Friday, August 10, 2007

Okay, one rule for all then?

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

Cam Sexenheimer
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“If Jim put a callout for people to distribute his pamphlets on that day, at that place. on that subject... and they contain material that violates discrimination laws - then it was somebody making a homemade pamphlet.”

political tar baby
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“yeah, Cam... much in the same way Tom Metzger had absolutely nothing to do with the murder of Alan Berg.
The chain of responsibility amongst nazis is often a bit specious.”

Fine then, so following PRECISELY the same logic, the FDB Red Scum would also agree that the architects of Multiculturalism and those traitorous politicians who drafted and passed the legislation that permitted the Mud Flood of Non Whites into Australia are also ultimately personally liable and responsible for any crimes committed by these invaders. After all folks, it’s only common sense. If these Muds were not here then how could they possibly commit crimes against decent White Australians?

NO Muslims. No Race Hate Rape Gangs. NO Muslims. NO Terrorists. NO Pacific Islanders. NO (or at least minimal) cases of ‘fun’ bashings and other brutally violent street crime. NO Negroids. NO HIV/AIDS, T.B. and HEP C carrying morons deliberately infecting White Women. NO Sub Continent Doctors. NO serial malpractice ‘Doctor Death’s’ AND NO Terrorists (Again). NO Asians. Little to NO hard drugs being pushed onto our kids. NO home invasions. NO Jews. NO extortionate interest rates and financial misery for decent, hard working Whites. And so on…