuated by The Baron and his sycophants, of the thirty or so attendees we regularly have at our Sydney meetings there is not one, not a single one, who could be classified as a ‘Skinhead’. Sure, a few of them did dress in a manner that could be regarded as stereotypical when they were young but that is the entire point, it was more of a sartorial statement, a fashion thing. Most people ‘grow out of’ having to broadcast their politics and wear their hearts on their sleeves. One shouldn’t need binoculars to see the light. After all, it is what lies within which counts.

This certainly doesn’t mean we discourage, or don’t ever have Skinheads attend our meetings. This has certainly occurred in the past and we maintain cordial relations with several Skinhead groups and many of us have an appreciation of the music and an interest in the art and iconography of Skinhead culture. When it comes to true White Nationalism we judge a Man by his veracity, honour, dedication and commitment to the cause and not by his dress or grooming.

The only time we have an issue with Skinheads is when they lack political commitment having subordinated their ideology to their fashion and their ‘lifestyle’ is simply ALL about conformity to a certain dress code and music style. There are many roads one may travel to achieve the White Nationalist ideal. Unlike The Baron we believe in cooperation and unity.

Prior to being informed by some of our associates that his ‘last’ broadcast had cast dollops of steaming fæces in our direction, Whitelaw Towers had never actually bothered to listen to the demented ravings of the illiterate and inarticulate buffoon known as Baron Von Hund. So we listened and were simply amazed at his utter ineptness, lack of common sense, even general knowledge, let alone basic historical knowledge. We also noted with interest that he has as much difficulty with the spoken word as the written and appears to have some irritating form of speech impediment. Not so much in the actual formation of words, although it is painfully clear he has problems here too, but in basic grammar and sentence construction.

His line of thought is all over the place and, like a damaged supermarket trolley, he crashes and blunders into, and sometimes through, ideas, concepts and theories with no respect for facts and with complete contempt for logic. Hilariously, he even invents his own words.

These are just a sample of our favourites:

Supremic views”

“They (the so called Neo-Nazis) have swashtikas and stuff”

Extreme White

White Ring

“Their (Skinheads?) use of the swashtika is hypocral.

He perhaps means to say hypocritical, but with Innes one can never be certain because he operates outside of and beyond the normally accepted boundaries of the English language. The private consensus reality he shares with his brainwashed disciples has its own laws of logic and physics. Poor old Dave tripped on his own dick and crashed headfirst through the looking glass. Sadly, in desperation, he grabbed a few others who went with him and who are now sitting with him in La La Land waiting for him to lead them to glory…
Prior to the conception of Nazism”
There was no ‘prior’ form of National Socialism that was somehow magically and distinctively different from so called ‘Nazism’. The derogatory term ‘Nazism’ is merely a slur, a contemptuous abbreviation coined by the hate filled Jews for National Socialism. David Innes is possibly the dumbest man in Australian politics.

But on top of his monumental stupidity he is also a consummate liar to rival his co-conspirator against true White Nationalists Mathew Henderson – Hau aka Darp. His Internet dribbling is filled with outrageous untruths. Like some modern day Stalin he has airbrushed many of the real achievers in our movement out of the historical records and inserted himself in their place in a revisionist Black has become white, up has become down and the mediocre and bereft of talent, such as him, have been elevated to hero status.

Apparently, everyone who has gone before the mighty Baron has been little more than a pretender, a liability, an embarrassment etc. Obviously, all those who follow his departure will be but pallid shadows of the mighty one. Comical though all this must appear one needs to be careful and understand there are still many on Stormfront Downunder, granted perhaps some are Leftist agents or bogus accounts, who sing his praises as if he were the ‘White Nationalist’ messiah.

To be perfectly honest there is such an abundance of material to criticize in his last (let’s hope so) rave that we would need to transcribe the entire broadcast’s transcript for this website and we are not about to go to that effort for this moron so we will stick to some of the more controversial and salient points.

