Thursday, July 19, 2007

Words on a Screen!

We are sorry to say readers this will not be our last posting on Baron Von Hund and his lady Lilith. It has been a sad and sorry tale but one we must all learn from.

So why is that Staff at White Law have decided to keep the book open on this pair?

Simple really, in one of Barons attacks on his former SFDU colleagues he has stated that he will now hand over all the material he has collected on them over the past 4 years. Hand over to whom you may ask? FDB!

Think we made this one up also? Sorry again folks this is also from a very good source that was witnessed by many. This may explain the HELL BANNING now imposed on Baron and Lilith on Storm Front. Hell Banning is when every post you have ever made is thrown down the memory hole forever. They never existed.

You may recall that Whitelaw exposed in a covert sting operation a traceable link from Barons circle of friends in WA to Mathew Henderson Hau at FDB. To our own surprise this in itself was totally out of the blue. We had no idea that this operation would expose BVH. In fact we contacted him and told him to take it serious but he refused to even recognize the fact he had a leak. He basically made no comment and refuse to listen.

In White Nationalist circles that was a political death sentence. But to now seek your revenge on the people that stood with them shoulder to shoulder for so many years is nothing but the act of a true scoundrel. It truly proves to many that they had this guy pegged 100% as far back as 2004.

So what of Storm Front? The members at SF DU have a job on their hands to fix this. Many WN in Australia will never return because of the treatment they received from these traitors in WA. To add insult to injury they were out right ignored by Don Black and his senior editor Jackboot. They had both been warned many times of the dangers of supporting these frauds.

Lets not forget the young and impressionable at SFDU who believed every lie told to them by BVH and Lilith. What will they do now? Will they accept finally that they also have been tainted by the actions of this leader of the Liberal WN community. Will they blame the evil extreme right of this country? Do they realize that their hero has done more damage to SF than any Skin Head Klan’s Man or Nazi they seem to hate so much?

What of the people who supported BVH like the known troll Sonnet, (who still posts on the forum) will they now whisper into the ears of these young but misguided Nationalists more propaganda to confuse and demoralize them?

It is up to them to now make peace with the majority of the WN community they have attacked and insulted under the false protection of Lilith and Baron. The choice is there’s. They have a chance to step up and admit they made a terrible mistake. Or they can ignore all the warnings and simply disappear never to be heard of again.

To all of those who stood their ground and weathered the lies and insults from these fakes you should all be proud. This was a concerted effort by many in the True Australian White Nationalist scene. But do not think for a second its over. We are dealing with a creature who has shown he has no problem at all with involving our families. Yes readers the entire BS about protecting women and children was just another example of what a hypocrite he is.

Our advice to you Baron. Disappear. You will never be a part of any Nationalist movement in this country. You have committed the ultimate sin.