Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Oh, and one more thing, at the arse end of the absurd ZOG Weakly article is a reference to Stuart McBeth. Why? What the FUCK for? For what possible reason? As far as Whitelaw Towers can ascertain he has been politically inactive for YEARS! This can only have come from Camp SexWithMinor and FDB and proves the folly in any White Nationalists deluding themselves they can either make ‘deals’ with FDB or simply leave the scene and ‘retire’.


These spiteful little shits will FOLLOW you and never, ever give up on trying to make your life a misery. This is why Whitelaw Towers staff and their close associates adhere to the belief that this shit fight will not be over until those MultiCult Terrorists at FDB are shut down, forever.

Be under no illusions here, gentle reader, this is merely a prelude for what is to come in our ultimate struggle for the very survival of our Race and Culture. These arseholes want us DEAD. D.E.A.D. Dead. Our job is to make it clear that White Nationalists do not DO requests.
White Nationalism never sleeps and it certainly never forgets.