The arrant nonsense he spouts about the stereotypical neo-Nazi Skinhead type, while inferring this is typical of the people who today claim they are National Socialists, is quite frankly just textbook FDB rhetoric, Red Scum 101 theory. Just as his comments regarding so-called ‘Free Speech’ are naïve and simplistic, claiming, as do the likes of FDB, that Racial epithets and slurs are not so-called ‘Free Speech’.

Well, of course they are not, they are obviously insults, largely evoked through frustration and anger, and meant as such, but what this dimwit fails to mention, as do the Left, is that this is not what is really being suppressed. It is ALL and ANY criticism, evaluation even, of Multiculturalism, Globalism, and the current dilemma faced by the White Race. The fact that when one does study the dilemma one finds inconvenient truths about the Races, their behaviour, their impact as causal factors in the equation and finds the usual suspects are behind the engineering of our plight is obviously going to upset vested interests.

Many entities, be they Racial, Business, Religious or Governmental, have much at stake when it comes to manipulating society to their own ends and it should surprise no one that these groups fiercely defend their investments, hence the lobbying to legislate laws into existence to suppress criticism of their pet projects.

Considering the atomised and wretchedly dysfunctional state of modern Multicultural society we would claim White Nationalists, at least the ones associated with Whitelaw Towers, the ones Baron refers to as ‘Nutzis’ and ‘Extreme Right Wingers’, are in fact far more likely to be family oriented and have children than the all time losers he himself seeks to gather about him.

Also, even a casual investigation will reveal the average FDB Anarchist very closely resembles this stereotype of the nerdy social misfit with no real friends (outside of the Internet) who adheres to extremist forms of politics motivated primarily by social alienation, envy and hate. In fact, the more one listens to his painfully turgid drivel it becomes increasingly apparent the Baron and FDB are singing from precisely the same hymn book. No doubt about it.

Another example is his parroting of FDB and other Red Scum with comments regarding what many refer to as ‘Race War’ commenting that he “sees no evidence” of so-called ‘Neo-Nazis’ preparing for this imminent conflict. Again, this is quite revealing regarding The Baron’s incredible naivety. If he can’t see it (on the Internet) it mustn’t be real. Besides, the so-called ‘Race War’ has been raging for decades already. It is a slow burning, incremental war of attrition predicated on Genetic Terrorism and Social Engineering.

The Baron is certainly one confused little camper. He calls himself a ‘White Nationalist’ (a term he stole) which would seem to indicate a degree of Racial consciousness yet he also condemns what he eloquently calls ‘supremic’ views. If he had studied this subject it would have been obvious and largely self-evident to him that the White Race IS superior in physical beauty, innate intelligence, artistic creativity, cultural refinement, technological achievement and innovation etc. What is so difficult to understand about this?

If, in light of this overwhelming evidence, he still perceives no uniqueness, no special qualities, no particular value, for the White Race over and above other Races, the questions begs to be asked why did he even bother to be involved in Racial politics at all? A very good question indeed we believe.

The term ‘Trimming’ doesn’t even begin to cover what the Baron has attempted to do with this new form of ‘Stormfront’ politics he wrongly terms ‘White Nationalism’. This is an apologetic, diluted expurgated version of ‘White Nationalism’ fit only for the effete and the insipid, the pasty metrosexuals of this tragic society. It is so diluted, so compromised as to be essentially meaningless and worthless as a political ideology. What is next on the Stormfront Downunder agenda? Forming a circle round the campfire, breaking out the guitars and launching into a rousing rendition of Kumbaya?

It is a fucking joke!
On a final couple of points, if he and his followers are so preoccupied with maintaining their ‘public image’ of an inclusive, non confrontational, inoffensive, user friendly, tiptoe through the tulips ‘Nationalism’ why don’t they all just sign up with the Liberal Party?
Oh, and Baron, we are NOT ‘jealous’ of you…