Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Darp the stalker and voyeur

Darp has been spotted in the past couple of weeks (time, dates, vehicle type and rego number duly noted for future reference should the security agencies call) scoping out a couple of well known White Nationalist venues. You were too quick for us to snap a decent pic Matty boy but clumsy enough for us to make the positive I.D. The significance of these little forays will possibly become apparent this coming weekend of the Sydney Forum?

Whitelaw Towers staff had been commenting among their circle on the conspicuous absence of comment from the FDB Red Faggots, particularly Darp and Weezil, regarding the imminent events of this coming weekend and there was some disagreement about the purpose of this strategy.

Some suggested they were remaining quiet this close to the APEC circus as it has been relayed by Whitelaw Towers field operatives that CampSexWithMinor, Anarchist @ndy, Kaaos_af and some other soon to be named FDB Red Clowns (watch this space) will be in town with the vicious Terrorist ‘Black Bloc’ rabble to discharge their faithful duty as ZOG’s useful idiots. Hope y’all enjoy the water cannon ladies! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

However, reports of these recent ‘scouting missions’ by Mathew Henderson-Hau of Eastwood NSW have led most to now concede the Reds do indeed have ‘something planned’ apart from performing for the ZOG Circus and all White Australian Patriots will be on the highest level of alert for the duration of the Sydney Forum weekend. Should we expect a special guest star appearance by these luminaries of the Loony Left at certain inner Sydney locations?

Without giving too much away about our own planned tactics and security protocols suffice it to say woe fuckin’ betide any filthy, slimy Red maggot that pops its head up and is spotted. ‘twill not be a pretty sight.

I for one will be taking my own turn on point duty…

‘nuff said…