Friday, September 07, 2007

Mathew Henderson Hau Hypocrite!

Well it would seem the not so brave individuals at FDB namely Brian Stokes and Mathew Henderson Hau once again have suddenly grown some balls. Strange that Mathew Henderson and old Stokesy just couldn’t find them once again for the Sydney Forum. Yes folks even though the Forum was held in his backyard at Eastwood Football club old Mathew and his criminal mates at FDB have been very cagey about the FDB non- appearance.

Saying that, I would wager that Mathew Henderson Hau has been abusing the hell out of the Footy Club and making all type of threats. Threats are what this sad excuse is good at. Oh the embarrassment, having the evil “fash” hold the Sydney Forum in his neighborhood.

Could this explain the latest attempt at inspiring his merry men of FDB followers all six of them with stories of legal action? Do you get the feeling that once again FDB have been “owned” by the Patriots of this country. We sure as hell do.

Lets have a look at the shady past of Fight Dem Back. In 2005 Mathew Henderson using his now long gone media contacts threatened via email the following people, Trevor Lewis, Jim Perren, Peter Campbell and whole host of others. In these emails Mathew Henderson explained that he would arrange to have these people named and shamed by his media contacts because of their political beliefs. He promised that if they turned their backs on their Brothers and Sisters in the WN movement and stopped all street and net activities he would go easy on them. These men ignored the threats from Mathew Henderson Hau but kept his emails and other evidence that was posted on the net.

Although initially Mathew Henderson had won a small victory by using the media to pursue his victims in 2005 and once in 2006 he soon found out that he will now have to reap what he has sown. If you keep hitting a Hornets nest you are going to get stung.

Since 2005 Mathew Henderson Hau and FDB have lied and cheated in an attempt to destroy hard working Aussie families. They have exposed family members of these people to possible violent attacks from Non Whites and accused their children of being involved in attacks on Sudanese refugees. They have disrupted the education of these children by naming their parents in local news print forcing them to change schools mid term for there own protection. FDB have sent threatening and abusive emails to family members who are not even involved with WN politics.

FDB have also been implicated in Terrorist organizations such as Class War, the Red Anarchist Action Network and Direct Action Collective. White Law Staff showed proof of this with the exposure of Rollo and Kaoos- Af who were members of FDB from Queensland. Rollo infamously once threatened to poison the Toowoomba water supply.

Rollo, the same man who handed out Mr. Perren's teenage daughter's phone number on MSN. We all remember Rollo from FDB? He was last heard to be moving to Sydney to get closer to Mathew Henderson? Here are a couple of comments from Rollo last year.

Rollo commenting on getting together with Kaoos- AF and confronting Jim Perren.

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
yeah, get the DAC involved (direct action collective Kaoos AF group)

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
RAAN have guns now, I wanna get on there good side

Rollo on women.

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
speaking of which, I've been getting some french canadian chick to flash her shit on webcam for the past week

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
she was very flat chested tho

Rollo and his neighbors.

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
My neighbours wrote me a letter

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
because I had 3 crucified cane toads on the front lawn

Rollo on Asher FDB core member.

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
talking to one of the FDB guys right now?

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
ah, he's having a whinge about something I said like a month ago

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
he's trying to be intimidating

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
and telling me about security culture

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
lol, I just shrugeed everything he said off

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
now he's claiming FDB isn't pacifist

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
I find it funny asher is telling me about not mentioning things illegal on the net when him darp and FDB mention death and the like on the internet
Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
asher complained about my bragging and exxageration on the internet

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
he said it's not helping anybody

Rollo on setting up Mr. Perren with fake number plates.

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
should've gotten his plates. Would put them on the torrie and run some red lights

FDB have engaged in collecting personal information on Australian citizens without a PI license, they have impersonated a member of the Special Air Service and also stalked people via the Internet using the alias of (Tim Heggarty/Banna). They have somehow collected personal details on spouses of these men including private details on social security information. Mathew Henderson Hau himself has emailed false claims that Jim Perren is a heroin addict a vandal and an illegal gun dealer to members of the Greens and god knows whom else. All of which has been documented and handed onto the specific authorities.

In an attempt to clean up his profile he is now removing incriminating evidence from the net namely off his personal web blog. It is reasonable to suggest that any one who had read his blog would consider Mathew Henderson Hau as a violent child abuser whose past is tainted with drug abuse and illegal activities. All the things that he would have you believe his sworn enemy the “fash” are. Is it not reasonable to suggest that anyone who may have read his dribble may be concerned enough to contact authorities and make a complaint about his illegal activities and his claims as an urban terrorism expert?

It’s to be expected that a concerned citizen may be a little uneasy knowing that he may one day in the future be a solicitor or hold down a job as a legal adviser for a Government organization or non-Government org?

Ask yourself what sort of society do we live in when someone who brags about how they masturbate or indecently exposes himself in public could be allowed into a position of authority? What sort of legal advise can he give to a cocaine dealer where he himself has abused this drug.

Are we all expected to believe his personal blog that was filled with stories from when he attended school and other truthful personal detail’s ( re- masturbation) was just a tongue and check poke at himself? A reasonable person would read of his mates at school and then find themselves reading how he himself had destroyed a hotel unit by urinating and defecating in the room. Where does the truth start and stop.

Are we expected to believe that everything he wrote was just a joke? Well we don’t and neither will his future employers. Like we have said FDB just get the ball rolling, we have so much information on your illegal activities that any case you may make up against us will be laughed out of court.

Mathew you are not a victim so don’t pretend to be.