Thursday, September 20, 2007

Remind us again who the real ‘haters’ are…

Ah! You can just kinda feel the warm glow of Humanity and Love and...erm...hypocrisy

This from the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

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Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 7:42 pm
Post subject: HEY GUYS
“I'm sad to tell you folks that some New Zealanders were attacked here in was stabbed this month...i was upset because the kiwis are such a nice bunch and should not be exposed to this bullshit in my city!....there is now going to be a stand against gangs in vancouver....but I think its too late....gang wars are at real time high now....there was 5 shootings in one weekend......and they don't care who is in the way...i got into a fight the other night....they were trying to really hurt me....but thats how it is here....i'm use to it...
i could care less what that half breed BORLAND feels .... i wonder if he is ever going to listen to his other ethnic background and start living a real life....i mean how long does it take to realize that most 33 year olds don't attack like a stupid youth gangster....
Borland isn't even full white......he's got some Moari or something else...
i mean look at those lips he looks a little down syndrom to me

i think your communities should really do something NOW!!!!.....i'm not talking about waging war on gangs.....but educate your youth about how hard gang life really is.....and i don't understand why you even have gangs in New Zealand.....your such a small island...and you got some guys goin buckwild for no reason....the gov't listens to the have such a good country to live in....and look it the size of canada....
we have so many different Native Tribes that are so proud of their heritage that we do what we use to do way back in the day....FIGHT eachother.....and we have ethnic diversity.....immigrants ....and all trying to live in this country.....
we also have a big problem with poverty....a lot of homelessness...and thats a big one....thats where the red light district comes i could just keep going...anyhow....i don't understand what the point is for New Zealand to have gangs....but i guess America has such a huge influence on youhts.....50 cent.... i noticed a lot of youths wore that when i was there.....HEY KIDS IT DOESNT MEAN YOUR G-UNIT for fuck sakes....
anyhow thanks for letting me put my thoughts down here
Much love

Along comes Brian Stokes with his reply. Is he going to pick up Little Wolf for his ‘Racism’? Well…erm…nope.

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Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 9:42 pm
“jeez LW, sorry to hear about the strife in your neck o' the weeds.
If policing in your area isn't addressing the problem, perhaps there's a political way to get their attention. If the pollies won't pay attention, head to the media.”

Then Grrregg1 voices his concern:

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Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 9:57 pm
"half breed"
"isn't even full white......he's got some Moari or something else...
i mean look at those lips he looks a little down syndrom to me"
I don't know how old little wolf is or whether he's had too many blows to the head but ffs how is some of the stuff he says even close to being acceptable on a site that purports to uphold the notion of fighting race-hate. Indigenous people of this country have been fighting these kinds of Darwinistic notions forever so why doesn't someone from FDB who knows this little twat tell him to pull his head in?
All the best. gregg.

I can hazard guess. Perhaps it’s okay to say whatever you like when, after all, you’re only talking about a filthy, stinking, racist Nazi hater?